Choosing a car repair shop: ask questions

Choosing a car repair shop: ask questions

The fourth way that you can help minimize
being taken advantage of, or making sure that
you found the right shop is the first time
or so that you do work with the shop, ask
them to save your old parts, or ask them to
see what’s wrong with your car before approving
any repairs.
Again, they should be happy to allow you to
see the old parts, they should be happy to
bring you out in the shop to show you what’s
going on so you can understand.
Ask all the questions.
You may not really care what a ball joint
is, I get that.
But when somebody tells you that you need
a ball joint, just say: “Why?
Explain it to me, I’d like to understand.”
At that point, they should be super happy
to say: “Alright, let me tell you what a ball
joint is.”
Or maybe even bring you out into the shop
and show you how it’s failed and why it’s
bad and why it’s a good thing to replace.
Ask questions, be involved, participate in
the process.
And at the end of the day, if you do all these
things, you are going to find a good shop.
Build a relationship with them, get to know
them, establish with them the goals that you
have for your car.
Our recommendations as a shop might be different
based on how long you want to keep your car.
We want to make it live as long as you want
it to live.
But if you don’t develop a relationship with
a shop, they are not going to be able to do
that and help you gameplan and strategize
for that process.

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  1. I used to love it when people asked questions and was more than happy to tell or show them what was wrong with their car, and the plan to fix it. (I don’t work as a mechanic anymore) Don’t be afraid to ask questions, good mechanics are proud of their work and appreciate an open dialogue.

  2. We have a great DVI system AND technet Virtual Vehicle to help visually explain vehicle systems and component operation ! 💙

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