Creando mi propio PATINETE ELÉCTRICO 🛴🔧 Diagrama de motores, prueba de circuito y despiece | Parte 2

Creando mi propio PATINETE ELÉCTRICO 🛴🔧 Diagrama de motores, prueba de circuito y despiece | Parte 2

[Music] hello people what’s up well we’re here in the second chapter about this other miniseries as the ground calls of creating my own electric scooter as well that if you have not seen the first episode I’m going to leave it up here on the right and well up on the right a label will appear and in the description I also leave the link to the first part in case you’re interested and well now you know they looked at the sign and here we go now continue with the process we leave to half in the previous video so let’s go Straight to the point well, more things for the box the truth is that right now I’m a little with this what is that I have to look good well that every thing because this every driver as bought back and forth change the colors of each of the positions and others by discard this xc60 the power of the controller here will enter the battery I have to connect the battery here this is not very clear what is the true here they will come what was accelerated and all moved and this fat than normally in other controllers come the three phases are three wires fatter without loose because it will be the engine here the motor is connected drink my friend well yes as I imagined this big here comes the whole hit panel can what does each pin look for? that takes the throttle not neighborhood because both are here and they know here later I also imagine that I will have to make a tea-shaped cable to the battery outlet taken from a just take two wires one that goes this controller and one the other one Well, I think it’s time to take apart the cube that one but one friend of touching you and I thinking that this moves very rare in front with a car that doesn’t have wheels has come on look for him no problem leaving it like this but no well then we can start working here rib the first thing I want to try there is to plug the two controllers to the drums trying to move with the throttle the two engines then try the brake on the history because that one with only brakes is plan in both and with a single accelerator in both the controller is exactly the same or no I think so 36 volts in my models if they are the same call the same color code well that is going to make things easier for us beyond the battery okay my idea of this male makes a cable that is something a female with two males but I have to do one Don’t let it be from female to male gift with that the female plugged in here to battery male and the two males that there is one left over here and other kilos and then Only with one the port you will use for battery charging to the charging port go that would be this luxury here and this would be the loading port ok this cable i imagine it is for the rear brake light does not goes over here i don’t go here will need seeing well are the red black wires for eyes and well, we know what they were for the other two this light the light of the rear employment put we just have to use one without more perfect ok and here we have already bounded the problem to find out what is the bread feed which brake what is the accelerator and so on I will look on the internet if there is any some information about each and if no, we will have to go bypassing see if any one moves the wheel of engine so you know what the accelerator is well let’s do it by the way i’m going to work on the magnet to see what kind metal that I don’t have any magnet at hand right now but here I bought a kit to make a magnetic rubik’s cube and I didn’t get to ride it so I have to have magnets all these are magnets so I’m going to take advantage and I’m going to use this good since I I remembered my magnetic rubik’s cube I have not counting if I wear these days look at this in aluminum theory and as you can see, lemon does not stick the leg of goat has to be iron or something because it sticks completely well, the leg will go to as well this is worth in aluminum this is worth the aluminum rear fork so will be screwed fiddle nothing and now the most important this here that as you see has point to two sides but I’m going to reinforce it whole OK the front fork sticks and this it’s also perfect this has to go on it’s not aluminum ok that’s why I’m going let’s see if longer home issued than I’m going to let that next and with a iu welder what does he have we reinforce the entire union how to let this go no tank the rest and so it is and aluminum stockings is also treading this metal piece that also in aluminum most of the aluminum chassis and odense because the rear fork of aluminum and the front not metal quarries I guess it will be for hitching bikes have some advantage good for one less thing recapitulating what I have in mind weld well this part make an tie with the xc60 that is a female and a male connect from the same battery to the two controllers and look to see where the throttle by the way let’s go r why is it important to use wires from it thickness so to speak and these are more or less than 0.2 per wires are 0 with 2 for the battery power or the cell I have to do it with a cable that is 10 points that cable i’m much here [Music] because you already know that if you use a cable very small can burn know that these cables are useless [Music] everything I see very fine [Music] this is third with 1 would be part of double the fat cables well I’ll look for because I have 28 thousand junk wires old can take advantage of the line is more I have to have it knife I think this all this are cables look here and well this is what good to have diogenes syndrome dandruff you remember every shit these birds here surely you have wires 2 millimeters to serve me good people well I’m looking here in a Russian forum because normally they usually find such interesting things because the Russians are buzzing and tweaking of the caliper and over here checking where was the battery replacement brakes good i’m using the translator to more or less see what they put here and I think it was this where he has seen four wheel drive hubs and I think this is simply a bad one translation but what if it comes here start looking at the photos you realize that what has made him put two engines the east man OK and if you look here it says that the controller caused this one and you spy if you look it’s exactly the same driver as the original cube so here you have left a kind of map with the code of colors so this is perfect for me child then I will use this scheme and I will to test if it works so save that work that I save you know why else I’m too close to take it out to me try and rice I’ve been lucky the true good people well let’s start to reproduce the east Russian scheme magical and I’m home to see if it works let’s cross our fingers first i’m going to unplug and I’m going to put aside the controller number 1 after the controller number 2 and then the panel cable coming out of the panel mast and I from above to not be the bus with this kilometers I will use the stott cables arduino because they are very useful and I can click directly on the connectors to do the tests I will look at the continuity of the cables that are made with the pot this what he does is send an electrical signal from one end to the other of the cable and if it arrives then it gives a skinny that means the wire doesn’t it’s broken because it’s closing the circuit right now the color of the pins and cable bags I’m going to click on those wires of the same color to facilitate a little the scheme and not rolling i’m going to go pricking the cable mast first coming down from the panel mast I of up and I’m going to click every pins you have with your cables I’m going to let the air go do the same now with the controller number 1 and with the controller number 2 novelle pricked his cables by keeping the color scheme there are some some cable like red by example i don’t have enough use yellow but wow everyone else follow the same colors i’m in the controller number 1 I already have both laid and panels 12 we click and re cover all the wires in the connectors and a once they are we will proceed to the connection as well in the ale scheme already I would be aware that this it’s something just to prove it works then you will have to make the connection already end with well done cables soldering them with their alicante and others now to make connections between wires that we have put in, I liked these crocodiles alligator wires that they bite the cable and you can connect one in a simple way as you see the controller number 2 white I’m going to connect to the panel and I already up I’m connected and also nothing controlled number 2 for example I do the same with this the top panel the red with the red of the controller number one but as you see in the controller often leads us to red so you don’t need now the green of on top of the panel he connected it with the controller number 1 and as you see neither goes green the control number 2 here when I realize then unplugged the wires that are not going to need driver number 2 like the green the red others just white black and blue serve now I bite the black from controller 2 and connected it with the top panel on the cable of the black top panel would be now that same one died too and some you connecting it with controller number 1 as well in the map that I leave top right as you see I do three I connect the 1 to the panel all well connected and now the blue of the controller with the top panel here I will be connected and now the panel from above also with the controller simple number one although it seems that a halo of cable i’m just following this scheme there it would be already connected and good not now I would have earned a sip of fumito very good ale it is and nothing now what What I’m going to do is put the food to the two controllers for that I’m going to put the x 360 that are what they are called I’m going to plug these connectors into the battery and in the two controllers to have the metal pins we can see them with crocodiles you have to have very well be careful because this is already dangerous as you touch the two bolts these of the battery at the same time you are going to close the circuit and they can be so spark or even close the circuit with your own body and with of the current i will check that the voltage the battery with the east goes well let’s see if 38 volts like 4 that wants say this battery is fully charged because it is more or less the maximum voltage that has this battery so it’s ok Now I’m going to take a cable to make it more comfortable and let’s do the tf I commented before what he does with the battery the two controllers of the food you have to have a lot Beware of saving the scheme colors the positive red with the negative black well I’m going to plug the two controllers the black wires with the blacks and then black battery here too you see the red one there you have to be very careful and now for the other side the red with the red of the controller 2 may look a little fuss but don’t worry that it really is the super simple scheme there goes we bite and the black and black sausage is worth would the two controllers be connecting the power we connect the motor another once the controlled number 2 until the rear engine and now the last thing it remains is to connect positive and the negative of the two controllers with the positive and negative battery for that the battery can power it at two at a time this is simply latex commented very simple here you have to be very careful if you play both these metallic bolts with a clamp Sparks can jump and as you touch it with your hand it will give you the current like this you are very careful this does not do at home and if you don’t know what I’m doing better not to touch and well we measure continuity and we measure the voltage at the end of the cable and we see it is so we can proceed to turn on the scooter and approve it all understood and all great for nothing now the final step praise be the russian who finishes me of removing a blue works in cimac hallucinates my name sees me as it turns and the two wheels with a single throttle i’m even a child now you just have to take this scheme and do it right nothing let’s pick up your cable sales that we already know that the Russian scheme it works would have more or less what is the scooter design finished this now we pick up and in the future we have to make the cables well done and I say welding the insulating others and putting them already in the scooter definitely reading just to check that it works like you see very simple use these cables arduino the crocodiles now let’s take the fork front to be able to weld the y make a deal we disconnect the controller and well the next step We already did it more or less in the ok part number 1 you have to remove the clamp this we place the two the two screws these and it would come out up the entire mast there it would be out now now you have to remove the thread is good tight I tried initially with a see if you could with a ratchet but not it comes because it hits the tube like this What I recommend is to take some pressure clamps that open quite and it’s very simple that comes out is easy enough to wash once you remove the tightening that which has an end already go out with your hand and then has another metal hitch that goes upwards which are the ones that cover the the bearings and when you take them out for outside they keep the bearings in the air and you can take out the fork whole down as you see would be free we take out the bearing and Well, we would have a monocycle here electric down a man is kidding now we are going to take off the dust cover this that has and nothing as you see the shock absorber is there inside that tube I was trying it and follow the shock absorber let’s remove the trims and let’s get the engine of the wheel as already explained millions of times with a key on the side 18 here and nothing would be here the fork loose and the bike apart here I gave myself notice that the fender has some plastic tweezers that hook the iron that should go above I don’t know why in mine they came from below they weren’t really doing anything I don’t know if it was a defect at the time of ride what so i’ll put it right when I reassemble it for nothing what remove by removing a pair of screws we would already have the fork outside the direct scooter to pay you a good soldier nothing look in there is the shock absorber as you see it only has four welding points on each side for a no use nquilo and how can it be enough but I’ve seen cases of give him a very strong blow with the wheel ahead of him to a point of this and stay dancing the wheel like this what I’m going to do and my house uncle who has a welding machine and with telling you that my uncle is the most handyman of the whole family because you can already imagine knowing so let’s give cane to the fork is going to be perfect child is going to be a block solid [Music] located let’s see [Music]

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