Car Maintenance and Repair Tips : How to Install Windshield Wipers

Car Maintenance and Repair Tips : How to Install Windshield Wipers

Hi! I’m William Myers from Austin Subaru
for Expert Village. Okay now I’m going to
show you how to change out wiper blades, they’re
pretty easy. There’s just a little clip
on the bottom side you push it down, you push
down on the whole blade assembly, pull it
out now remember this wiper on here is spring
loaded and its spring loaded to keep the wiper
firmly pressed against the windshield but
I’m going to tell you if you’re going
to walk away never leave this up, gently set
it on the window but when I mean spring loaded
I mean spring loaded as it will break a windshield,
I know I’ve done it. Okay once you have
your arm off there’s just a little clip
here and to put the new on it’s just as
simple as taking the old one off, just lift
your arm up, stick your well make sure you
have it the right way I got my little clip
flipped around and it only goes on one way
its pretty much idiot proof and just slide
it up and it snaps in, set your arm back down.
That’s how you replace a wiper blade assembly.

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  1. Hi William,

    Maybe its a good idea to tell people to put a doubled up towel on the windshield encase the arm does snap back down it will not break the window. If someone has never done this before that spring arm might accidentally slip from their hands and break the windshield… Its best to put a doubled up thick towel on the windshield even if you are a pro. better safe then sorry…

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