Brain Breaks – Dance Song – Dancing Robots – Children’s Songs by The Learning Station

Brain Breaks – Dance Song – Dancing Robots – Children’s Songs by The Learning Station

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  1. At assembly last week, a 1/2 class peformed this, and the malfactioning part made everybody gasp. It was really funny xD

  2. I wish that you could make a version that is made to be mirrored. My pre-k class is working on left and right and when you say, "Lift your right hand" my class always lifts their left hands because the characters were not made to be mirrored. The characters lift their right hands, but it is on my class's left side, so they lift left. It confuses them, so we aren't able to watch it in class.

  3. Love it. But wish it said which hand/legs the kids mirror instead of the one the robot is moving. Bc kids..and adults mirror. So it's getting him moving but teaching him the wrong sides.

  4. Me gustó!!! En la escuela de mi niño nos mandan ponerles estos videos, y si les gustan mucho. Aún traigo la tonada en mi mente

  5. It would be amazing if the left hand and right hand were mirrored so that children could copy rather than getting confused, they love this dance!

  6. My students love this video and it is a great brain break. Please correct the left and right issue. Although it is the robot's right, it is the students" left. This is confusing. Thanks!!


  8. Wow I use to love that robot song when I was a young boy it pops my head 🤖 robot song wow it is so funny 😄 .

  9. Eddy : Ed dance like a robot
    Ed : Ok eddy
    Edd/ Double D : Excuse me ed, pls u need to dance like that
    Ed : What did I do??? It wasn’t me Sarah
    Don : Pls don’t make ed mad Sarah
    Sarah : FINE
    Vanessa 🐒 : Dance like me
    Ed : Ok Vanessa
    Nazz : I’m a robot dude
    Kevin : YOUR A DORK
    Jan : Did u that??
    Laurie : Yes

  10. I still remember this when I was in kindergarden memories and now Im in 5th grade so hard I wish Im younger.

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