DIY Dent Repair Trick Using Suction Cup and Hammer

DIY Dent Repair Trick Using Suction Cup and Hammer

– In this video, I’m gonna show you how to do a 40-foot, quick-fix dent repair using a suction cup. Yeah, my son backed into a tree, and the dent actually gets into where his flare’s at, his fender flare, and so there’s a big dent there. So his fender flare don’t fit up, there’s a big gap there, and
we’re just tryin’ to fix it, you know, to look better. We’re not tryin’ to make this perfect, we’re just wantin’ it to look better, and that’s why we’re callin’
at a 40-foot fix, quick-fix, because from 40-foot away,
it’s gonna look good, but you get closer, you know,
it’s not gonna be perfect, and we know that, but I
do have a trick for you. Where a lot of people make mistakes is they’ll use one of those
suction cups, pop it out. Unfortunately, a lot of ’em
will just pop right back in. You know, you’ve barely
touched it or lean on it, it locks back in. Well, I’m gonna show you
how to relax that metal to pull it out easier,
and then to lock it, you know, so that it doesn’t push back in. Okay, so anytime there’s
a dent, there’s highs, and that’s what we need to concentrate on, and I just kinda pointed, especially if the top is kinda where the eyebrow, or the crown,
some people call ’em, you need to concentrate on those areas before we start pulling on it. We want to kinda relieve
those areas, and hammer on it, and what that’s gonna do is it’s gonna kinda vibrate the metal, help it relax to where it goes
back to its original shape. You know, metal has a memory, and it wants to go back to its original shape, we just gotta help it out, so be sure and don’t skip this step. If you do, you’re just gonna, you could probably pull the dent out with a suction cup, but as
soon as you pull it out, and you barely touch it,
or someone leans on it, it’s just gonna pop back in, so this is the trick, and
the most important step is to be sure, locate those high areas and you can kinda see where I’m pointed, and what I’m doin’ is hammerin’. Now, I’ve got this turned down ’cause there’s lawnmowers
goin’ on, a lot of noise, but I’m probably only hittin’ a little bit harder than you think, you don’t wanna hit too hard. You don’t wanna dent the metal, and I’m usin’ a microfiber towel to kinda protect the metal. You could put tape over the hammer head, you know, just to keep
that from denting it, and so I’ve kind of went around and I’ve relaxed the
metal, and now I’ve got him to put the suction cup on, and I’m going to continue
hitting that metal, and then I’m gonna have
him put a little bit of pressure on that, and what I’m doin’, I’m hittin’ right on the
top of where that crown was, or that eyebrow, it kinda
pushed the body line up, because if you don’t do that, it’s not gonna really
pull out near as easy. So he pulled some out, and now we’re goin’ down a little bit. We kinda started right there
where it had that crown, and we’re movin’ down towards
the center of the dent, which is a little bit lower,
the bigger portion of the dent. You always kinda wanna
work from the outside, and you kinda work towards the inside, so now we’ve moved it down,
and I’m stress-relievin’ again to kind of vibrate that
metal, and as I do that, he’s pullin’ on it, and that’s
helpin’ get that dent out. If you didn’t hammer on that, those eyebrows, those
highs would stay there and you’d just pop it out, and so now we’re movin’ down and still just kinda hammerin’. I’m concentratin’ on those areas, and he’s pullin’ on it, and now that the majority
of the dent is pulled out, we’re actually locking the metal. As he’s pullin’ out, we’re still hitting on those high areas, and that is now kinda
lockin’ it back in place where it should be, and if you didn’t do that, it would still pop in and out real easy. You know, it’s kinda
called the oil can effect, where you just barely pop it, and it pushes all the way back in, so again, it’s very important,
most people don’t do this, they just try to pop it out, but unfortunately, like I
said, it will pop back in, so be sure, and you wanna be careful. Make sure you use your hammer head, that it’s hittin’ flat on the surface, that you’re not puttin’ dents on it, and be careful, always brace yourself, you know, if you’re pullin’,
that you got yourself, you see, he did catch hisself, but don’t be pullin’ too hard
and not be payin’ attention if that thing pops off, and that’s with any type of dent pull. Now it looks like it’s pretty strong, pretty locked in place
except for right there, so we need to do somethin’ with that. So everything else, but right here, we’re gonna work on that, and that is where the main crown was at, that eyebrow that lifted the body line up, so now he’s got some pressure on it, and I’m hittin’ a little bit harder just to try to knock that
down and lock that in place, and once I do that, it should be stiffer, and if you touched it, or lean on it, it’s not gonna pop in on
you or anything like that. And before any of you haters get on here, like I said, we are not
tryin’ to get this perfect. I know PDR, you could get this perfect, you could use some pull
tabs to finish it out, some PDR tools, but we’re not willin’ to spend that much time on this. This is just a quick
fix, make it look better. We got other projects to work on, so we’re just tryin’
to make it look better, and you can see here, you can still see that little bit of a high right there, and there is a little bit of a low, and there’s some other dents in the panel, but we do got it where
this flare fits better, you know, it will not
have that gap there now when we push it up and tighten it back up, so that was the main point of this, and it looks a heck of a
lot better than it did, so that was our only, that was our goal for this, you know, just a quick fix, you know, five, 10 minute fix to make it look
better from 40 feet away, and you can see there’s
still some spots there. Like I said, we could
use glue tabs on that, really make that look better, but maybe later we’ll do
that when we have more time, but after pullin’ it out,
and lockin’ it in place, this is what it looked like before, and this is what it looked like after. 40 feet away, it’ll look good, and that, my friends,
is how you do a 40-foot, quick-fix dent repair. If you liked this video, be
sure and give us a thumbs-up, subscribe, thanks for watchin’. Take care, and we’ll see
you in the next video.

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