Daddy Dave of Street Outlaws – This Is My BendPak

Daddy Dave of Street Outlaws – This Is My BendPak

My name is David Comstock with Comstock Auto
Service, also known as Daddy Dave from Street
And this is my BendPak.
Here at Comstock Auto, there’s not a day that
goes by that we don’t use a BendPak lift.
Whether it’s working, building or maintaining
one of the fastest cars in the nation or working
on a customers car, the reliability of the
BendPak lift–I couldn’t image doing it without
I’m known as Daddy Dave from Street Outlaws
and this is my BendPak.

7 Replies to “Daddy Dave of Street Outlaws – This Is My BendPak”

  1. Yes sir can you plase post anything about the Chevy 2 dave thank. Also for the other comment below if you were on tv you would want to be with sponsors. It just makes sense

  2. what i would like to Know is Why R people Still haten on this guy. just saw the Preview of the new one coming up. & it show some Pos Punk Hitting Dave in the back of the head with something .. & this is After he only be out of the hospital 4 a little time after getting a concussion from his Most Recent crash.. Saw a Fight break out in the preview . i hope someone Beat the Living shit out of that POS PUNK 4 throwing what ever it was & hit Dave in the Back of the head area. That is Just Not Right. at all. that is pretty much the same thing as Kicking a Hurt Dog or anything 4 that matter 4 no good reason or kicking someone while there Down & hurt. This Guy is alot like Dale Earnhart in many ways. Don't know how anyone could hate on him so much. & this is coming from a guy that is not all about v8 Ride's I more into 6 banger's Tuner Type car's cause Those R my Passion.. I own a Ford 1990 Supercoupe that is One of a kind. work in progress looking to Go Fishing 4 that Vw BUG someday LOL. . & i do have a Few Friends with v8 ride's that i do help when ever they Ask 4 my help cause i know alot about building Engine's & getting the most out of them with out Wasting money Cause I'm not one of these Rich or other people that have alot of money so i learned how to make dew with what i got & get more out of what i got by just being Resourceful & use my Innovated thinking to . . No matter what make or model i am working on to Prove other POS AZZ holes that try to bully & hate on my 6 & say My Car is A pos with out a V8.. ..Don't get me wrong i have respect 4 the people that derseve & want to own & race V8's & like to Watch Good people have fun with them no matter what Make or Model.

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