DIY Car Repair: Long-term Honda S2000 ownership

DIY Car Repair: Long-term Honda S2000 ownership

hi folks my name is Brad welcome to my
living room today I wanted to do a video
that I think many of you if you’re like
me who like cars probably would be
interested in because no doubt at one
point in your life you thought hey you
know you know what’s been missing in my
life of all the cars I’ve driven I have
yet to have an awesome nice little
two-seater convertible that would just
not cost me an arm and a leg so I had a
similar thought it’s actually 12 years
ago now
certainly not my first two-seat
convertible but I wanted to do this
video to strongly encourage any of you
who are thinking of buying one – please
go ahead and do it and that of course is
my 2002 Honda s2000 and a p1 for all of
those folks who know what that is
I’ve had this car like I said for 12
years I bought it it was a few years old
had about 56 thousand kilometers on it
I’m from Canada so it’s in everything
some kilometers and I now have just shy
of a hundred and eighty thousand K I
have driven this thing hard I think I’m
a decent driver I heel-and-toe I’ll do a
video on that too in the future perhaps
if you guys are interested please let me
know I don’t abuse it but I certainly
hit it hard the rev limiter and I are in
very good in very good terms it’s just
such a great car and the downsides have
been so amenable that I strongly
strongly encourage you if you have the
the dollar bills to go beyond the Miata
which is also a great car strongly
recommend you getting one of these
things being a responsible quasi
responsible adult I’ve had many reliable
practical cars and even them they were
not as bulletproof as this beautiful as
mm I have it’s a little worse for wear
you’ll see I’ll take you guys outside
and have a look we’ll go for a drive and
all the rest up but to begin with I
wanted to at least say this is what I’m
looking to do I want you folks to feel
free to ask me any questions you have
actually because not any one that I’ve
actually come to terms or come across
rather than the Internet has had an
s2000 for as long as I have if you have
great you know I’d love to hear from you
too what problems you’ve had and all the
rest up but in a hundred and fifty
thousand let’s see if sorry hundred and
thirty five
some kilometers honestly this thing’s
had practically nothing go wrong with it
it’s never left me by the side of the
road I’ve been into major accidents with
it too so I’m not that I’m saying that I
would my life but it certainly owe it a
lot you know it there’s so much you can
do with these things and you can drive
them you can drive them in this in the
winter it’s not just a three season car
I’ve certainly taken mine
I thought winters out for the first year
I added it’s been able to be retired
from Davey in the winter for quite a
while now four or five years but don’t
shy away from that either
and I’ll even point out a couple of
gotchas that you might want to look out
for when it comes to if you want to keep
one of those things for a while because
regrettably because I’ve driven it
everywhere and in so many things there’s
a little rust showing up which I’ll show
you folks and predominantly that comes
from the fact that Asian cars
certainly the Honda’s and some Subarus
by the way they bolt in a fender liner
and it started they start to rust around
that screw so if you have those damn
things in your car take them out because
then it’ll prolong that it’ll-it’ll stem
law stave off the risk of the rust
showing up right there so anyway once
again Brad Phil oh here I’m gonna take
you out and walk you through my car and
there we have it as you can see it’s the
I think is spa blue in fact I’m sure it
is I should know that after having it
for so long
stock reels stocked everything frankly
and with the exception of the first
thing I did honda makes great grade cars
but they do two things that I’m not
particularly fond of one is they tend to
under break the cars you know if you’ve
had any German cars no matter how solid
that pedal feels and how just
confidence-inspiring frankly is what it
is so the first thing I did for the
street again this isn’t a track car so
for the street brake performance is all
about pad choice tires obviously and I
put the stainless lines on it it’s one
of the first things I did just to firm
that pedal up and to give you that
really solid firm solid braking again
abs means you don’t have to worry
much about feel even though that’s
important but the stainless lines
honestly and a decent set a trackable
street pads from hawk those are the ones
I use and they’re solid they do tend to
eat your rotors a little bit and they
tend to be a little noisy and dusty but
hey you know what you know that’s a
small trade-off
so I’ll take you through that too in a
bit but the most important thing that
I’ve done in order to make this car my
own and you can see once we get down low
enough keys in it so it’s gonna beat
that me here we go again cars these
things are fantastic the only drawback
is oh that’s not good at on a video
they’re just about to get into the car
here again Honda makes great cars they
tend to be a little under break so I’ve
told you what I did with the brakes the
second thing I did in order to tailor
this car for me so I can heal and toe is
I spent hunter box big deal to get the
throttle pedal made so I can properly
heal in tow and obviously even in this
light you can see how much have worn
that section off simply doing that I’ll
do a video later on I’m showing you how
I do that heel and toe is nothing you
can’t look up on your own I actually do
double clutch here on toeing just
because a little older and that’s how I
learned on small race cars actually
which is interesting because if cars
don’t have a synchro or synchro summon
gearbox you need to be able to do that
so again best hundred bucks you can
spend the pedal when you hit it hard is
pretty much right in line with that so
you can easily blip the throttle when
you need to and beyond that you can see
I put a slightly different gear shift
knob and the other ones getting pretty
worn out again after 180 thousand
I replaced the aluminum one that came
with not the titanium with the
presumably titanium gearshift no certain
ways way less and you know at least it’s
new looking so otherwise there you go
stock AP 102 like I say it’s got the
glass rear window and the in the top
steam same top original top it’s a
little worse for it’s got a tear in it
but it’s hardly up anyway so it’s fine
and then what I also did is and I’ll
show you these guys
in a better video where I’m actually
driving is the Nvidia stainless exhaust
yeah this thing is it’s so RAB happy the
throttle makes it super easy to
heel-and-toe the revs make it a joy and
when you stand on this thing man is it
fun so anyway more detail than you
wanted again my name is brad thanks for
sticking with me for the tour of my car
and i will follow this one with some
video of me actually in the car just
beating on this thing man it’s awesome
they just don’t go wrong they just over
wrong anyway thanks for staying up
sticking with me
talk to me hey folks brad here again
going for a nice rip on a beautifully
as I mentioned before in previous videos
one of the first things I did for this
car was to click the watch over
was to have a swallow
custom made so that I could call for the
heel and toe
vonda’s are fantastic cars but
I have yet to be in one having been on
all of them so apologies if you have on
one that actually
from the factory so
see the previous video or talking about
really simple had to have someone make
it for me though because I don’t have a
not easily setup to cut up a lot of
other unum
but anyway the other thing you’ll notice
though is my mic wicked Invidia exhaust
which is gotta be let’s see what would
it say about eight or nine years old
obviously it’s stainless so it sounds
will corrode and Louis on this hood as
long as it’ll bounce it off or something
putting a hole in it somehow
the end of the day
exhaust the
free-revving motor on us
the only one that fast just
you know pick some roads you know some
good second third gear corners fourth
even is enough
that much just enjoy how smooth
everything is how easy it isn’t down
I even a double clutch downshift to
until for you folks later if anyone who
wants to know about the difference and
obviously why I do that certainly I’m
not the only one ever do that but you
know my reasons are
late same as anyone else I just want to
know how to do it absolutely
anyway enjoy the ride go through a
playground zone and gotta go a little
slow here
but I’ll give us some good some good
food here in a minute
I just love this city in this summertime
it’s 29th of July
I live here it’ll be light for hours
yeah it’s beautiful
perfect climate three seasons of the
year no in a car like this
they’re gonna be technically
buttery smooth easy
slo-mo screaming mourner
I have the privilege of living next to a
national partner
it’s in the city I live
drive along here the sun’s over the park
mountains in the distance
just love it
how much footage of this I’ll use
talking a lot for car guy he wants to
show fuck showcases cars sure spent a
lot of time talking
once I pull over here I’ll show you guys
some of the
get the pleasure of living against
not even higher-ups
second I’m the trickiest of all first of
folks are out again
people say it’s like I’ve got to drive
it like you ride a sport bike they’re
not that wrong to be on this date here
we go hopefully won’t witness me getting
a speeding ticket
12 years of others
and viruses
stick really has part of the
all my reliable cars
doesn’t even have a timing belt
it’s fantastic
you know other than bricks and a little
bit of oil here they’re the only thing
I’ve had to do is that
since learn the best way to
to fix that it’s not to actually replace
them take out the one yet
that sits inside it it gets a little
smooth and then it won’t hold well and
that’s the reason why that’s the reason
why it starts to rattle so instead of
spending a couple hundred bucks or so
whatever usually is I simply just take
the thing out every three or four years
frankly this is all my fourth and it
hasn’t started rattling yet
that’s after buying it let’s see
but that’s six years two years I bought
clean it off obviously
put it all back together it’s your
pretty simple L
for those of you that are interested you
know comment below and they’ll be happy
to actually do a demo of it it’s so easy
I’ll do it again even though I don’t
this thing doesn’t need it it is that
simple don’t be afraid of it my video at
least to start with pretty introductory
obviously just a slight walk around the
car a little bit of footage in it you
know just to get a taste of it certainly
I’ll do more I’ll do some editing if
this would too perhaps for all they need
to really again encourage anyone who
thinks that there they want to buy one
of these things they’re just great
they’re just great like I said there’s
no no major headaches with them timing
chain tensioners again I’ll happily do a
video on that again it’s this it’s so
easy frankly that I’m willing to take it
out and show you just because I can
there’s no harm in that as they get a
little older though you know I think
frankly my they’re called differential
carrier bushings they’re fluid-filled
there at the back I’ll show you that I’m
gonna do a video that – because I’m
ultimately gonna take them out you know
after 15 years I think this will play
there maybe I’m just being ridiculous
maybe I just need to check my tire
pressures which I do pretty regularly
anyway but I’m gonna give that a shot
and then after 180 thousand Kay and like
I say I think I’m due for a clutch and
that’s the original clutch by the way so
I think I’ve done pretty well again like
I say heel and toe to make sure that
everything’s smooth you have to slide
the thing around I’m do I do as I say
may well good use of the rev limiter who
couldn’t its I didn’t buy a car like
that to drive it like a Cadillac anyway
again it’s it’s a pretty much
bulletproof car they’ve never had a
failure on the VTEC systems as far as
I’ve ever encountered as well just a
small shout out to the folks at speed
Academy they won’t know who I am but
I’ve watched them when they do some of
the work in their cars and they’ve
actually given to me the the confidence
rather to actually take the motor at the
bottom of the of the s and do the clutch
so done lots of classes before not on
this car obviously I would had a
slightly different approach so I’m glad
actually did that for me so thanks Petey
I think that’s your name you guys are
check them out speed Academy they’ve
been really helpful and I can nothing
but good things to say for those guys
anyway that’s kind of the end of this
one just to want to say hi it’s my first
video frankly I’m such a car guy that I
think I’ll do this more I’ve got access
to so many cool cars around me that I
love so why the heck wouldn’t I share
that anyway you know please be kind
first video it’s great comments below
any questions at all honestly have had
the thing for so long you may be with
the map sensor is that that can rear its
ugly head a little bit nothing serious
exhaust that you might like hard tops
you know bushings anything suspension
whatever you want I’ve obviously been
pendant to paying attention to this
thing for years and on the blogs on the
catalog see everything so if you haven’t
found it already and you would think you
have a question I might be I’ll answer
please feel free I’m happy to help I’d
like to do that stuff so anyway thanks
for sticking with me I look forward to
doing other videos and I hope you guys
like this one you folks like this one
thanks I’m signing off take care

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  1. Thankyou so much for this review, not many long term owner reviews about, hopefully getting one around Christmas, friends got one with 24k miles on it, been wanting it years, can't wait, thanks for the video

  2. Hi folks! Thank you for watching. Please feel free to ask me any questions you might have about the car! Or about S2000 ownership in general. Other than my enthusiastic "do it!" when it comes to buying one, I can avert your fears on any of the common "problems" you may hear about in the internet world! Thanks for any "likes" and "shares" too!

  3. Great video Brad !!!! Curious. I'm currently plan on buying one hopefully in the next 6 months. Where I love (Toronto, Canada) the prices are crazy and with my budget I can probably only get a rebuilt title. You said you had 2 accidents with your car. Any problems after the accidents and what should I look for when buying one just to make sure I don't have any issues in the future ? Keep up the content !!!!

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