Dubai Motor Show 2019 | Fastest Hypercar ASPARK / Jaguar I-Pace and many more (With English Sub)

Dubai Motor Show 2019 | Fastest Hypercar ASPARK / Jaguar I-Pace and many more (With English Sub)

Hi Guys, Welcome to my channel. Today I come to Dubai Motor Show 2019. This show is all about vehicles. You can see behind me there are many modified cars, Old cars, and drifting shows. Inside there are new cars, concept car models. I’m also just come. Let’s go around and see. If you are a car lover, this is for you. Watch until the end. This is the new member of the SUV. This is one of the 5 expensive SUVs Its call Lamborghini URUS This is the first SUV made by Lamborghini. Now I come inside. I’m so exciting. There are so many new cars around. There are many stoles from the different car made companies. There are concepts car which will come to the market in the future. Also, I will show you the world’s fastest hypercar. Come Lets go. This is Dubai’s new delivery service. Don’t mistake, they not deliver food. They deliver petrol. What you see now is the mobile petrol shed. They have a mobile app, with that, we can order petrol any time at any location. Any petrol emergency they will come to your vehicle and deliver petrol It’s a cool concept. Now we can order petrol with the app not just the food. This also another service which they provide. This is a mobile car cleaning service. You can get wash your car at home This is new Jaguar SUV. It’s called I-SPACE. Fully electric car. This was won 3 awards in The world car award 2019. World car of the year, World car design of the year and World green car. This is an interesting piece in this show. it’s the world’s fastest hypercar. I hope you see this car for the first time. It’s launched in this motor show. It is a Japan made and its called ASPARK It can reach 0 to 100 Km in 1.7 seconds. Top speed is 400 Km/h The interesting part is this also fully electric car. Price is $ 3.1 Million Sri Lanka also working on new hypercar call VEGA That also in the testing stage and they planning to release it in April 2020. As a SriLankan, I wish that VEGA can beat this car in all cases 🙂 This is a Bentley SUV. This is one of the 5 expensive SUVs in the world. Other side there is Tesla SUV too. You may think this also another car sale stall but you wrong. This is a driving school stall. Whoever enrolled their premium service can learn driving with these cars. Can you imagine learning driving in a Bentley These are the bikes you can choose for premium service. I hope you enjoyed today’s video too. If you are a vehicle lover definitely you will like this video. You have seen nice modified cars, New cars, and Concept cars. Especially the fastest hypercar. Ok, Then that’s it for today. See you next week with a new video. Bye…..See you……

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