Common Mistake Every Mechanic Makes

Common Mistake Every Mechanic Makes

Flat Rate Mechanic here again and
I wanted to go over one of the most
common mistakes that every mechanic has
probably made in their career and it has
to do with tires and if this has ever happened
to you, leave a comment in the comment
section below or if you’ve ever made
this mistake yourself go ahead and drop
a comment below but it has to do with
your tires so if you go into your
mechanic shop and you have four new
tires replaced you’re always going to
want to double check to make sure that
the mechanic installs your tires
correctly there’s two things you’re
going to want to look for a lot of tires
are directional so they’re only supposed
to go one way and also even tires that
aren’t directional are sometimes going
to be labeled outside and inside so
you’re going to want to look on your
side wall and as you can see on this one
right here it says rotation so this is a
directional tire so you need to go
around and make sure all your tires are
going in the right direction it’s very
common for this to be overlooked we’re
not seeing it it’s even more common for
a non directional tire that’s supposed
to be mounted inside or outside you mean
ordered wrong missed this particular
tire doesn’t have it but I’ll try and
put a picture up here of one that does
it’s going to be labeled somewhere on
this outer side side it’s going to say
outside or it’s going to say inside
you’re going to want to make sure that
the outside of the tire here says
outside and not inside if this is
outside then is on backwards
if this arrows pointing in the direct
wrong direction then it’s either on the
wrong side or the tire is gonna have to
be dismounted and remounted another easy
way to tell if you have a directional
tire is it’s usually gonna have a
v-shape on the tread as you can see here
somewhat of a v-shape there and that be
the front of the tire is always going to
be pointed down if it’s going in the
right direction
if on the front of the tire that V is
pointed up then the tire is on wrong but
I hope this video was helpful just if
you’re getting your tires installed it’s
always a good idea to make sure they
they were put on properly because it’s
very easy to overlook this is helpful be
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  1. Just checked my tyres and found one the wrong way round! Says "Inside" on the outer side of it. Thanks for the tip. I would never have noticed without it. Have to go back to the tyre place now and ask them to put it right.

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