Car Battery Care and Maintenance Tips for Beginners

Car Battery Care and Maintenance Tips for Beginners

one of the most vital parts of your
vehicle is the battery and as you all
know with the cold temperatures this can
have quite an impact on its performance
just how bad does it affected well at –
18C your battery runs about half power as
it would have around plus 20 degrees
Celsius so at that point it becomes
really hard to crank right not only that
with the cold temperatures the oil also
is very thick and that also makes it
hard for that engine to turn over so
there are some very helpful things that
you can do to make sure that your
battery is in good condition so first
off you can actually check your posts
make sure they’re tight secure not
corroded at all right those are the
positive and the negative you also want
to make sure the battery isn’t leaking
from anywhere. In the cold they
can inflate they can expand and they
do get leaks every now and then right
sometimes it can vibrate too if they’re
not properly secured so battery should
be how the proper hold down at all times
vibrations number one killer of
batteries so sounds good and there’s a
few different types of batteries right
there’s the maintenance free and then
there’s the ones that require you to
top-up the fluid but if you’re uncertain
guys always refer to your owners manual
and come get it professionally tested by
us right sooner or later guys the
battery does go defecto over time
three to five years is typical life of a
battery about so right and so
before the battery goes dead maybe what
should we do we recommend getting it
tested professionally number one and if
it does need replacement of course
getting it replaced with an OEM battery
something that’s built and proper for
your vehicle for sure okay that sounds
good and again you can always refer to
the owners manual for the type of
battery that your vehicle needs and
choose that replacement and come and
consult with one of our professional
technicians at the dealership they’d be
happy to assist you guys thanks very
much for joining us on the show today

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  1. The last thing you want is a stranded vehicle that won’t turn over because of a low or dead battery. You can avoid service repair or expensive tow charges by carrying out a simple seasonal battery check along with basic maintenance tips. Got a question about battery care and maintenance?

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