Cheap Coilovers Vs Expensive Spacer Lift

Cheap Coilovers Vs Expensive Spacer Lift

– What’s going on, guys? Fuller here from Custom Offsets, and today we have a video
that I guess kind of stems from people asking us a
whole bunch of questions, and a lot of times people
are wondering what’s better, a cheap coilover, or
an expensive lift kit, and when we mean lift kit,
it’s just talking about like the standard, typical spacer that’s going on top of your strut. So before we get in to it,
we kinda wanna break down what the differences are between coilovers and a spacer lift kit,
’cause a lot of times, people will come to us
with a certain budget, so somebody comes in, they
say I wanna spend $2500, should I spend that $2500 on
a cheaper, more affordable coilover system, or
should I spend that $2500 and get a nicer, spacer style system, something that like B&S would offer. Now obviously B&S has coilovers too, but they make probably some of the best strut spacer lift kits
on the market as well. So coilovers differ from the stock strut that’s on your vehicle,
because you’re actually gonna get some adjustability
with the coilover. Now most of the time, you’re gonna see that it’s got a larger body to it as well, and a remote reservoir, so as far as like fluid aeration goes and worrying
about overheating the fluid that’s in your shocks, you
don’t have to worry about that as much with the coilover, it’s designed for
performance environments, and then when the
adjustability comes in to play, ’cause you can actually kind of play with how stiff that spring is. You can’t change the rate of the spring, but you can pre-compress
it, or pre-load that spring on the coilover, and then
most of the coilovers on the market today, you’ll
see that something like fox coils in DSC, dual speed compressions, you can adjust the rebound of that and the dampening properties of it, and then on the vertex
coilover, it’s the same thing, it’s a number from one to 10, and you can easily set
it just by turning it how stiff or how soft
you want the ride to be, so when people ask
what’s gonna ride better, the spacer kit, or the coilover kit, it really depends how
you define riding better, because a lot of times what you’ll see is a true coilover kit may ride stiffer than your factory suspension, but if you’re planning on
doing some serious off-roading with your truck, your gonna
want stiffer suspension, you want it to handle the abuse that you’re gonna throw on it. Now you can’t just go out
and buy a coilover kit and expect that you’re gonna
drive 100 miles an hour across the dessert and pretend
you’ve got a Baja truck, that just doesn’t quite work that way, but if you are going to drive in that kind of an environment, you probably do wanna upgrade
to that coilover system rather than the strut spacer. So the spacer kits put a spacer on top of your factory strut. Now, the companies put a lot
of research and development in to making sure that you can still have correct geometry and good
angles with these kits, so it’s not like in the
past, when everybody’s like, oh you’re using a spacer
lift in your truck. It’s not really bad, it’s
not a bad thing to do, it’s very common, most people out there that have lifted trucks are
just using the spacer kits. If you’ve got a vehicle that
is equipped with MagneRide or a similar factory option, you might wanna actually
consider that spacer kit if you’re just driving
on the road primarily. So you pay extra money
when you buy the vehicle to get the really nice
riding factory suspension. If you don’t wanna remove
that and delete that, then a spacer kit might
be a good option for you, and the spacer kits are typically significantly less expensive too. So like a Rough Country spacer
kit is like around $1000 roughly, for like a six
inch kit, like $1100. Their coilover system is $2100,
so it’s double the price, but at the same time, if you compare the vertex coilovers to
a fox coilover from BDS, you’re gonna pay like $3600
for that six inch kit, so there’s a substantial price difference between the two, and that’s
why so many people are asking, if I have a budget of
$2000, do I buy the $1900 six inch BDS kit, that’s
just a standard spacer kit, or do I spend 200 extra dollars, and get the Rough Country vertex coilovers? So in my opinion, any time you look at coilover verses spacer,
I think you’re gonna get a better ride quality out of the coilover if you have performance in mind, unless you have a MagneRide truck, then I think you’re gonna
have factory-like ride if you go with the spacer option, so it really does depend
on which vehicle you have and how you’re going to use that vehicle. The only way to maintain, or
to keep your MagneRide system is to use that spacer
kit, and that’s because you still need to have
the functions of the truck all working cohesively together for that, so you need those OEM strut assemblies. If you take it out, you’re obviously not going to have that. Your truck still has the
computer that thinks you do, and you gotta like work
with the electronic system to delete that from the system, but the physical components there that give you MagneRide are
no longer going to be there, so it’s not gonna function
like it did from the factory. There is also a middle ground option, and that’s going to be
the strut replacement kit. So there’s a few different
companies that offer these. You can find all the kits
that I’m talking about on our website at Just enter your make and model and search by what’s popular, if you wanna see what most
people are going with, but the strut replacement
that I’m talking about actually has a longer strut
but reuses your factory spring that’s on your stock struts,
so you have to take it apart, it’s a little more involved as far as the install process goes, but
it’s not too bad by any means, and then you’re just
getting that longer strut that’s designed for a lifted application, but reusing your factory spring, so this brings the cost of the kits down, they won’t be necessarily as cheap as just a spacer kit,
but they’re definitely not nearly as expensive
as a full coilover system, so kind of like I said in
the middle of the video, I think if you put a
coilover against a spacer, the coilover’s gonna win
out time and time again, simply because it’s
designed for that much lift, it’s designed for performance, but if you think a stiffer ride
might not be what you want, then I would just go with the spacer kit, or if you’re worried about
spending too much money, then just go with the spacer kit, but if you have the extra
money, you can set a budget, and you can still get
like the Rough Country vertex coilovers, definitely
go with the coilover system. You’re not really comparing
apples to apples here. It’s really like an
apple to something that’s not as exciting as an apple,
I guess you could say. Some people just don’t like
the way a spacer looks, so that’s it, hopefully that
kind of explains it for you. I know there’s a lot of variables, and a lot of ifs and buts in here, but depending on your application, depending on what you want, I think typically
coilover is gonna win out, I said it like 12 times, so you can just decide for yourself. All these are on the
website, I think that’s all you
need to know, peace.

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  1. I just went back to your video for the 2019 and up Dodge Ram 1500 3-1/2 leveling and lift kit with 2in lift in the rear a kid like that what would the price on that style of a kit for the Dodge Ram 1500 because when I get my truck really don't want to lift as much as I want to level the truck but I like that 2" left which well allow you to put a nicer Tire on your pickup truck

  2. I'm broke…spacers it is lol! Great video, answered a lot of questions, as I'm a new to the truck game. Thank you!

  3. If we’re unsure on what would fit our truck from just looking at the website. Can we email you to get your input on if things we have in our cart would fit our truck?

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