Developer Diaries: New Swedish Medium Tanks

Developer Diaries: New Swedish Medium Tanks

It wasn’t that long ago
that the Polish heavies arrived, and wheeled vehicles
have just recently appeared. But we’re already ready
to show off something new. Hello everyone! My name is Yuriy.
I’m the Lead Balance Designer. Hello! I’m Alexey Ilyin. I’m the
World of Tanks Product Manager. Now let’s talk about the new branch
of the Swedish medium tanks. Developer Diaries
Swedish Medium Tanks The first Swedish tanks were released
in 2016, with two interesting branches. For autoloader fans, there were the
heavies with well-protected turrets and guns with
good depression angles. And Swedish TDs were unlike
anything in the game before. The TD branch became the first branch
with a special new game mechanic. This was the
so-called ‘siege’ mode. We had our share of concerns about how these innovations
would be perceived by players. Two years later, we can safely affirm
that the vehicles became very popular. The Swedish tech tree is one of the
best trees regarding player demand. Now it’s time to expand it. There are already Swedish
medium tanks in the game. But only up to Tier VII.
After that, it’s a heavy tanks branch. At the time of release, there was an idea of expanding
the medium tank line to Tier X. And work was done
with this in mind. But there were no archive materials
and no great gameplay concepts for the top-tier tanks at the time.
But now, we have a solution. Researching the new branch
of the Swedish medium tanks will start at Tier VII with the Leo.
Then for Tiers VIII, IX, and X… we’ll add a kind of, well,
let’s just call it a “sub-branch”. And traditionally, the main gameplay
features are placed at higher tiers. As you progress, you’ll be able to
move along the heavy tank branch or research these
new medium tanks. Starting from Tier VIII, the Swedish medium tanks will
all have this gameplay feature. They will be able
to adjust their clearance level and change their
hull inclination angle, thus giving themselves
better gun depression angles. At the first glance, the suspension
of the new Swedish medium tanks is very similar to
that of the Swedish TDs. But in fact, there are more
differences than similarities. Siege mode doesn’t give the Swedish
medium tanks any other advantages apart from
additional hull inclination. However, it’s turned on automatically as soon as the speed
drops to a certain value. Here’s an example. You roll up to the hill
and decelerate to start aiming. And when your speed
is lower than 10 km/h, the vehicle switches to this mode,
and its suspension starts helping you. If you start accelerating,
and are going faster than 20 km/h, the vehicle turns off this
mode and its hull levels out. And you continue to roll out
as a regular medium tank. Keep in mind, the speed at which the
Swedish medium tanks enter this mode is different from the
speed needed to cancel it. So what are the advantages
of the new suspension? This mechanic will benefit these
tanks in unusual situations in-game. The total depression angle
can reach 13-14 degrees. Let’s talk details now and
take a closer look at these tanks. The candidates for the branch were selected from the projects
of the UDES 14 program. By early 1970s, the Swedes
decided they needed a replacement for the British Centurions
and homemade STRV 103 tanks. The military came up
with the requirements. They wanted a combat vehicle
weighing between 20 to 30 tons, with a gun caliber
from 105 to 120 mm, the ability to ford water
obstacles by swimming, and, more importantly,
a rotating turret. It appeared that
the STRV 103 was lacking. Two companies worked on
the project: Bofors and Hägglunds. The first vehicle of the new
branch is the UDES 14 at Tier VIII. This is a medium tank
with quite a traditional design. It has a very good gun. The stock gun
is 90 mm, but the top one is 105 mm. Already at Tier VIII, players will be
able to benefit from the suspension. The vehicle design will be very
similar to the regular medium tanks. I mean you’ll have a turret. And the tank’s silhouette will be quite
high, similar to regular medium tanks. So the only difference in gameplay
will be the air suspension feature. At Tier IX, we have
a vehicle called the UDES 16. It will only have
researchable 105-mm guns. Here we are on the final stretch. This
vehicle is very similar to the top one. Of course, their characteristics
are slightly weaker, with allowance for its tier. What’s interesting, it will
have a researchable turret. Here starts the gameplay with the
105-mm guns and good depression angles. Players will be able to fully feel all
advantages of this vehicle design, its mechanics and gun strengths. But enough about Tier IX. Because everyone wants the Tier X
vehicle. Let’s talk more about it. At Tier X, we have the UDES 15,
the final vehicle in the branch. Beside all above-mentioned features
and the hydropneumatic suspension, it also has a well-protected turret,
shifted further towards the hull center. So, the vehicle design
is quite convenient. Another vehicle feature
is its 120-mm gun. Not many medium tanks
have such a gun at Tier X. So the damage
per shot will be high. Regarding its use on the battlefield,
it will have no equivalents. Because a medium
tank’s main task is to reach certain positions
faster than heavy tanks, and do flank raids,
and so on and so forth. This Swedish medium tank
should be played similarly. But it has excellent
gun depression angles that you can use by playing
from behind the terrain folds. And the turret
is very well-armored, so it can even repel hits
from other Tier X vehicles. By the way, high
damage per shot should be a feature of all
top-tier Swedish medium tanks. There are several
more common traits. Surely it’s the suspension giving the
tank additional gun depression angles. The armor with not-so
impressive thickness. But these vehicles are
sturdier than they seem. All tanks in the branch will
have quite well-armored turrets. In general, you will be
able to shrug off shells of medium tanks of the same
tier and of some heavy tanks. But hardly any from tank destroyers.
The reasons for this are quite obvious. The hull armor will
have decent sloping. But you shouldn’t expose it
because its armor is not that good. The medium tanks won’t have such
a high reverse speed as the Swedish TDs. They have the dynamics
typical for their class. In general, all these medium tanks
won’t be as fast as the French vehicles. They are more like
the Soviet medium tanks. I mean they are quite mobile,
but without any big surprises. The top Swedish medium
tanks contain another feature of the national tank-building
school: they are very compact. I think everyone remembers
the STRV 103B and its small size. Both in terms of length and height. So, the Tier X Swede
will be of a similar size. This will be one of the
smallest Tier X tanks. It will be very low and
stealthy, and hard to hit. Soon, the new Swedish tanks
will be sent to Supertest for the first iteration of testing. First of all, we need to be
sure that the new feature of the Swedish medium tanks
will fit into the game well. We plan to test
the Tier X tank first. We’ll see how its
120-mm gun performs. If all goes well,
we’ll go down the branch. If we have any
issues with 120-mm gun, we can just check how the vehicle
with the 105-mm gun plays. We can adjust
the damage values. At the moment, damage per shot at Tier X
is planned in the range of 440-460. It’s quite a lot, yeah. This requires
a longer gun reload time, and we have concerns
it won’t fit a medium tank. Since there are no
accurate historical prototypes, we will use balance
settings for them. And depending on
the sum of parameters, we will take decision
on the final characteristics This gives us opportunity to set up both speed and general
mobility of the vehicles correctly. As well as their
firepower and armor. We hope that these
vehicles will be interesting and bring you enjoyable gameplay. Keep an eye out for more details. Share your opinions on the
forum and in the comments. Stay tuned, and see
you on the battlefield.

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  2. Looking forward to these tanks. Let get them as balanced as the 403 and 430u. Btw French wheeled tanks pure cancer I mean almost as bad as arty at high tier.

  3. Is it too much to ask that you fix your game before adding more tanks. I mean your tank balance, and MM is terrible. I won't be buying anything from your game till you fix it. As for the last 6 months of waiting for the game to improve… losing interest fast.

  4. Personally I'm looking forward to a hard-hitting tier ten medium that plays a bit different to the rest of the pack. I don't want all the T10 mediums to play like T10 mediums. I want the Obj 140 to play like the 140, the Centurion AX to play like the AX, and the 121 to play like the 121.
    The UDES 15/16 should play like the unique vehicle it is.

  5. We dont need new branches…. We need better mm (some thing else than 357 and 5-10) and less rng on aiming etc.

  6. That's real nice and all – but FIX THE DAMNED MATCH MAKER!!!

    Nothing else matters, in my opinion, but fixing the failed matchmaking mechanism. Not one more penny from me until you finally fix it.

  7. "Kinda like Russian mediums" aka OVER POWERED TANKS. Good work WG, just what the game needs. Oh! by the way, how is the matchmaker system coming along or that umm… "special ammo" nerf coming?

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    that allows mods dont bann cheaters good job assholes

  15. So it is yuri that we all should point the finger on when it comes to game balance instead of wg ;D ?

    And why are you "adjusting" the tanks to be more like its tier instead of its historical and real values :/ ?

  16. I love the Swedish Tech Tree. Its WG greatest break through! They are so innovative and interesting to drive. Great Job War Gaming

  17. more gimicks……

    you are better of shooting that genius "balance director" you have . coz he sucks at his job…..

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  22. The damage per shot is higher. Literally by 10.. Because T10 105mm needs to be 390 whereas T9 105 is 320 dmg, but 120mm is 400 dmg across the board. Part of why meds are the kings of T10.

  23. All im asking for is the tier 10 swede mediums tanks gun to not be 705a levels of inaccuracy. The its the single most frustrating thing in this game is to waste a round because you fully aim, and .38 accuracy makes you miss

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  27. Yuriy if u are the lead balancing desinger then u are not doing a very good job. there are some tanks that need to nerft like the obj 248v4, obj 240U. there are so many tanks that need to be buffed like the T110E5, M103, T32, IS 4, TIGER 2 and more

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