Cyberpunk 2077 – Vehicles & Driving! (Explained!)

Cyberpunk 2077 – Vehicles & Driving! (Explained!)

Welcome back Neon Nation today we look at
all the vehicles we can expect in Cyberpunk 2077. From Aerodynes to Superbikes to Hovercrafts
and Power Armors there are quite a few vehicles in the world of Cyberpunk that we haven’t
seen or heard about yet. Vehicles are 2077’s answer to horses in
The Witcher, and will help us save time when travelling from point a to point b. Ofcourse, you can do everything by foot and
really soak in Night City, but sometimes you need to be somewhere quick, and without the
threat of a gang rolling up on you. CDPR has stated in the past that the game
will feature incredibly complex vehicles, planes, bikes and robots. First up let’s look at supercars. These will probably be the staples of transportation
in Nighty City, and 2077s equivalent to Roach, your trusty steed from The Witcher series. Now the supercar we’ve seen this far is
The Quadra V-Tech, a sleek black vehicle that runs on the super fuel of the future, CHOOH2. We know in the game we can steal cars, so
maybe this means we can jump in between supercars as we so choose. We also see a heavily armoured Militech Cruiser,
A couple of limousine styled cars, with one being an armored variant belonging to Dex
Deshawn. We do also see some additional supercars on
Billboard ads and in Magazines. Now inside the cockpit of the Quadra we actually
see 3 pedals, which could mean it’s a manual transmission car. This could mean that driving requires shifting,
although I think for simplicity’s sake, we’ll most likely just be driving it like
an automatic. Now in the world of Cyberpunk, atleast in
2020, professional racing has increased in popularity due it it being bigger, faster,
and more dangerous. During races, top speeds average 400mph, and
bring about accidents and fatalities, which the night city crowd loves. Cars like the 2017 Chevy Harpy, The Lamborghini
Wolf, and the 2020 Bell Quicksilver are some of the most aggressive racing cars in night
city, and they aren’t cheap. Next we have aerodynes. We’ve seen 3 or 4 between the teaser trailer
and gameplay demo so far, from the Police’s sleek black aerodyne, to Trauma Team’s ship
with all the high tech patient care equipment on board, to militechs airbus, a bigger brother
to the aerodyne, used for dropping personnel and troops. We also see what looks similar to the police
AV in the E3 trailer, although it could just be someones personal flying vehicle. We also get a glance at red aerodyne owned
by a corporate exec that we see in the trailer as well as in the demo outside V’s apartment. Now CDPR has stated we won’t be able to
fly aerodynes on a whim, but that doesn’t mean we won’t be in control of them for
some of the missions, quests, and street stories Night City has to offer. Aerodynes come in a variety of shapes and
sizes with many being manufactured by Militech and Arasaka. More traditional aerodynes and flying cars
have a cockpit with a distinct dropship aesthetic, although there are open cabin, hovercraft
like designs like the Grummen Paladin, and the Arasaka Flanker. Next we have something you wouldn’t usually
think of first when vehicles come to mind. Assisted Combat Personnel Armour or ACPAs
for short offer players the choice of stepping inside the the hull of some powered armour
that has increased carrying capacity, the use of heavy weapons and the ability to withstand
high impact damage. Powered armour again is heavily manufactured
by Militech and Arasaka, with Arasaka’s Bandit, Militech’s Catfish, and the Heavy
firepower of Militech’s Destroyer being choice picks for combatting other heavy vehicles
or incredibly powerful enemies in Night City. Full body conversions are similar to APCA’s
but refer to people actually modifying themselves so much that they are the power armor vs stepping
inside the armor. They have augmented themselves to the point
where they are full cyborgs or borgs for short, and most likely completely consumed by cyberpsychosis. Next we have Helicopters, Ospreys and Airplanes. With the efficiency of Aerodynes, Flying Cars,
and Hover vehicles in terms of fuel economy, and with traditional fueling methods being
largely more expensive, there has been a shift from traditional flying methods to Aerodynes. Airplanes in Night City are mainly used for
cross-country transport. Helicopters are less expensive for hauling
cargo, but are slower moving, and ospreys are a nice in between of helicopters and airplanes,
used for shipping troops or cargo. Next up are superbikes and motorcycles in
Cyberpunk 2077. We do see an Akira styled superbike in the
back alley scene with female V from the E3 trailer and Kyle Rowley has also mentioned
we will be getting Akira-esque bikes in the game. Now we haven’t seen too much about bikes,
as they are even non-existent in any scenes with heavy car bustle in the gameplay demo,
but rest assured vehicles like the Harley Davidson horse, which features a gatling gun
on the side, the BMW pirate monocycle and Kawasaki Spartan X can potentially be in the
game at launch. Finally we have space travel and the potential
to see some of that in the game. Orbital Space travel is a megacorporation
within Night City that offers orbital trips to the moon and there was a leak a while ago
referencing a mission to the moon. We may not be able to fly a space vehicle,
but it can definetly be seen in the E3 trailer. Thanks for watching guys and for everything
and anything Cyberpunk 2077, join Neon Nation and The Neon Arcade today.

40 Replies to “Cyberpunk 2077 – Vehicles & Driving! (Explained!)”

  1. Enter deep into vehicle customization tho, is it like need for speed, customizable both inside and out, or is it just different paint jobs, or skins. Could find that out ?

  2. It's really a challenge to make a video about Cyberpunk 2077 with so little information from CDPR about what they will implement in the game compared to the Tabletop RPG games of Cyberpunk. So far in this channel i only see quality information about the Cyberpunk world. Are you doing a great job @TheNeonArcade. Keep doing this good work! 👍

  3. this game take six years 🤔 ? how about we waiting six years again 🤔 ?

    because i can not wait any longer i want see the fucking game 😠

  4. Will be be able to do car races like the races with roach also its sad we can't fly hover cars around all the time that would be fun

  5. I was really hoping we would be able to drive an aerodyne on a whim. Imagine cruising over the city at night in a stolen flying police car.

  6. I'm not getting this game anymore since you cant jump in and out of a flying vehicle when ever you want to. The fuck man.

  7. 1:24 why does racing sound so much more fun in the future im not gonna lie those cars make me feel lewd i want them

  8. seriously techland and CDPR should work together on a new IP or existing IP like call of juarez just like ID and avalanche studios for rage 2

  9. I want to seize a gang's vehicle once they try to kill me, like in the 48 minute gameplay and make it my official vehicle, pimping it.

  10. Okay, let me make this clear. I will pay double the retail price, DOUBLE the retail price, if they release a BTTF DeLorean DLC. Seriously, "Double".

  11. If you didn’t know, 80s aesthetic is taking place big time even though it’s 2077. Even though the year is 2077, I think after the war that started in the 1980s, civilization when it comes to vehicles hasn’t changed much, technology advanced when it comes to gadgets and so on but Night city is 1980s in the future. If you look at the demo, pay close attention to the posters, TVs, computers, advertisements, very 1980s. I can’t wait for this game 😊

  12. I love how the Quadra V-Tech is styled so modernly retro being a mix of an Lamborghini Countach and a Ferrari Testarossa combined. If anything it will probably go down as some of the most iconic cars in media lore. Also Akira-esque bikes.
    The game itself is magnificent and I get vibes of Fifth Element, Demolition Man, Blade Runner, Akira, Ghost in the Shell and so on. Night City reminds me too much of Los Angeles. I think its a perfect representation of how LA is today. A beautiful but terrible city.

  13. I hope the field of view isn’t limited as bad as gtav or rdr2. I want to be able to see myself from the shoulders down and in vehicles I want to see everything. Because most companies who use first person always fuck up in that aspect. Fingers crossed they do it properly 🤞🏼☺️

    Edit: and I hope they fix the steering for vehicles, it seems to be over sensitive like pulling away from a sidewalk, you only turn it a smidge and the car turns hard so imagine what it’s like at high speed. The steering wheel will hardly move.

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