(electricity sparks)
(yelp of pain) (pained groan) – Yo it’s your boy Kill’em,
and welcome to today’s vlog. Vlog! So in yesterday’s video, I
said, if we smash 5,000 likes, within 24 hours, why, within 24 hours of yesterday’s video going online, that I would do the Operation game, but attached to a car battery. And we smashed 5,000 likes, baby! (crickets chirp) – [Crowd] Aww! – Well close enough, anyway (laughs). Today, we’re going traveling. Me and Moon, she’s got
like this thing at work, we’re gonna go, she’s gonna
go to this training thing, Milton Keynes for two
days, and then, well, we’re down South of England. We’re then gonna go to
London for two days. So we’re setting up for today. I’m gonna do the whole car
battery Operation thing before we go, I don’t
wanna do that down there, in case something bad happens,
and you know (laughs). Just in the middle of packing
right now, stuff everywhere. Dave! Dave! Dave. Dave! So Dave hasn’t actually
been in a video for a while, have ya? It’s because he’s been on holiday. He asked me, he said, “Is it
alright if I go on holiday, “I won’t be in any videos for a while?” I’m like, “Yeah Dave, you deserve this. “Go and treat yourself to a holiday.” So he’s been, I think, where did you go? Mexico? Mexico, Cuba. Yeah, Cuba, I think. He’s very secretive about this stuff, he don’t want me to know. So yeah, he’s been to Cuba. He’s got a lovely tan, as you can see. Looking lovely and bronzed (laughs). Dave! Dave. Oh oh oh, and also, Mrs. Pebbles! Mrs. Pebbles, she’s still here. She’s still settling in. We’ve not been handling
her or anything yet. Just letting her settle
down, get used to everything. She looks so cute right now. Oh look, look look look. – [Robotic Voice] Bitch, can’t you see I’m trying to sleep here? – Ooh, she’s so small
and cute (gibberish)! Can’t wait ’til we got her on (mumbles), put her on my shoulder,
she’ll be running around, running around the floor. You can get these like
little, uh, playpen things, you put ’em on the floor,
and they can run inside it. It’s better than them ball things, so we might have to buy one of them. So we bought this little
house here for her. And we got this little
fluffy stuff in there. I thought she’d go in there and sleep! No, she wasn’t having it. Instead, she’s dragged the
fluffy stuff from there, down, up the chute, and
decided to make this her home. She wants to sleep in the tube. (rock music cuts in and out) I’m just like, get on with it. Just let her do her own thang. I’ve given her the house,
there’s nothing I could do. At least she’s got one. (sinister laugh) I didn’t do that, that must have done it. Or did you do it, Dave? Did you just want it,
oh, let’s see now what. (laughs) He just wrote help (laughs). Oh, little Dave. Dave. I need the suitcase. Hah! (grunts) Got it, haha. Ooh, Dave, help Dave! Dave, grab it. Dave. Dave. Quick, Dave. Dave. Suitcase. Completely empty. I must fill suitcase with clothes. I don’t know what the
hell that was (laughs). Yeah, I’ve got a suitcase here, I’m gonna fill it with stuff. I’m gonna have a full suitcase of clothes, I’m gonna have another bag full of stuff. And then another bag, with my lighting, for in case of film videos and stuff, while I’m in a hotel room. Loads of, I’m taking loads with me. If I weren’t gonna video myself everyday while I’m down there, I
wouldn’t bother taking this many clothes. This many, loads. Loads of clothes, for four or five days. I’d just wear things more than once, but because I’m on video every day, I don’t wanna look like I
wear the same stuff every day. So I gotta take loads of clothes. So I gotta fill the suitcase with clothes, get everything down into the car, and then off we go. But then, as soon as we start the journey, we’re gonna probably stop
off at a petrol station, and then stop off at another shop, get some food for the big travel, ’cause it’s like three
or four hours journey. It’s like 12 o’clock now, 12:00 a.m. Midnight, it’s midnight right now, and we’re not even set off yet, and it’s, oh, it’s gonna be a long trip. (fake sobbing) (relaxed electronic music) Ten minutes to 1:00 a.m. Just setting off, on a three hour journey. Shouldn’t be much traffic
on the road at this time. So it should be just straight there. Ugh! For you it’s gonna be like a
20, 30 second cinematic thing, and then we’ll be there,
but for us, it’s like three or four hour drive, so uh,
see you on the other side. Wish us luck. (relaxed electronic music) Oh! It’s been such a long day, ugh. I’m glad we can go to sleep now, it’s 4:00 a.m. Today’s shout-out goes to Samuel Zieba. If you want a shout-out
in tomorrow’s video, make sure you give this
video a nice big thumbs up, and leave a comment saying, quick, batteries flashing, say something. Quick! Oh god, I can’t think of anything! Leave a comment saying,
tulips, are now in season. (laughs) Anyway I’m gonna show you the
challenge what I did earlier, so I’m gonna now go,
I’m gonna hand you over to the past Kill’em, in the, in the past, Kill’em in the past, yeah you know, enjoy the video, big thumbs up. It hurt a lot. Thank you, bye. (dramatic beat) (sigh) Let’s get this challenge, I gotta do this challenge, I
gotta do it outside on the car, it’s getting uh, it’s getting
dark outside, real quick. Looks like it might rain. Let’s go! So this is my Operation game. I somehow need to adjust this, so I can attach the car battery to it. And I ain’t got a clue what I’m gonna do. (energetic music) I’ve got an idea, let’s go. Go go go. These are the only wires we’ve got. I think they’ll work. So let’s try it. – [Woman] Oh god, what! (Kill’em laughs) (electricity sparks)
– Ah, wow! – [Woman] That sound is so disgusting. – So I’ve taken the battery
and this bit out of the game. And I need to attach the black to this small metal part right there. And then I need to attach
the red to the end of this. And then we’ve got ourselves
car battery Operation, baby. It’s gonna work, we’re gonna do this. Well it’s been good knowing ya, I hope you like this, this
is my last ever video, because I’m gonna be dead. Bye. (energetic music) Moment of truth, let’s see if it works. So we attach the black to the negative, we attach the red to the positive, and then (laughs), and then do it. (electricity sparks) (woman gasps) Woah, you can see where
it touched, it’s burnt it. (laughs) That is crazy! (electricity sparks)
Woah! Woah! (laughs) Oh god! Let’s play car battery Operation (laughs). (dramatic music) This challenge is complete if I successfully get one thing out. I’m not playing a full
game, that’s just crazy. I’ve never been so nervous
about any video in my life! – [Woman] I’m more nervous than you are. – Oh God!
– What’re you going for? Heart is most important. – The butterfly in the belly–
– The butterfly, yeah. – ‘Cause I’ve got them right now (laughs). (dramatic notes) I can’t hold still! No! Aah! (electricity sparks)
(woman gasps) (electricity sparks in slow-motion) Ow! (woman laughs) I don’t wanna play. I don’t wanna play.
– You have to save him. (dramatic notes) (Kill’em groans) (electricity sparks) (electricity sparks in slow-motion) (Kill’em laughs in pain)
(woman laughs) The sound is so scary. Is it painful? – Yes, very. (dramatic notes) (electricity sparks)
(woman gasps) (electricity sparks in slow-motion) (woman laughs) Oh, my fingers are hurting so bad. (dramatic notes) (electricity sparks)
(yelps in pain) (electricity sparks in slow-motion) – [Woman] God! – (groans) Why does my elbow hurt? (dramatic notes) (electricity sparks)
(both scream) (electricity sparks in slow-motion) My, something in my eye.
(woman laughs) It shot in my eye. – [Woman] Maybe it’s
safer wearing glasses– – I got it, I got it out! It came out! – [Woman] I don’t know
if it counts, though. – That counts, that counts! I did it (laughs). That’s it, that’s it. That was stupid, never do that. That’s, it’s certainly dangerous. I’m going, I’m going, thank
you, it’s been a pleasure, bye-bye (whimpers). (dramatic notes) It’s absolutely destroyed
the board, look at this. Look at this. Everywhere it’s touched, it’s left burns. Here, there, there, it’s crazy. And I didn’t notice this
outside, but when I’ve got in, I’ve seen it, and no wonder
it hurt, look at this! It’s gone like all red
and blistered up a bit. Right where I was holding the things. (upbeat electronic music)

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