DJI RoboMaster S1 Robot Hands-On and Build!

DJI RoboMaster S1 Robot Hands-On and Build!

everybody it’s no one from tested here
and today we’re gonna be building and testing the Robo master s1 this is the
new RC robot from DJI now you might know DJI as the makers of drones multirotors
gimbals cameras but not a lot of people know that over in shenzhen they’ve been
running the Robo masters competition for the past couple years this is a massive
event where students from universities from all around China come together and
basically build robots in this real physical real time strategy game the
robots are engineered with AI with these blasters they go around these huge
arenas and it’s a massive massive event and so this is the first consumer
product it’s an educational robot that’s inspired and based off of the lessons
learned from the Robo masters competition and it is of course a kit
just look at this you’ve got tons of parts there’s the chassis the wheels the
motors with built in speed controllers you have the body plating there’s the
blaster there even some hip plates to know when you’re being hit and of course
an fpv camera there’s gonna be so awesome let’s get to building so that was the build and first of all
this was so fun to put together it took about two hours all the tools from the
screws this drivers all the cables are packed in that box and instructions are
are pretty clear there’s a jig for these wheels and actually on the side of these
these are actually target plates behind each of these chassis armor plates what
you see in this light here is a sensor pressure sensor as well as a light
sensor so you can engage in some fun combat and some tooling with other tanks
it all connects and is controlled via an app so there’s a new Robo Master’s app
by DJI and from there you get as you would expect fpv driving so have it
loaded up right now and I found the latency to be really really good it’s
using probably the same digital signal technology over Wi-Fi either over
through your router or direct connection to the robot as the other DJI fpv camera
systems and so very low latency and of course you’re not flying this several
hundred meters away this is gonna be contained driving
around in your room or your backyard or in some type of gymnasium I was able to
pilot this completely just using fpv and it’s two sick controls so you have
lateral movement as well as gimballed movement you can see some of the gimbal
movement here it’s all analog you move as slow as fast as you want and it turns
right here but it’s really that lateral movement that
really impressed me cuz as you can see these are Mecca number wheels if you
don’t know what those are they’re basically a wheel design that
has omnidirectional movement you can see that along with this one axis of
movement these wheels don’t actually pivot
there’s no system in place here they let this the wheels actually turn
individually and that’s part of the elegance of this design as opposed to at
rational car or RC vehicle you’re not steering by turning the front
two wheels left and right instead each of these these wheels have a series of
rollers and that allows for not only lateral movement I can move this left
and right and strafe essentially but then a combination of different speeds
and forward and backward movement from each of these wheels allows for turning
and the turning is super smooth the whole drive system is super smooth I was
shocked turning this on on the slowest most
basic speed house pontiff it was because it’s running these brushless motors and
speed controllers from all the years of experience that DJI has developing those
technologies on their drones all of that is inherited onto this Robo master s1 so
very very satisfying driving experience with the app or an optional control pad
accessory and driving via fpv in fact I they use the same type of mental
gymnastics looked-after v and not look at the vehicle because I have this
running around the room and going all different types of orientations now
above the main chassis of which there are those four armor plates there is
this blaster system which is on the gimbal and the blaster is really cool
cos has dual functionality it can work either as an infrared blaster system it
fires just a little bit of a beam right there or actually can fire these gel
pellets and these gel pellets are very soft
they’re not like BBS or not like airsoft pellets they’re almost like a little
harder version of a Tapioca palek boba milk tea pellet and so very easy to
squish and you actually reconstitute these by soaking them in water for up to
four hours and put it in a hopper in the back and then you can fit up to eight a
four hundred of them and here and drive them around and hit the other targets
and their safety measures in place so you can’t in it very high no more than
ten degrees up and down before you fire one of these pellets well
the most fun just using the infrared laser from the front to go hit the other
targets and speaking of targets there is computer vision on the robot masters
it’s a camera here Karamazov that only allows you to record video at 1080p
30fps to a micro SD card or to your connected mobile device but also allows
you to recognize human objects recognize gestures the same kind of things that
DJI drones could previously recognize could follow you around but also
recognize tracking markers so it includes a set of these paper markers
you set them up and it allows you to do things like have a race whether it’s a
time trial where you have Li set up and run around see how long it takes for you
to capture each of these or we have multiple roller masters you can actually
then have a race a course and then drive around find the targets and there even
some targets allow for power-ups for speed boosts and armor to really make it
like Mario Kart but a physical vehicle RC vehicle in real life it’s so much fun
just driving this around again the control systems are super responsive and
because there’s analog controls I can move as slow or as fast as I want but
the robot masters s1 is also made as an educational platform and that’s I think
their primary intent and so there is a system in place for you to program
movement actions program a little bit of AI into the robot and it’s super simple
it uses either scratch or Python and with scratch blocks it really is ass
dragon drop they have parameters for the computer vision parameters for the
sensors for the the hit detection for the orientation of the gimbal and you
can do things like design Juke maneuvers or if you have a pellet hit on one of
the targets you can then have it spin around and fire back in the other
direction all sorts of different things that you can command and we just
basically scratched the surface of the programmability of the Robo masters of
course with every RC device one of the considerations is battery life includes
one battery with this and charge it takes about an hour and a half it gives
you about an hour of charge which I found was plenty for driving this around
the place where I wish I had more battery life was when
using the programming because I want to debug the program the actions if I’m
spending 15 or 20 minutes creating a sequence I don’t want to have the the
Robo master off and on and switch it back on and do a test and there’s no
virtualized version of it in the app yet that I know of so it kind of sucks I
need to leave this on while I run the debug for the operations but I think
they will sell extra batteries and for driving around for going into some
competition an hour of runtime is actually pretty good all this right now
I I’m impressed that they got all this technology in on this kit that’s super
fun to build and all the technology onto something that’s basically five hundred
dollars I can’t imagine another company putting out all this tech on this an RC
device for that price I think that DJ’s getting a lot of benefit from all their
engineering and all their experience working on drones into putting it into a
device like this I was kind of skeptical going into this build
why is DJ I’m making this RC vehicle when their expertise expertise is in
flying cameras these great drones that can capture amazing video and it kind of
makes us to share a lot of the same basic technologies from the computer
vision from the gimballed systems so the motors and the speed controllers and fpv
controlling and I’m having a ton of fun with this again we’ve barely scratched
the surface with robot masters and we’re gonna get another one of these units and
do some actual programming and do some trials and do a little bit of
head-to-head competition with these and we’ll be back with a future in-depth
test in the future but if you have questions about the roller masters s1
and place them in the comments below I’d love to answer them and I can’t wait to
get this back on the road you

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  1. it could squirt battery acid on train commuters, spray salmonella onto street food vending kiosks, shoot ebola infected minigun darts, fart botulism bacteria on popcorn at cinemas. think of all these wasted possibilities.
    replicate it to a bigger size and slap alexa on it as a pilot. being connected to internet she would know everyones names, addresses, shoppings, banks details, locations. because google has fingers up everyones pie holes. it would be the perfect autonomous robotic hitman.
    and then you could make a hit maket. just like ebay, only for real peoples lives. where everyone bids for their own life in order to stay alive. you bid on a neighbors life, hes bound to outbid you to stay alive. otherwise alexa miniguns him from 2 miles away parachuting down from an amazon parcel kill hit drone delivery. the more money you have, the less neighbors around you.
    and 40% of profit would go to fund missing pets charities in asia. we arent animals, after all

  2. I must ask, is there any way you can do this kind of free and dynamic movement with only 2 of these wheels? I look at R6 drones and I do ponder about it

  3. Noob: Why won't you just put it together and send?🥶
    DJI: Know your machine before you ride it.😌

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  5. Make it 10 times bigger and it’s good for assault. Make it 10 times smaller and it’s good for spying. Surely this toy got military potentials.

  6. Needs stereo vision and dual claws. Also, if it's RC it's not a robot, it's a Waldo. Nobody gets that. If you as a human are controlling it remotely, it is a Waldo, not a robot. You mention AI, and that is the point. It is only a robot if it thinks for itself, if it can cogitate, facilitate and ruminate, and decide for itself. I want a real robot. A real R Daneel Olivaw. Only I would prefer one that looks like Kusanagi Motoko, of course. A real robot that can pass the Turing Test and make pancakes. That's what I want. Anything less, sorry, I don't want to waste my time. Androids dream of AnnaLee Call. You know what I mean.

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    do you guys know how much is it gonna cost for you to convince kids into programming? Now its 500, GG WP

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  12. I have a second one on order, too much fun! Way more robot for $500 than you can get any other way. Firmware Update! Now the S1 has a Sleep Mode so you can code away while the S1 conserves battery! It wakes instantly when you need it! Also Remote Power Down is handy.

  13. China is really becoming a tech powerhouse. They still make lots of junk though, but hey, those have corresponding prices so yeah, maybe let's not bash those too much.

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  22. The elevation limit of the robomaster's cannon is the only thing I wish I can override.
    I'm getting two of these for my quadcopter racing team – I thought to add a bit of extra challenge, I'd have them fly their lightest drones through a course while under "anti-aircraft" fire from the robomasters. They'd easily easily go down if hit by one of the beads (It probably wouldn't do any damage – simply slowing one of the props or making it turn-turtle before it has a chance to recover), adding that extra bit of difficulty, and a heck of a lot of fun.

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