Drifting at Texas Motor Speedway | Frenemies EP7: Texas

Drifting at Texas Motor Speedway | Frenemies EP7: Texas

(rock music)
– Car’s hookin’ up. Falken tires are feeling great. And then I feel 3,500 pounds of Cadillac just plowin’ into me. The front’s f****d for sure. – [Crew] We need an inner tie rod now. – The steering’s off,
alignment’s messed up. I cannot run the way it is. What up, I’m Matt field. – I’m Odi Bakchis, and this is my car. (engine screams) – And this is my car. (engine roars) (low-key rock music) (engine roars)
(engine rumbling) Few years back, you weren’t
sure what you were gonna get. A good driver, a rookie,
a bad driver, a champion. Going into this year,
it is a loaded bracket. Every battle is a serious battle. We’re at the point where Formula Drift is a very, very hard
series to perform well at. Everybody’s bracket, there’s
somebody to worry about. You just have to work hard. Everybody else is working equally as hard and there’s definitely
somebody working harder. Last year, I won against Jhonnattan Castro in top 32 here in Texas. – [Announcer] Jhonnattan
Castro gets the victory, taking out last year’s winner. – [Matt] This is my turn for redemption because I have Jhonnattan Castro in top 32 here in Texas.
(exciting music) – So, we’re here out
at Texas Motor Speedway where everything is bigger
because we’re in Texas. (engine roars) We’ve been here several times. We know what to expect out here. We have a straight initiation into a large right-hand turn, into a first inner clip, followed by a first outer zone into a very fast straightaway where’s there’s a transition
to an outer touch and go, followed by a second inner clip, and then another transition
into the second outer zone up against some firewalls, and then ending at a finish
with the third inner clip. (engine roars)
This track is a fast track. (engine roars)
Long, stretched out, on-throttle the whole time. (engine rumbles) – Texas and I have a
pretty good relationship. My actual first win ever in
Formula Drift came at Texas. This is a power track. As much power as you
can throw out the car, as much grip as you can throw out the car. It kinda suits my driving style, suits my car, how it’s built.
(engine roars) – Comin’ out here in Texas, I’m really gung-ho to
battle my way through into the podium. I’m hungry for it. (engine revving) You know, in St. Louis,
I lost to Piotr Wiecek who was just on one. I really went back to the shop, and I go, I need to make my car
even better, and I did. So, comin’ out here and it’s payin’ off, my car’s feeling amazing. – [Announcer] Flying into
this outer zone, goes Bakchis. A 90 for Odi Bakchis.
(impact wrench rattling) – That was good.
– Yeah. – Precision driving machine. – Next up, Matt Field
(rock music) and the Wish/Falken Tires Corvette. – This car, compared to the S14, is a totally different animal, stock. It’s a real-deal car. – [Announcer] Nasty flick, Field. He punts that Black Magic
clip out of the way. – Matt’s been building cars long enough. You know what doesn’t work
and you know what does work no matter what chassis it is. That is why the car performs so well just right off the bat. – [Announcer] And there’s an 84. So, a lot of points left out there. Line was 21 out of 30,
angle 28, he styled. A lot of points missing. – We got a 84 on our first
run, definitely not good. It’s been spot-on all weekend (chuckles) and first qualifying
run, it starts, you know, not being a hundred percent. This one has a certain amount of power that I expect out of it, and on that run, in a very
important part of the track, felt like (engine roars)
power a little bit. Yeah, this thing is usually
spot-on, tons of power, anywhere you need, and we pull it back, but now it’s, just gotta see. Yeah, hopefully, it’s something simple. Hopefully, it was fixable. (rock music) – In drifting, we’re constantly using every single control inside our vehicle to put the car exactly where
we’re expected to place it on the race track. The clutch, the foot brake, throttle, all of these, simultaneously. But one of the most effective
tools that we could use is the hand brake. Most drivers like to
position the hand brakes so it’s within reach of the steering wheel and the shifter. I prefer my hand brake
in between the shifter and the steering wheel. Whenever I feel like
my car’s gonna rip up, this is the tool that I use. This hydraulic hand brake is completely divorced from
the rest of the braking system on this car. When you pull this, it actually actuates its own set of calipers in the back. It doesn’t just slow down the wheels, it basically just completely locks them. I use a fairly simple
cookie-cutter formula. This is a ASD hand brake lever, a Wilwood 5/8 master cylinder that goes to the 32 rear calipers. This is a very effective tool but can cost you a lot of
points if you this excessively. You gotta use it just enough
to keep your car in check, but don’t get greedy with this, otherwise, you’re slowing the car down, you’re losing points, and you’re gonna have a bad day if you’re overusing this thing. (air cylinder hisses) – Oh, yeah!
(man laughs) – Nineties street racing
used nitrous quite a bit ’cause our elders were
hotrodders that ran nitrous, so we would take the
hotrodders’ nitrous kits and try to put ’em into
Japanese import cars, adding dense oxygen into the cylinder. That was kinda the
go-to, cheap power adder. – Flip it down real quick. (chuckles) – [Matt] Hold it, hold it real quick. Hold it for me real quick. – Hold it real quick. – I’m not gonna pull your zipper. (laughs) (rock music) – So, for top 32, Odi
is battling Taylor Hull. We’ve battled with him in
the past, Odi’s done well. We weren’t supposed to battle with him in St. Louis last time
(engine roaring) but Odi got a by-run
when Taylor’s car broke. – This motor’s healthy now. I draw Taylor Hull again. But, you know what, I’m feeling confident. We had some very solid
runs through practice. I think we got a car I’m
feeling good about this run. When I get in my car, strap my helmet on, all I think about is,
outer zone, inner clip, touch and go, over and over. – [Announcer] Odi Bakchis
just always omnipresent as far as the overall championship stands. (engine revving) We’re now seeing Taylor Hull. A new vehicle debuted this year, the COMP Cams’ Cadillac
ATS-V on Achilles tires. – Just visualize my run. Now, it’s go time. (engines roaring) – [Announcer] Odi Bakchis initiates and Taylor Hull right there on the side. – The first run starts out great. The car’s hookin’ up, the
Falken tires are feeling great. Pick up the throttle, and then I feel 3,500 pounds of Cadillac just plowin’ into me. – [Announcer] Looks like
some contact was made. Looks like Odi is gonna shut it down. – When you get hit like that, the first thing that
goes through your head, man, I hope the judges saw that, that they put the blame
on the driver that hit me. The steering’s off, alignment’s messed up. We gotta fix my car. I cannot run the way it is. The front’s for sure. – [Crew] We need an inner tie now. – [Crew] All the way up. – [Odi] Judges deemed Taylor
Hull at fault for hitting me. We got a lot to fix on the car. (impact wrench rattling) (engine purring) – It was a front and rear
impact, twice the work. Normally, it’s just, hey,
fix something on the front or fix something on the back. (engines revving) – [Odi] Get back out, the run, right there on that ragged edge. – [Announcer] Right now,
Taylor Hull out front. Sits on that deficit. Odi Bakchis keeps pace with him, doesn’t have a inactive
chase and no mistakes. Odi Bakchis will advance on. – I’m not just gonna completely
be overly conservative. Still chase him, put on a fight. And I did exactly that.
(engines roaring) It’s really honestly great
to shake off that hit and reset myself for a top 16. – [Announcer] And looks like
Odi Bakchis gets the victory. – Good job, Odi. Awesome. – Well, not the way I want top 32 to start but at least we’re past that. The car felt a little
awkward in the burnout box. At least now, we got some
time to square up the car and hopefully make it feel as good as it did during practice because I’m going up against Falken Tire teammate, Dai Yoshihara. I gotta make sure this
thing’s ready for it. (rock music) (engine roaring) – I’ve run against Jhonnattan
Castro a couple of times. Last year, actually, I went
against Jhonnattan Castro top 32 here in Texas. – Last year, we actually
lost to Castro here. It’s gonna be good to
get some redemption back on this track. Castro’s a very calculated driver. Ever since he’s moved
into the Papadakis FR-S, he’s been really developing his driving. Matt’s been on fire on
tandem runs all weekend. We’re feeling really confident. (engine fires up)
(engine idles) – This time, though,
it’s gonna be different. We didn’t leave anything to chance. We gave it all she had. – [Cameraman] What’s on your mind, man? – Winning is on my mind. (engine revving) (engine roaring) – [Driver] I think Castro’s
gonna put up a fight but Field’s been looking really good. – A really consistent driver. He’s known to pull some
badass stuff out of, you know, last minute. (engine roars) – [Announcer] And Matt Field
warmin’ up his Falken tires in a brand-new car. You know, sometimes, there’s
a developmental season but not the case for Matt Field. Getting on the podium in
this Wish/Falken Tires, Borla exhaust, Vortech Supercharged, he waved visual, Corvette. (engines roaring) All right, so here we go. Castro out front. – If I’d qualified lower, I was
actually gonna follow first. But, fortunately for me,
I’m able to initiate, stick it right to his door and stay there. – [Announcer] Matt Field,
really mimicking the angle. Castro with a great degree of angle. – That’s the important
thing at this track. Staying there. – [Announcer] Very fluid
into the outside zone. Quick little yank of the e-brake. A wide swing past that front clip. – And right at the last corner, he actually made a mistake. – [Announcer] Toyota 86 lunges forward. We got some contact. – After I hit Castro, for a brief second, I
thought it was all over and I was just gonna spin out. But, fortunately for me, the
suspension is strong enough that it can take a hit, still
finish the run, not break. – [Announcer] Looks like
they’re just gonna cross the finish line. Rubbin’ is racin’ here. – Judges deemed fault on Jhonnattan Castro so he called the five to fix his car which means he gets 10 minutes to fix his. (engine turns over) – [Jhonnattan] My car just misfired and literally almost shut down and Matt didn’t have anywhere
to go, so he tapped me. It’s our fault, we’re
trying to fix the car, put it back together. The battle’s not lost yet,
we’re gonna try our best. (engine fires up) (engine revving) – [Announcer] Collision always represent an incomplete for the
driver who’s at fault. – Gonna make it clean pass. Pretty much it, clean pass. – [Announcer] Here we
go, Matt Field out front in that Wish/Falken Tires Corvette. The beast in the Bay initiates. – Laid down a lead run, did
everything I needed to do. Castro was still there. – [Announcer] Castro quickly
gets to the side of him, takes on that front clip. Castro knows he needs
to really send it here, and he does, look at that! – It wasn’t like we dusted him but I had a better lead
run, a better chase run. – [Announcer] Castro,
that’s another mistake at that same point he
did on that first battle. – And we were awarded the win. – [Announcer] And Matt Field
unanimously gets the win. Castro, couple donuts
there for good measure. But, unfortunately, his weekend is done. – Usually, top 32 for us is pretty chill. Car works, I do my thing,
we move on to top 16, but we were behind one step.
(rock music) – For top 16, I got my Falken
Tire teammate, Dai Yoshihara, and, man, he’s on one today. I qualified with a 90, Dai
lays down a 90 as well. In the wet, I up my
qualifying score to 91. Dai ups his to 91 as well. I know it’s gonna be a tough battle. – [Announcer] Both guys have
had pretty phenomenal seasons and would love to get a good result here at Texas Motor Speedway. – I lead Dai Yoshihara
into the first turn. I pick up the throttle and I
just jam out as fast as I can. – [Announcer] Look at Odi Bakchis dip it. Actually, Dai Yoshihara off
of that front clip point quite a bit. And Bakchis now diving on the inside, taking a shallower line. – They’re both a little bit
all over the place in there. They better take it up. – Although he was kinda off-line
and Dai had to compensate. – My spotter tells me you gotta really put some pressure on Dai to get the win here. And I do exactly that.
(engines roar) – [Announcer] And here we go. Through the start chicane, these two V8 Vs. – I locked in probably the most proximity I’ve had this whole weekend. – [Announcer] Look at Odi Bakchis chasing, just keeping it right there.
(engine roars) – Wow! That was two titty runs back to back. – I look at the judges’ verdict, and then I see, one more
time, one more time, one more time. – [Announcer] Dai won the lead, but I think Odi won the chase. And when you got one that wins one and one that wins the other,
you gotta do one more time. – I know this next battle
is gonna come down to who makes the bigger mistake. We’re both givin’ it all that we have. We get some new Falken rubber on. Dai and I run up to the
start line, warm them up. And now we’re ready to battle.
(rock music) – [Announcer] And here we go,
this one-more-time battle. – I’m nervous, too.
– Me, too. – [Announcer] Lead start. – I lead and I hammer
down as hard as I can but Dai is still chasing me very well. – [Announcer] Bakchis initiates. Yoshihara brings it on in. Again, that is a decel area on initiation. Filling all that zone is Odi Bakchis. – When I have to chase Dai, I gotta picket his door
even harder than I did. I don’t want a one more time again. So, I chase Dai as hard as I can. (engine roars) – [Announcer] This all-Falken Tire battle. Odi right there. Awesome angle there from Odi Bakchis. – I throw it in a little bit harder than our previous battle. I came up a little short
on the touch and go. – [Announcer] Really tuck it
in and cut through that smoke! – So then I threw it in even
harder on the last zone. – [Announcer] Odi Bakchis brake there! Dai Yoshihara going all that outside zone. It is very similar driving
from these two veterans. Well, if Odi Bakchis had
the better chase again, I think Dai may have had the better lead. – When we look up at the judges’ verdict, they evaluated that I made
more mistakes than Dai. Dai was just on it, driving very clean. – [Announcer] We got a one more time here. – One more time. One more time.
– Yeah. – One more time.
– And Andy says Dai Yoshihara. Ryan says Dai Yoshihara!
– Aw! (engines rumbling) – My weekend here in Texas end in a top 16.
(mellow rock music) And, ultimately, I lost
to a Falken Tire teammate that was on it. – You’ve been beating me the
past couple times, I think, so – Your turn.
– time for me to take the win. (chuckles)
– All right. – Thank you.
– Yeah. Good luck the rest of the round here. I’ve had a tough season so far and luck just hasn’t been on my side. I’m definitely learning a lot going into Irwindale, and, honestly, resetting,
going into next season. All these steps that I’m
taking, round to round, we gotta magnify that and
come out even stronger. (rock music) – So, in top 16, we’re
going against Piotr Wiecek. This is one dude, and I
said in the last episode, I hope I don’t have to go against Piotr. And this time, there we no choice. – [Announcer] Right there, wheel to wheel. It’s like they’re about to touch Falkens. – You know, I already
battled Piotr a few times and Piotr’s on it, man. – [Announcer] Piotr
Wiecek gets the victory! – He’s also on very good
suspension, on Feal suspension, the company I own. (howling) So, it’s a bittersweet, you know. I want Piotr to advance, it’s good advertising for my company. But, man, Matt’s my bud, and I think he’s just gonna
have to lay it all out there. (engine purring) – It’s gonna be a good battle. Piotr is always on it.
(rock music) And I feel like I’ve
figured it all out so far. Doing everything I possibly can. Team is on it, I’m ready.
(engine rumbling) – He’s a hell of a driver, but
I think we can take ‘im out and we’re gonna have a good time on track. (engine rumbling) – [Announcer] Right now Piotr
Wiecek versus Matt Field. Wow, surprised these guys
have never seen battle before. Who’s moving on into the Great 8? All Falken Tire setup here. (engine revving) And we got a clean start. Wiecek out front. – He was the fastest car that
I’d followed all weekend, and I followed a lotta
people this weekend. Right around the first corner,
as soon as we initiate, I just felt like I couldn’t
apply the pressure, couldn’t put the car
where I wanted it to be. – [Announcer] Matt Field trying
to make his presence felt. – [Announcer] A slight gap established through that area of the course but then Matt closes it by a few feet towards the finish line. – [Announcer] Matt Field out of the gate. Piotr Wiecek and Matt Field, flicks it in on that first clip. Really good on that outside zone. – It was a pretty solid run, one of my worst chase runs all weekend, to be completely honest. – [Announcer] Yeah, he
stepped back just enough in order for him to transition and get all the way down
inside zone, goes Field. – But it kinda just came down to me kinda hitting that wall. I thought it could go
either way, Piotr or me. – [Announcer] Slide ’em left
for Field, right for Wiecek, and a one more time from Andy and Ryan. Oh, look at that, a one
more time, unanimously! (engines revving) – [Matt] I don’t really agree
with that one more time, but what the fuck ever. – We’re criticizing (impact
drill rattles) zone one. – [Matt] Dude, that was all I had. – Was it?
– Yup. – [Crew] What can we do? – I mean, I could do a
better job, you know. There’s just something
about that first corner where I couldn’t dive in and
couldn’t apply the pressure. And this is kinda where it
comes down to car, driver. Me, admitting it was me, and
not knowing if it was car. (rock music) – [Announcer] Seven
drivers in the Great 8. One more is gonna join them. It’s either Piotr Wiecek with his little Polish
flag wavin’ off his antenna or it’s going to be the
other Falken Tire vehicle of the beast from the Bay, Matt Field, and the Wish/Falken Tires Corvette. (engines revving) Piotr Wiecek out front. Matt Field comes in hot. – As soon as I initiated, it
kinda showed the same thing. – [Announcer] Matt Field jumps forward, looking like a beast. – When we hit inner clip two,
the only thing we can see are taillights. – [Announcer] In that chase,
you see Matt Field, oh! – I found myself way too wide in the zone, bumper grazing the tires. I’m lucky to make it out without
completely wadding my car. – [Announcer] Man, he was really dancing with the devil there. – [Matt] Coming back from
that was gonna be difficult. – [Announcer] And we are
seeing Matt Field get prepared. He will be out front,
he’s got the clean air. – Come on, bud, come on. – [Announcer] Here we go, set it, fellas! – My lead run was okay,
definitely not my best. – [Announcer] Piotr Wiecek
making to angle Field. Field fills both the outside zone, gets out of the touch and go, transitions past that front clip. Into the outer zone,
you see him just a bit, that back left tire, Ryan. – And the judges gave him the win. I think it’s completely fair. It’s just kinda up to me to figure out car or driver. – The chase run firewall, bro. That dude is supposed to
heat in this car, dude. It was fast. He picked up like 3/10 everywhere. Yeah, they were like, they let air outta the tires, probably. That’s how. (chuckles) – Up until now, the car has done everything we wanted it to do. But, really, here, it showed me that there are areas to improve. This is not the same
car that we started out in Long Beach, not at all. Yeah, it’s great, we’ve
gotten two podiums, we’ve won a lot of battles,
but we haven’t won. So, it’s always gonna annoy me a little bit. I’ve already started to talk
to Dan at Parts Shop Max. Fortunately, he’s the guy who
designs all the suspension, fabricates, manufactures
everything that goes on that car, from the shocks to the knuckles,
all the arms, everything. The car’s reliable, it’s performing well, but there’s a little bit
more, I guarantee it.

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