Cafe Racer (Honda CB 500 By Kinetic Motorcycles)

Cafe Racer (Honda CB 500 By Kinetic Motorcycles)

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  1. heavy breathing
    i think i'm having an orgasm
    this bike is so great and have so much style,I love it,
    wish i know how to build one 🙁

  2. i think i watched this Video over 100times. now i have a 1974 cb500 with this fuel tank and Suspension kit. cant wait for the first ride
    hello from austria

  3. What kind of gas tank cover is that? Where can I find it? It doesn't have the same shape as a stock honda cb it's bigger and looks better!

  4. Awesome video @RACER TV ! Thanks for this beautiful upload. 2 weeks ago my dad and I got his old project running again. A 1991 Kawasaki Zephyr 750 with loads of modifications he did changed 12 years ago. These kind of videos gives me huge inspiration as motivation to finish this build.

    Cheers mate, greets from the Netherlands.

  5. Love that Harris exhaust. I used to have a black-chrome version on my Kawasaki, it sounded awesome. I miss that pipe…

  6. . Later on when the originals are worth a bomb everyone will be buying up cafe conversions and restoring them back to how they were no doubt.

  7. I watch this video everytime i remember this bike.
    I think that is not just a motorcycle, but a source of inspiration.
    Thanks for making Racer TV!

  8. This is my inspirtation… no other cafe racer have moved me quite like this one. No other channel on youtube have moved me quite like this.

  9. What is the reliability of a café racer, tracker or scrambler on the highway? Can i use it on daily base en to travel from Belgium to France and further?

  10. I just picked up one for 600 bucks and it works now I'm going to sell it to a hipster for 3000 so he can destroy it and make a generic "cafe racer"

  11. From the day watch the 1st video about cafe racer on RACER TV. Its inspire me its make my interest in bike. Now most of the time I am watching the racer tv and another cafe project. Thanks to racer tv.
    Sir I am living in north india(punjab) and i want to build my own cafe racer machine but there is few doubt that what bike should i choose for my project and from where i can buy the parts for bike specially fuel tank seat etc. Can you help me through please let me what bike should i buy which easily available in north india(punjab) thanks

  12. I made a video covering the beginning of my 1957 Triumph TR6 project bike, and would appreciate it if you guys could check it out!

  13. saiba que os brasileiros admiram muito seu canal !!!! parabéns RACER TV o melhor canal de café racer do mundo

  14. I noticed this was Houston, TX towards one of the last images. This is great work, and find myself really liking the cafe racers. Is there a scene to be able to check more of these beauties out in H-Town? Keep up the great work.

  15. i just said that to my friend "less is more" when i wanted to change my rear suspension to a mono then i found this video.

  16. I can't put into words how envy I am to see these Cafe Racer bikes..:(
    How I wish to have at least one..huhuhu..:'(

  17. Much better with no painted and shorter exhaust and with the big front light. I´d love see this bike with a little bit bigger seat, in the same way but bigger, something like mostly chosen seats for virago´s cafe racers

  18. ผมชอบมากๆเลยครับแต่ผมคงได้แค่ฝัน😢😢😢

  19. I love this bike and first saw a picture of it and fell in love with it i am currently building a yamaha rs 100 cafe race at the min

  20. This is really My favorite from Racertv. So simple, so unique, the beauty is in the simplicity. Where did he get that gas tank? I admire that all the elements are so easily combined and fit so well. I hope yo finish My DKW 125 in less than an year, and I would like to show it. Thanks Racertv for all the videos.

  21. @RacerTV
    O video nao esta a funcionar.

    De vez em quando gosto de o rever.
    Pela execução, pela voz-off esplendida, e tambem pelo audio escolhido.

    Há algum problema com o video?

  22. eu te entendo RACER TV ! o problema e cultural o brasileiro tem esse problemas nos olhamos demais porem motocicleta neste estilo nao comum por aqui ou seja e novidade para nos esses projetos no gual voçe sempre aborda , tem pouco tempo que nos estamos apaixonado pelo esse estilo de moto !!!!!

  23. se voçe voltar com legenda pra mim vai ser muito bom ! mas mesmo assim eu ainda gosto muito do seu canal abraço!

  24. o que amo no seu canal e diferente de cultura lingua religiao nos entendemos aqui ! isso e maravilhoso o mundo das cafes race !!!!

  25. Thanks a lot racer TV for inspiring me…. I love to modify the bike.. Actually it's my hidden Dream… Just love it..i love this

  26. This is my favorite Cafe, I have seen this vid over a hundred times and i know that i have to put money away for one of them, thank you very much for it.

  27. Shit video with shit narration.
    Not even a video just a collection of photos.
    Worst looking cafe racer ever !!!

  28. Do you guys know what helmet is shown on the thumbnail and what it's called? I plan on getting one but I don't know what to search

  29. You inspire people Thank you

    You have inspired me to build 1 of may dream

    I hope to answer some questions

    How many wheel sizes

    Is the tank original or designed?

    From any motor tanks taken … what year ??

    Type speed counter

    Type of front light

    I wish there was a link for every piece in the Motorcycle

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