Doing This Will RUIN Your Hood!

Doing This Will RUIN Your Hood!

Now you could paint your hood with expert care and make it look fancy,
but this is for the $500 turbo car challenge, which I invite you to go check out after this video.
So painting this particular hood is more about having some fun with it,
rather than making an art piece.
We don’t do things manually in America.
Action shot!
This old Nissan is being entered by 802 Garage,
and I figured since he has some history with a particular character
I might as well meme up this hood and give it a little more of that…
flavor, let’s say.
So I decided to go with a black and silver paint scheme.
The black would be the main part of the hood and the silver would follow up from the headlights.
I taped off the body lines to come out from between the headlights and the grill,
and I started off at the silver because I figured it would be
easier to cover that up, rather than
covering up the center of the hood.
I had initially planned on putting the word “TURBO” across the hood,
but I later came up with something that
I feel like is better and I think it’s a
lot more click worthy when it comes to a
thumbnail image
No! No no no, no…
Aw, man!
For a second I thought it said “Donut”.
Oh, we’re losing a little bit!
Oh, maybe it’s the paper.
It’s the paper. That should come out, I can buff it.
Send it Richard!
That’s a lot of crackling.
It looks pretty good honestly, for a, you know, cookie.
How did you get it… How did you get that with your fingers that fast? That was impressive!
It was peeled back already, you could see…
You want like a pic to start the other ones or anything?
Maybe… Yeah that sounds like a good idea.
That was so great!
Stephen is finished with the hood…
and uh, didn’t get up all the clear coat, so there’s a
little bit of patchiness but you can see he’s kind of he’s kind of memed on me.
He didn’t tell me he was gonna do this but
I’m not upset!
Although, you did forget the apostrophe.
But that makes it better?
It probably does.
DONT. Dont. Dont. Don’t drop that-
Does your best friend use the apostrophe?
I have no idea!
That’s amazing!
Are the letters even straight? No no actually it makes it better I’m not gonna lie.
I don’t know if you intended them to be straight or not, but the way that they are is pretty much perfect.
Thank you Stephen from…
Don’t Simplified
Link in the description, check out his channel. Yeah, I’m liking silver! Oh wait, we gotta set it on the car.
Stephen, how’s it look?
Looks great!
I think it’s gonna add a little more horsepower than I thought.
Wait, wait hold on!
Am I framed right?
Bam! Don’t!
And now because it’s matted out, I won’t get blinded by the sun,
when I’m going like I don’t know 67 in the quarter-mile?
It’s freakin’ beautiful. Jacob, do you approval? I approve.
When you get the hole cut in the hood the turbo is visible you have to have an arrow pointing to it.
Hold on… What did you just say, Jaycob?
Once the hole’s cut in the hood you can see the turbo through it you have to have an arrow pointing to the turbo.
the turbo I’ll get like I’ll get a what
do you call that a silhouette of his
face sort of stickers get some glass and
stick them on there that’s amazing oh
Yeah of course I’m gonna have like that
like 10 inch long air filter sticking out.
Hopefully… Hopefully…
Oh, incredible!
Star pattern!
Heh, star pattern.
Make sure you tension it, star pattern!

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  1. REV UP YOUR CLICKBAIT!!! 🏍️🏍️🏍️

    Seriously I turned into Risitas when I saw this thumbnail in my feed.

    The dude's a moron. He's depending on ignorant masses to watch his vids now. It was weak to start with, but now it's not even a real mechanic channel.

  2. This came out way better than it had any right to, hahaha. Love the voice over in the beginning and the spinning turbo. Thanks again Steven! 😀

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