Borderlands 2- Gun Guide (manufacturer)

Borderlands 2- Gun Guide (manufacturer)

Hey everyone William Strife here with a guide
over weapons in Borderlands 2. That’s right guns guns gun, armaments, equalizers, peacekeepers,
ordinance, munitions, artillery, firearms, peashooters, hardware, Saturday-night special,
it doesn’t matter what you call them they’re all made for the same reason, shoot to kill.
All of the guns in Borderlands 2 are randomly generated, with a select few exceptions, but
that doesn’t mean there isn’t an order to how the game creates them. There are a lot
of factors the game takes into account when making each gun you find, and one of the dominating
elements beyond your level is the brand or manufacturer. In Borderlands 2 there are eight different
gun manufactures that create all the armament found on pandora. Each individual brand carries
it’s own special features, and who made the gun directly influences it’s power, reload
speed, accuracy, weather or not it has an elemental effect, etc. When deciding weather
or not to replace your old gun with one you just found you should think about the manufacturer,
because it can make a world of difference for how you tackle combat. The first gun manufacturer is Dhal. Dhal weapons
have a military design, usually coming with some sort of camo paint job and military code
name. Dhal makes pistols, submachine guns, assault rifles, and sniper rifles; And what
makes their arms special is how when aiming down the sights of any given arm it will have
a burst fire effect. Many of the guns also have a fully automatic function when fired
from the hip, except for sniper rifles which remain single shot. The burst fire function
can get in the way though, especially with snipers, but it’s a valuable feature none
the less. Keep that in mind the next time you see a peacekeeper made by Dhal. Next up is Jakobs. Jakobs firearms have an
old western style in their design and names, and are commonly made of wood and unpainted
metal. Jakobs sticks to producing pistols, shotguns, assault rifles, and sniper rifles,
and their uniqueness lies in their power. Jakobs guns will commonly have the highest
damage rating of any arms of the same level. Also many pistols can be fired as fast as
you can shoot them, meaning they have no limit to rate of fire beyond your own ability to
rapidly pull the trigger. The draw back is they have a high kickback and recoil, and
extended reload rate. In addition Jakobs guns will almost never have an elemental effect.
The lack of fire or corrosive damage may be disappointing, but the sheer power and sometimes
rate of fire of a Jakobs can certainly make up for the shortfall. After the events of the first borderlands
Atlas, one of the gun manufactures, was put out of businesses. In Borderlands 2 Bandit
weapons take their place. Bandit made guns are piecemeal in appearance since they’re
effectively slapped together with makeshift parts, and their names often include misspellings.
By and large Bandit guns are unimpressive, mostly making up the bulk of generic arms
that are only worth selling. This also means they make every type of gun in the game, albeit
usualy with no attached mods like scopes, which is why they also don’t make sniper rifles.
However, they do excel in one area, magazine size. Most Bandit weapons come with extended
clips, and reinforce that all you need to do is shoot more bullets. While you may find
one or two nice Bandit type guns, you probably shouldn’t be sticking to this brand very much. Now for the pseudo Russian manufacturer, Valdof.
Vladof firearms, like the previous Bandit brand, are all about firing more bullets,
and bigger magazines. However, unlike the bandit guns Vladof arms are renouned for having
a very high rate of fire. They make pistols, sniper rifles, and rocket launchers, but Vladof
guns are at their best with assault rifles. This feature can be found on other brands
as well, but if you find an assault with three barrels on it it will likely function like
a gatiling gun. It’s fire rate will initialy be low but the longer it fires the faster
it spits out bullets. This feature is espically useful with Vladof guns because of their extended
magazine. Just keep your eyes on the brand when you come a gun with this feature. If you’re hooked on guns with elemental effects
Malwan arms are an absolute must for you. Malwan firearms are both bright and sleek
in their look, featuring smooth curves and unusual reload animations. In addition, they
commonly have uselessly sophisticated words jammed into their names to make them seem
superior. What makes them stand out the most though is how every gun sporting the Malwan
mark has some sort of elemental effect weather it be corrosive, shock, fire, or slag. The
only exception is Malwan guns will never have an explosive effect, because that’s a feature
always found on guns from a different manufacturer. The Torgue brand excels at one thing, explosions.
Though the guns they manufacture aren’t guaranteed to have an explosive effect, each
and every one is very likely to carry the unique attribute. In addition, the pistols,
shotguns, assault rifles, and rocket launchers Torgue makes are named with lewd puns. Which
makes all the more sense since they do have a tendency to explode and make a mess of things.
Of course there’s another weapons manufacturer who specializes in explosions, but of a different
type. Guns of the Tediore brand are easily the most
unique in the entire game of Borderlands 2. Unlike firearms made by the competition, which
force you to reload when your clip empties, Tediore guns are just thrown away and new
one is digistructed in your hand. That’s not all either, the discarded gun will then explode
like a grenade on impact, and if it has an elemental effect that feature is applied to
the explosion too. The downside to this though is manually reloading a Terridore gun means
you also throw away the ammunition left inside, literally. However, the more bullets left
in the gun the bigger the explosion it creates on impact. To top everything off, Tediore
guns are renowned for reloading and an incredibly fast rate, even though their other specs can
be a bit lacking. The final arms manufacturer to cover is the
big, the bad, the evil Hyperion Corporation. Guns created by Handsome Jack’s company commonly
carry names that sound professional and business-like. They also commonly have some sort of paintjob
involving yellow, seeing as how that’s the trademark colour of Hyperion. The unique feature
that all Hyperion arms carry though is what’s known as reverse recoil. This means any pistols,
SMGs, shotguns, or sniper rifles carrying the Hyperion mark have crap for aim, before
you shoot them. Instead of the gun’s aim bouncing around more after every shot, shooting actually
steadies the gun and increases accuracy. This means Hyperion guns are at their best in the
middle of a bullet frenzy, when you find yourself just spraying bullets in the right direction
instead of taking the time to carefully line your shots up. There you have it, those all eight gun companies
on Pandora that make every last firearm you’ll ever pick up in the game. No two guns are
exactly the same, and the way each brand influences a gun’s functionality can make or break what
you will and won’t use. Just try to keep in mind what you’ve herd here, and you’ll be
on your way to picking the best gun faster, and potentially playing with hand cannons
in ways you never thought you would. Thanks for watching I’m William Strife and
this has been a video from Visage guides, with Effects by Kerosene Dreams.

100 Replies to “Borderlands 2- Gun Guide (manufacturer)”

  1. here is a better way to sell them
    Tediore: throw your gun and watch the fireworks
    Jakobs: for all your high power, precision needs
    Hyperion: who needs half of your mag anyway just waste it THEN hit your target
    Dahl: cause burst fire helps ammo, Right?
    Bandit: MEAT BICYCLE
    Vladof: if you want to see a magic trick involving your magazine disappearing buy us
    Maliwan: BURN BABY BURN

  2. This is dumb. You'd have to not give a toss about the game to play it through and not know at least this. I clicked the video because I thought it'd be about how different parts from a manufacturer other than the one the found weapon is from, affect its functionality.

  3. Vladof weapons are for me, they originated from Motherland, so I can protect Motherland with Comrade Dog.

    Okay, in all seriousness, I like Vladof weapons so I can shoot faster. Simple.

  4. 6 year old vid, still going to comment errors.

    Tediore, not Tedidor. You removed the E and added a D randomly.

    S&S and Atlas went out of Business. Atlas was outright destroyed, S&S dissapeared. S&S was replaced with Bandit due to both of them having the same trait, more bullets in your magazine.

    Dahl pistols aren't full auto, they are Semi-Automatic on Hip-Fire.

    Jakobs is second to Torgue for damage. Torgue weaponry, on average, deals more due to the explosive element.

    Community and Stat-Wise, Vladof's best weapons are their Sniper Rifles. Assault rifles do poorly, but it's all down to wording. Saying "Assault Rifles are where their tech shines most" makes more sense due to the spinigun barrels.

    Torgue weapons only come in explosive period. There's no high chance or no guarantees, that is literally Torgue's gimmick.

    Would be pretty nice if you could do a little more research instead of barfing up a video, especially since your gameplay is lackluster. You went into lower level areas to show off weapons and used White and Green rarities, while not showing off Blue and Purple rarities alongside it.

  5. Tedidor brand? Atlas was replaced with bandit and not S and S being replaced by it? Starting to doubt you know your stuff

  6. Why do you say Tedidore? It's obviously spelled Tediore and you can clearly hear the name said out loud in the games.

  7. Agreed, you only a few good bandit guns, but i honestly don’t like dahl and tediore, but somehow get a lot of them anyways, paradox

  8. Can someone please help me i found a rocket launcher and i was full at the time and i had a great rocket launcher before that i lost it for ever i dont know where it went but i lost it for good so please tell me what the hell happened to m 4th gun

  9. I prefer a Jakobs pistol and sniper and a Hyperion shotgun and SMG.
    And hate them reversed (replace SMG with Assault Rifle)[and I don’t mind Hyperion snipers, if anything it’s a better challenge].
    I occasionally pick up a Maliwan or 2.
    Same with Dahl.
    I hated Torgue at first, but I kinda like there shotguns.
    Bandit guns stink (like bandits).
    I never really pay attention to Vladof guns.
    And I hate Tediore, for the sole purpose that I always reload manually and always away from enemies, so I can’t even take advantage of the explosion.


    Also in BL3 we really need a quest involving that company, we know next to nothing about it besides the owner/mascot is (ostensibly) a revolutionary of some kind.

  11. Funny story:
    I was playing Borderlands 2 and carrying around some random green Jakobs pistol, and I found an identical pistol – name, parts, stats, level, rarity, everything – in a chest.

  12. Omg no wonder – my hand held mini gun ran out of amo even tho I had 900 bullets I kept tossing it shooting 3 bullet sand throwing it reloading lol

  13. I cannot comment on the accuracy of the content, as I have only started playing the game, but I have to say, top marks for presentation and very professional sounding voice over. You should consider becoming a professional voice over actor.

  14. I love how he tries to be biased on every manufactorer until he gets to bandit which he pretty much says "fuck this nasty shit, sell it for money"

  15. Dude I always end up coming back to this video. I love how well made this vid is! Hope u do it for borderlands 3

  16. Actually you could say bandit weapons replaced SNS munitions, that manufacturer was the one that made the large magazine weapons in the first game

  17. I hope we see all brands make all gun types in BL3. Probably not, but I want to see what a Vladof SMG or a Hyperion Assault Rifle would look like.

  18. Jakobs for the Sniper Rifles
    Maliwan for SMGs and Rocket Launchers
    Torgue for Assault Rifles
    Vladof for the Pistols
    Hyperion for Shotguns

    At least for me.

  19. Bandit didn’t take the place of Atlas they just phased out and no one took their place however they did take over for S&S Munitions due to the large ammo capacity

  20. vladof- assault rifles
    Jakobs-Sniper rifles
    Hyperieon-everything except shotguns

    Dont care for others

  21. Yeah guys, lets keep reminding him that it's Tediore and that's it's S&S not Atlas. I'm sure if we keep reminding he will understand.

  22. It's a shame that S&S is also not in Borderlands 2 and I'm pretty sure bandit was actually meant to replace them because S&S, in the last game, was the guys who made the deep magazine weapons, like Bandit do now

  23. My rating for each gun manufacturer:
    1. Hyperion
    2. Maliwan
    3. Jakobs
    4. Vladof
    5. Dahl
    6. Torgue (pains me to put it this low but not as consistent as other manufacterers)
    7. Tediore
    8. Bandit

  24. Best gun types for each manufacturer (in my opinion):
    Hyperion: shotguns
    Maliwan: SMGs
    Jakobs: pistols and snipers
    Vladof: assault rifles
    Dahl: assault rifles
    Torgue: rocket launchers
    Tediore: SMGs
    Bandit: rocket launchers

  25. I think it's also a good idea to bring up what type of gun is the best from each Company, like Torgue's Shot Guns are really freaking good and I always have one with me, as well as a Jakobs Sniper Rifle, since those really hurt.

  26. I love Torgue. Explosions always have a good amount of damage and are usually pretty easy to hit. Except the shotguns. Fuck the shotguns. Unkempt Harold's my favourite

  27. I exclusively used Tedior SMGs in my first playthrough of BL2 and never noticed that you throw away the clip.

    But pretty much, shoot, throw, shoot throw, everything dies real quick. Loved them.

    So far, they haven't impressed me in BL3.

  28. I would actually say bandit takes the place of S&S munitons from the first game, because the trait of very large magazines is shared

  29. I'm really late for this but for me there is only TORGUE, tediore, Jacobs, and bandit most other manufacturers I tend to ignore.

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