In this Episode we’ll learn how to clean your car’s engine with an alternative to avoid using
water run the Intro! Weeelcome! to a new Episode of FC Autos and today we’ll show you a way to clean your car’s engine bay
without having to use water to do so This Episode is once again brought to you thanks to the support and partnership we have with Valvoline! Valvoline, thanks again so much for
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Audience as well as with our Sponsor! now then, this is what we’re going to need We’re going to need some stuff like a couple of microfiber cloths to do the cleaning process we’ll use a degreaser this degreaser will help us remove any grease or oil that the engine might have and after that, we’ll apply a protection and shine product for the engine there are different brands and types of products that you could use and they normally have numbers or steps like 1 and 2 so you can know which one to use first we’ll also use a black plastic restorer to make all the plastics inside the engine bay
look as if new ok then, let’s get started by the way, we’ll also use different types of brushes I’ll explain why in just a bit and I’ll also use an aerodynamic holding device that will help me hold the hood up let’s do this! — You should really change that stick
for a hood lift strut this one? sure thing! why not? We can do it the first thing we’re going to do is brush the whole area, without going into much detail but we want to remove all the dust we can In the places where it’s harder to use that kind of brush, you could use a
painters brush and carefully you can remove the dirt on all the nooks (Look how much dirt is coming out) The advantage of using soft brushes is that you can pass it over any electrical system
or wiring and you wouldn’t have any issues nor damage
these areas Once we’ve removed all the dirt we could with the brushes we’ll remove all the plastic covers and caps because these ones we can clean them apart without having to apply any water here in the engine with the soft brush we can now clean the fuse box area knowing that there will be no problems if we do this I’m also going to clean this part here now what I’ll do is clean these with a wet microfiber first over the details I’m not going to worry to clean it 100% because I’ll also be applying the degreaser over this plastic and the type of degreaser used and specifically made to clean engines doesn’t affect nor damage plastics and it doesn’t affect the electrical
connections either Once they’re relatively clean I’m putting them back again to do the complete cleaning process including these caps so this electrical area is protected now, we’re going to use a mildly wet microfiber and we’ll pass it over all the are we can still without going into much detail we just want to remove any dirt that’s still stuck to have it ready to apply the degreaser Once finished with the microfiber in our car here’s the alternator we don’t need to cover it with a plastic bag but what I’ll do is cover it with a microfiber so the degreaser won’t drip over the area where the copper wiring is we don’t need a plastic bag because we won’t be getting the area wet but I do want to prevent the degreaser from falling inside the copper wiring we’re now going to use the first spray can that says number 1 or step number 1 which is the degreaser itself you could use most types of degreasers and any brand just make sure it says it won’t damage any plastic I’ll start applying it by stages I’ll apply it from left to right and I’ll avoid applying the degreaser here the the cold air filter is if you also have an exposed air filter try not to apply any degreaser over it or it could get clogged as a safety recommendation when applying it do it a bit distant don’t get too close or you can also use safety glasses so it won’t fall on your eyes we’ll do it slowly (we can already see a difference, right?) Now I’ll apply it over the plastic I’ll make sure is completely closed If like us, some degreaser falls over your car’s body you can use a very wet microfiber to clean the whole area if we do it fast it won’t damage the clear coat ok now what we’ll do is let the degreaser work for about 5 to 10 min and after that, we’ll start cleaning the whole area while we’re waiting for the degreaser to do its work what we’re going to do is apply a bit of degraser on a microfiber and we’ll start cleaning the bottom side of the hood or bonnet Check the product you are going to use or the one you’ll be buying because in our case, it says it won’t harm
your hands or the skin so just for safety measures if you do need to get very close, use safety
glasses but if you do it like this and according to this product specs you don’t need gloves to do this activity By the way if you see us, well, if you see me
because you’ve not met “Production” just yet but if you see us sweating too much is
because we’re at 48 Celsius or 48 centigrade which is what? 115 Fahrenheit? It’s really really hot right now and that’s why we’re still working or filming here in the garage they let us film in once the 5 to 10 min have passed we’ll start cleaning the area with a clean microfiber We are now going to remove all the dirt completely but if we used the microfiber that we were using before instead of a clean one, we’d be just smearing the grease all over and that’s why we’re using a clean one we’ll start first with all the plastic covers or better said, with everything that’s plastic and after that, we’ll start cleaning the hoses and lastly we’ll clean the engine itself and metal piping –Cleaning the engine is just to make it look nice? — or why do you have to clean it? It does have an aesthetic side or it does have to do with making it look nice but above that, it’s to take care of it because most of the times well it doesn’t happen here a lot
because we live in a desert but in most other places it could get dirt that
–Mud? Mud, but with salt or silica and that could corrode or oxidize the metallic parts of the engine so, cleaning it thoroughly is protecting it from any corrosion that might affect it later on Once everything’s clean once we’ve removed the degreaser and all the dirt we’ll let it dry for a few seconds and I’m going to apply the black plastic restorer to give all plastics more shine and then I’ll do the second step To apply this plastic restorer is very easy we’ve already made a video about it but we’ll explain it once again The area is already clean and dry over the plastics where you’ll apply the restorer you’ll shake it a bit and the restorer comes with this sponge and you’ll pour just a little over the sponge and you’ll just run it over all the black plastics this type of restorer works on any type of black plastic or trim whether it’s inside or outside the car but you have to be careful not to apply it over the paint it’s just for plastic I’ll also pass it over this whole area I’ll pass it over here and also here I’m applying it slowly so I don’t mess up the sponge and I’m only using one side just if it falls apart, I can use the other side now to finish this, I’ll apply it here we’ll let it dry for a while if you want it even darker you can let it dry and apply one or two more applications and it’ll look blacker on all the dark plastics where you’re applying this type of product Once it’s completely dry the last step we’re going to do is apply either a silicon based lubricant note it’s not a penetrating oil because that could loosen bolts or connectors on the engine bay so you can use either a silicon based lubricant or a shine and protection product made for engines The process is very similar to applying the degreaser Now we’ll apply it carefully what I don’t want is to spray it all over because it’s not really necessary to apply it everywhere just the black parts and with a clean microfiber I’ll pass it over to make a uniform shine all over the parts I didn’t apply it directly over this filter either and I applied so little product that I didn’t need to cover it there it is! we’re finished! well here you have now an alternative to clean the engine bay without needing to apply or use water some degreaser, some protection lubricant it’s just a matter of time a good shade to work on and a great Sponsor like Valvoline! Valvoline thanks again so much don’t forget their Instragram it’s their new Spanish page you can also find them in Facebook and in Team Valvoline .com you can find cool short DIY videos in their Night School tab both in English & Spanish this was a very easy process remember that if you liked this Episode
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