Colombia’s Hidden Cocaine Route: El Naya

Colombia’s Hidden Cocaine Route: El Naya

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  1. On a treacherous trip along El Naya, VICE Colombia examines the production process of the Colombian Cartels.

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  2. if you are gonna post a video with an english title, on the channel of a canadian news agency, your host should speak english. im here to watch shit not stare at the bottom of my screen. Make another fucking channel, im so fed up im just going to thumb down every single one of the vice international videos until you change this.

  3. It's sad this is what destroys so many families and many of our countrymen. They say this is all they can grow to survive but I'm sure like most bananas, corn and soy could flourish in these areas. If I had 1 wish I'd wish to rid all Drugas.

  4. Its pure then gets here and u got dummys that cut it down to shit and make it garbage…vice can u please get me 6 grams of pure coke from there to try? Lol

  5. I appreciate reading, but when I'm watching a video it's nice to be able to listen to somebody talk so I can pay attention to the amazing things that you video for the film. Why go through all the trouble to produce a video full of subtitles? Why not just pay somebody to do the translation? Good story but with the production that you did on it, I would have had some narration so that you could not have to sit and wait for the next subtitle to pop up and just watch.

  6. Why TF is all of this whole episode in Spanish people from South America don't need news reports on this shit they live it so I would venture to say most people watching probs not speaking mutch Spanish

  7. Not what I was looking for but definitely a watchable construct on illegal farming. I was trying to find something on how to grow cocoa plants so I can make my own chocolate

  8. Its sad. Sometimes you have no other option but to do illegal things to survive. Alot of these people would be making money doing anything else if they could.

  9. There is not all elements to make cocaine … if this is real the police will arrest all of those peoples who are trying to make this drug… Colombia want to keep the secret to make cocaine beacuse if they share all elements they can't sell cocaine… so i think this is false

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  11. how come there are dozens of documentaries that show the process of making cocaine, but there are none about the making of heroin or fentanyl?? I guess white people love cocaine so there's a bigger demand for it, as far as interest. but shit we got an opiate epidemic and I'm curious how poppies turn into heroin, or how fentanyl is synthesized

  12. What's this..? An actual full length doc and with a legit journalist that speaks the native tongue?! Whats the deal VICE why cant you do that with every video?? If it was with Hamilton, the video would be 4 mins long and it would end with Hamilton getting a bag of coke and that's it.

  13. 700 dollars for 1 kilogram of base cocaine. You can make 12k for a kilogram with a 50% purity. That means you can net 24.000 dollars with 2 kilo's of cut up cocaine, with 700 dollars worth of base. That's a profit of 23.300 dollars. Damn that's nice.

  14. These people are farmers they don’t sell cocaine the cartels find and force them to do it they have no choice they are scared and will die anyways I kinda feel sad because even tho they get money they are hurting society itself

  15. Great job vice now you put all those people in the video in big danger just for your show?? What are you trying to prove here ?? You think the government and authorities don’t know about this.. just for your show you put all these peopl in danger didn’t even blur there face you stupid fcktards… fckvice

  16. Cocaine farmers need to unionize.
    I'm going to start buying my cocaine from responsible producers.

  17. u got a death wish using any of that shit now with all the fentynal cut in into it, not even worth the occasional line anymore.

  18. Do some coke to work more hours to buy more coke to work more hours to buy more coke to work more hours to do more coke

  19. Put some Vietnamese or Chinese on that land they would have truckloads of produce to sell. A transportation infrastructure to truck it points of sale.

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  21. Fruits could bring more money and actually build a very lucrative infrastructure but all that waste will have to be dealt with 1st so the fruits don't suck up the poison and it goes into the food chain etc avocados and papayas would make much much much more money and nuts and some vegetables etc would actually make the whole of South America thrive I really felt it for that picker who wanted to be a nurse and the other young farmer guy their absolutely beautiful people but have to resort to making drugs to survive it's not good the narco devils need to go it'll be bloodshed but they need to go cos South America could be sooo different man they wouldn't even need to fell much land for the fruit n veg manufacturing so the jungle could stay pristine still anyway the only place DRIVING this enormous appetite for drugs is unstable heathen North America which says it all really oh remember not so long back of American soldiers protecting Poppy Fields with their lives ha? They actually made Afghanistan the biggest heroin manufacturing factory on planet earth ha? Need I go on ? An unhappy and sad people need chemicals to drown out the pain of not living how we're meant to ie side by side like an ants nest no matter the colour anyway these now worldwide leaders or should I say devils will not last that much longer believe me we're nearly there 2020 is 10 days away from me writing this and believe me there's big massive change ahead once the people speak anyway God Almighty Bless Us All Ameine…

  22. vice be like …

    (telephone) ring ring …….
    medellin cartel:hello medillen cartel speaking.
    Vice: get the bricks ready , we comin through…

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