DIY – Kia UVO Radio No Sound Soft and Hard Reset Restore Reset

DIY – Kia UVO Radio No Sound Soft and Hard Reset Restore Reset

Hello youtubers this is a 2013 Kia Optima
and it’s experiencing the radio’s not working.
You can see that I’m getting no sound out of it.
First thing I tried here is the Bluetooth button.
I don’t know if you can see this there’s a small reset button right here you just take a ballpoint pen.
I’m gonna go ahead and
click that to see if this works for us.
Okay, it’s restarting.
We’re gonna try this again here
supposedly there’s a shunt fuse and
yellow fuse holder with two fuses in it
and then it says to do is turn
the key on so I’m gonna hit that twice
without putting my foot on the brake and
that turns it on. So then we’re gonna go
ahead pull the fuse box cover. Just pull the
yellow fuse holder back. This one right
here we’re just gonna pull it out.
We are gonna wait about 30 seconds. So when you pull that back, I mean you don’t want to
remove it from the box you just want
you’ll feel it it slides out and it
stays in place. This is supposivly the reset to do this. So now
approximately 30 seconds has gone by I’m
gonna shut everything off by pushing the
start/stop button once without my foot
on the brake and I’m gonna wait another
30 seconds. So now that another 30
seconds has gone by, I’m just gonna just hit this twice
and I can see nothing happens now.
So I went ahead and I pushed that
fuse back in, that yellow one. I’m gonna
wait 30 seconds. Now that 30 seconds has
gone by. I’m going to go ahead and turn the key on without my foot on the brake hitting the
start button twice.
Next thing I’m gonna try. I just opened
up the hood. I’m gonna remove the
negative battery cable here with a wrench.
To fully discharged this, let’s take
the negative cable off. I’m going to set
it aside and then I’m going to turn the
headlights on to discharge
computer on this thing. So that should
take care of that. I’m gonna leave it off
for about five minutes.
It’s been about five minutes I’m going
to just reconnect the negative battery
terminal and then tighten that down.
The next thing we’re gonna try here
is to remove the fuse. The panel is located
right here on the left side and the audio one is the one to the left and in order to
get this out I don’t know if you can see
this when you slide it out you want to
get your fingers behind it and these two
little pieces here on either side you
got to compress them in and it’ll slide
out real nice and on this one you know
I’m gonna just check the fuse here with
my fluke. So I got an ohmmeter checker
and I’m gonna just go across this fuse
if I get zero ohms obviously this fuse
is good. You can see here I’m just
testing it across the fuse I got just
about zero ohms the fuse is perfectly
fine this is a 15 amp on this KIA optima.
So when putting it back in it goes only
one way so you know you don’t have to
worry if you put it in backwards. Alright
also while I’m in here I’m gonna try the
this one’s for the clock it’s on the
second one over second one from the top.
Pull that one out
Check that one. Then I’m going to go
ahead and check this one for the clock
and the clock one is good also. Now that
I’m in the fuse panel also, the fuse
that’s second to the right second one up
is a 30 amp Radio fuse and it looks good.
But I’m gonna put this one on a meter
also. This is for the amp or the
amplifier. This fuse here looks good

59 Replies to “DIY – Kia UVO Radio No Sound Soft and Hard Reset Restore Reset”

  1. One solution worked for me that I found on YouTube, is to lock the car using the remote control then re-open it again. Then Radio sound is back.

  2. I really like the way you explained,what to do when no sound coming from speakers . I have 2013 Kia Optima . I turned off my car and stared it no sound is coming. I tried resetting the little reset button but still ,no sound. I will try to check my radio fuse, I hope it works.

  3. @AGlobal LLC do you know if that works on a Kia Sorento 2013 UVO radio if the touchscreen is not responding? I really don't know if its software or hardware. I have to press the touchscreen multiple times for it to recognize a comand.

  4. thank you – this helped me in less than 1 minute after being without radio for almost 2 days seemingly out of nowhere. there is nothing in the manuals in the glovebox to address this problem (nothing that I could find anyway). next time – I will refer here first before flipping through pages endlessly. Thank you again.

  5. I went through every step. Finally, as your directions indicated on the very last screen, I checked the wiring in the trunk. A simple one-second adjustment and the radio is back on! Maybe that should be one of the first steps? Thanks for the video. None of the other instructions mentioned the wiring in the trunk. Peace to you.

  6. The first suggestion worked thankfully. So greatful for those that take the time out to do videos like this.

  7. Well, damn man. I normally never comment on YouTube videos but this legitimately saved my Uvo system! I pressed the reset button (right side under "SETUP" for 2014 Kia Soul) and it booted up in a minute! Awesome information, thank you!

  8. None of these worked for me. Can u show how to check the amps connection in the trunk. Can't afford $300 for a new radio. Got a long drive coming up. Need my radio help!!!

  9. What do I do if the radio in my 2011 Kia Soul keeps saying "say a command " over and over. I disconnect the bluetooth, but it will even turn back on by itself, and just keeps saying "say a command. So now I can't even listen to the radio. I drive Lyft, so I really need my radio. It even said "change language to French", so now I hear French only. Please help. Thanks

  10. I can not thank you enough for this video. Mine worked right away after a soft reset. I was so worried that this will require the radio to be replaced and cost an arm and a leg.

  11. I have a Kia Rondo and ever since my car needed a boost my Bluetooth will connect but no sound will come out. Radio has sound but not my Bluetooth. When it did connect it would say MP3 connected but now I get HF. I can’t find a reset button besides a small little hole but it has the symbol of the microphone? I could really use the advice and any ideas how to fix it without spending money.
    Thank you

  12. I have a 2017 kia soul. Radio is fine, after I push the reset button everytime I start it. If its within a few minutes, like running into the gasstation itll be fine and turn on like it should. But if it's more than a few minutes, I have to reset button it for it to come on EVERYTIME. Any idea how to fix that? Its minorly inconvenient but it is inconvenient and I'd like it to just turn on when I turn my car on.

  13. Car wash guy screwed up my entire display and locked me on the start screen. The reset button cured everything. You're a godsend, thank you so much!

  14. Yeah man thanks I got in my car and even though the volume was on zero it was still playing music soft once I reset it the Volume started working again thanks

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