DJI Phantom 4 Yaw motor repair

DJI Phantom 4 Yaw motor repair

good morning this is Ted with Droneted
and today I’m going to demonstrate how to replace the motor on a phantom 4 or a
phantom 4 pro after you’ve had an accident in an accident the Yaw motor is the one that gets damaged almost consistently and what happens is
the when the camera hits it pushes the casing of the motor
this is the casing right here pushes it up against the sensors which are right
here so it literally pushes this way and jams against the sensors and marks the
sensors once the sensors are marked it’s no good what you have to do is first you
have to have a punch 2.5 millimeter or three thirty-seconds long narrow shaft
you need a six millimeter socket and you need a hammer I use just glass it’s kind
of like a jeweler’s loupe that comes off a pair of glasses but I can only wear it
once they kind of light on it I use this to check two sensors to see if they’re
damaged but what we do is we take the motor the old one set it in the vise the
vise is closed far enough so just to shaft sticks through sits on there easily
but just a shaft sticks through and I tap it out now this can be done with a
press but most people don’t have a press they have a vise a hammer punches put no
presses tap it out that went fairly easy you can see the
shaft sticking out the end pops right off this is the part that’s damaged and
the damage is on these sensors here and down here and this is what I use this
jewelers look for is to look at those to verify they’re damaged and you’ll see a
scratch mark on each one you take these windings you toss them
off to one side you take your housing and you set it here so you don’t forget
this is yours you have to reuse that now you take the
new yaw motor which you purchased on eBay or Amazon put that in device same
deal tap it out just like that now you’ll
notice the casing on this motor I’m using here is different than the
original casing this one’s perfectly round
this is the old-style this one has flanges on it that’s a new style it
doesn’t matter the windings this part is the same sensors are the same now you
take the old casing you set it off to one side so you’ll make sure you don’t
use that one off the new motor you take this make sure to inspect sensors make sure
they’re not scratched again use a jeweler’s loupe some kind of a
magnifying glass the sensors are very small this scratch is very small and you
want to make sure there are no scratches on it if you got it from eBay chances
are came from a drone that was crashed and they just took the drone all apart
and sold all the parts and one of them was your damaged sensor so double-check
that now I take the yaw motor windings the six millimeter socket
I set the socket right over top of the bearing which goes around the shaft I
tap that down taps fairly easy doesn’t take a lot of effort until it’s flush
again it’s back where it belongs as you can see take my original housing
you have to use this now the reason you have to use the original housing is
because that the electronics that control the yaw arm motor are calibrated at
the factory for the magnets that are placed in this housing and they’re
placed randomly almost no two housings are the same if you buy a brand new yaw
motor and you put it on in the actual your motor centers it’s a miracle
use your old housing verifies that there’s no damage inside the black part
it’s like that’s where the magnets are as long as that’s not damaged in there
you take this you put it together like this
and you pop it in place should go to fairly easy and not all the way will go
all the way make sure it spins freely I put it back on my vise on the flat part
of the vise I tap it down carefully until the shaft is flush on this side
it’s got to spin freely if it binds at all you gotta take it apart show you you
get it on crooked you you can cause some damage
now we’ve totally rebuilt this to our motor so we have new windings your old
casing casing is calibrated to the electronics so that the all motor will
Center when you put all this back together if you don’t do this and you
keep the original new motor with the casing that came on it
do y’all motor will swing to the left will swing to the right but there’s a
99% chance it will not Center and point straight ahead so this is how you do it
again this is Ted with Droneted I’d like to
my friend jiminy fix it he’s on phantom pilots he and I worked
together on this for a long time to figure out why do you our motors would
not Center we came up with this solution to correct the problem you know you can
use a press if you want to you can buy all kinds of equipment but this is just
equipment you may have in your garage workshop again six millimeter socket
332nd punch or 2.5 millimeter and just a standard hammer and this is really a
pretty crappy hammer but it works fine and again if you want to see the sensor
the damage on the sensor you almost have to have a jeweler’s loupe to see it
because these sensors are very tiny now I’m going to put one of these up against
the screen again so that you can see I don’t know if I can do this and we had a
magnifying with the sensors are here it’s a little black rectangular sensor
and another sensor here and that’s that’s all there is to that that’s the
old set of windings with the damaged sensors and I want to wish you a lot of
luck doing this if you have any questions you can contact me through
youtube or on phantom pilots forum on phantom pilots I’m Ted4797 that’s Ted4797
and my friend Jim is jiminyfixit and he’s on phantom pilots also thanks for
taking this time to watch this video

48 Replies to “DJI Phantom 4 Yaw motor repair”

  1. Hi dear, I buy the yaw motor and replace the magnet upper part of the old motor with the new motor that I bought and my camera focuses on its side which could it be? Thanks

  2. Hey Ted, this is a great video, it totally fixed my problem. Could you explain a little more about the magnet from the new motor being different than the old magnet? Why is this the case? What does the manufacturer do to the motor?

  3. I ordered a new yay motor from Amazon. I assume Im lucky because I done what you did..and everything works great ! Thanks much Ted ! Ive also heard that a person can gently brush the sensors and they might work also

  4. Hi TedCan I use P4 yaw motor for P4P yaw motor by switching out the magnet housing to repair my P4P gimbal?

  5. Hi there Ted – thank you very much for this video – I have followed your instructions, and repaired my P4P – replaced yaw motor, and it worked perfectly !!

  6. Hi Ted, do you think changing the yaw motor on my crash damaged P4 will work for me.Incidentally it flys and records ok but if I put a quick turn in the gimbal sticks left and takes a few minutes to recenter. cheers

  7. I have been asked as to how I remove the camera gimbal from the drone. here is a link to the procedure.

  8. Thanks for the instructions!
    I did the cover replacement. The situation is better but the camera is still in the wrong direction… What do you suspect? I did a complete calibration.

  9. Is this solution for uncentered yaw gimbal on Phantom 4 Pro after yaw motor replacement? Because I had changed original yaw motor that had broken flex cable with same type yaw motor. So I think first I don't need to change the motor's bell

  10. Hi, just wanted to drop a word of thanks for your solution and taking the time to post it online for others to benefit from. I have been successful with two gimbals to date and can vouch this method can produce positive outcome. I can also offer to do this for others, I am located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Thank you once again Ted and I offer you all my best wishes for the holiday season, Merry Christmas Mr Keyser, you the man!

  11. Thanks for the vid, Ted. Possibly a dumb question, but this is my first yaw motor replacement. When placing the new motor inside the old casing, does there have to be any sort of alignment with the motor/casing due to the magnets calibration? In other words, once the motor is placed inside the old casing any old way as long as it’s flush, the calibration automatically is correct upon drone startup? (hope I’m clear on the question).

  12. Awesome video Ted, I tried doing this as well but I couldn't even knock the pin out, I actually bent my punch. My yaw motor is pretty obviously bent. Are there any other solutions for the new yaw motor pointing off to the side?

  13. Thanks Ted, your video solved my gimbal problem because of damaged coils after crash. Slightly modified the process for my P4A but this helped me a lot to turn into the right direction.

  14. Buenas tardes!Una preg.Mi Osmo x3 comenzo a tener problema en el gimbal…con el movimiento de vertical…tras darle la orden hace unos pequeños movimiento y se detiene el gimbal.Al hacerlo se nota muy pesado…que le cuesta muchisimo.No tengo problema con el movimiento horizontal.Me podrias ayudar?Gracias!

  15. Agradezci la respuesta.Si,el problema es solamante cuando realiza ese movimiento.Le resulta muy pesado lograrlo.Cuando esta apagado no se atasca…no se nota ninguna resistencia…

  16. Hello thank you for this great info, I purchased a crashed P4 (minor body damage, yaw motor problem and yaw arm bent after a crash, roll motor stuck, camera works perfect and pitch still works) a couple of days ago thinking I would easily swap out the yaw arm and motor along with the roll motor to have it in tip top shape… I was mistaken. Its tiny details like this which you address here (which cause HUUUUGEE problems for us "do-it-yourselfers") that makes me hate DJI to my core and reminds me why I should stop buying their proprietary tricky stuff!!!!! I inspected closely (without dissasembling the yaw motor yet) and one of the (i think 2 or 3) sensors are indeed scratched. I will use the existing yaw motor bell with the replacement yaw motor I have ordered from ebay thanks to you and, hopefully, will have it fixed!

    The problem is with my roll motor:
    Does this technique to solve the factory calibration problem apply to the roll motor too or can we use a new roll motor there without swapping the bells? because if not so, I am royally f'd!!!

    The magnet inside the roll motor bell is partially damaged/chipped along two thirds of the bell circumference so the new sensors won't be able to pick up that side (due to the damage from the crash which bent the roll motor shaft and made the stator knock against the rotor magnets) and I am pretty sure I will not be able to glue the bits of magnet that are broken….

    We have to find a solution to this, I am pretty sure DJI uses some kind of cheap serial port-to-pc tool to calibrate the gimbal, if you look at the camera there is a rubber cap and a 4 pin connector behind it, I am pretty sure that's what they use to program/calibrate the motors at the factory!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Hello,

    I tried to separate the magnet but I can't. I tried in different ways but there is no way to remove the pin, it is like stuck. How can I do?

  18. Ted, thank you for this fix! Can't wait to try it out on my P4P that met a waterfall. I put the replacement in today and of course it is doing this. I am going to swap housings tonight. I think I did not plug the camera back in all the way because I get a sensor error and no video. Can you tell me which part of the ribbon is for the camera? I probably did not got it properly seated or plugged back in all the way up at the logic board side in the top but not sure what part of that ribbon is motor and which is video? I assume the bigger part is video? Anyway I will probably end up sorting it out tonight when I replace the housing and install the motor again. Also I was getting gimbal overload errors on this new motor, is that because the magnets being in the wrong place and wrong calibration cause it to go to the extreme and stall or overload? The error goes away when I push it back to center and calibrate it so I am thinking once I replace the housing I should be fine? Also can I get to the back of the camera lens to clean it if I take all the boards out of the camera housing? Thank you so much for all of your help man. You are so helpful. Thank you,


  19. Hi Ted, thank you for the video! I looked everywhere for a solution to this problem.. and the best thing I could find were some farytail posts of people telling others to counter rotate the camera manually a couple of times, saying it would fix it!

    Unfortunately I did my repairs months ago and I don't have my old casing anymore do you think is there anyway to fix the problem?
    I was thinking about trying to move/rotate the magnet inside the new casing to fix it, but I read some answers you gave before and I think you said that it won't work on a phantom 4 but just on a phantom 3. Am I correct?

    I was also thinking that my problem might come from the yaw/roll ESC board circuit… How do you think I can rule that out?
    I was thinking about buying a new yaw motor and see if the misallignment changes in degrees… if it does it should be just a motor problem right? Or am I missing something?

    Sorry to bother you, but you're the only person that I've found (in the whole internet) with plausible answers and I'd appreciate your help!


  20. Hi Ted, how are you? I'm fine, i already did my repair, but I noticed that the camera doesn't stop yaw in center, where it should be when I turn Phantom on, pointing forward. It does stop pointing a little to the side, like a little angle, know what I mean? I oppened the yaw motor again, tried to recenter it fisicaly, if it was the problem, but it doesn't work. Yaw motor always stops in a little angle to the side. Do you know if I can solve this problem out? I'm using the old housing, but having this problem. In advance, thank you!!!

  21. Hi ted, I need your help, I have a PH4 PRO, replace the pitch and roll motors, but they get quite hot, and when I want to do the calibration in the APP, the gimbal engines simply turn off, what do you recommend me to do?

  22. I also replaced the yaw arm because it was bend. Does this mean that the original housing from the original yaw motor doesn't work on the new yaw arm. Right now my gimbal is pointing a little bit to the left and my gimbal makes weird noises when it starts up. The gimbal calibration also takes a long time to be completed incomparison with my other drone.

  23. After a crash we had the classic camera shaking violently due to sensor damage so we substituted the yaw motor only get an off center camera which has has been driving us insane. IMU calibration, compass, DJI forum BS etc etc etc… nothing worked. We could correct alignment within the settings when starting up but as it doesn't save these settings, having to do this every time was beginning to be a real PITA!!! So this tutorial made real sense and we went for it. With both motors laid side by side you can clearly see that the new motor does not sit naturally as the magnets are placed differently. We did the swap and the camera is looking straight ahead, FINALLY!!! Thanks for a great tutorial.

  24. Will this work also on Phantom 3? I’ve already change the yaw motor but the problem still persist when i power on the drone the gimbal is pointing to left not centered

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