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  1. very good   information
    I  d lke    ask you  a   question  about  brush   motor   works  without any  eletric  Support ? possible   show   that  works ?
     rotor ?    what  we can use  to  kick  it ?
    like  the brushed wheel  Bicycles ……….its possible ?

  2. great info thanks . what kind of motor did they use with old sewing machines where the foot pedle is attached to the electric cable

  3. Question- I am checking a brushed DC motor used as a fuel pump. It has 8 commutator segments and uses permanent magnets. I am checking the amperage draw on the motor using a current probe. My question is, when is the motor current draw highest, when the brushes are directly on the commutator segments, or when the brushes are bridging two segments? Thanks!

  4. my 1:16 rc motor is working but when they are connected to the axles
    makes a noise and it does not pull the vehicle.

  5. I1d like to attach an ald sewing machine motor, with a foot pedal , to my hand cranked pasta machine . Any idea how I would make the shaft wider . Do you think it is possible to replace the shaft for a wider one thanks

  6. I have dc motor having trouble knowing which is positive and which is negative after viewing your video I might assume that if polarity was switched on battery ît would run in opposite direction

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