DC Motor Teardown/Experiment/Hack

DC Motor Teardown/Experiment/Hack

I thought I would show you my magic motor actually is just a good motor demonstration I pulled apart little toy motor This is the inside. What it looks like each one of these 3 things is a coil of wire and a piece of steel, an electromagnet They’re hooked up to the thing
right here and that acts as a switch which turns
the things North – South – North – South as it goes by and what happens first for example this will be North
and it will be attracted to South magnet over here and as it approaches it wants to attract and then what
happens is, because the way this is arranged, it will become South and this one will become North. so what it does is first it attracts, then it repels and the next one attracts and then it repels then this one attracts and then it repels and it keeps doing that and that is all up to the clever
engineering this little piece down here that causing these to switch so it’s a very simple but very powerful little idea to make this thing work. Instead of the case and magnets and all that, I made my own. I took a plastic cup like this and punched a couple holes in it like that. Couple magnets. ordinary old ceramic magnets One inside like this and 1 on the bottom like this and then, slip the amateur in there and and then we’ll make it run So what I am going to do is hook a couple double A batteries up here and instead of the the brushes you normally see I’m just going to use the ends of the wires. Yes. Touch them in there without shorting there she goes You can change the speed by moving the brushes around. Slowing it down. … Speeding it up. she’s really spinning but this is how it works. You just have 2 brushes directly putting the electricity on to here and what’s happening is the magnet on the armature here are alternating North – South – North – South and the magnet that stuck on the bottom (the magnet on the outside bottom only holds the other magnet in place) otherwise it tries to stick to the armature. That’s all it’s doing is the these things are alternating North South North South causing it to attract and repel
from the magnet on the bottom and by adding power right here that how one of these little DCmotors works there’s not much to it when you when you see it inside. Just coils of wire and the with a special little switch that is turning these things on and off as they go by and making it go north – south and spinning. All there is to it to one of these little DC motors. Hope you
found it interesting

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  1. That will also make voltage,if you hookup a meter to the brushes without the battery's. And turn it fast,with say a small drill. Thank you for showing this and great explanation.

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