BMW Service & Repair | How To Protect Yourself From BMW Dealer Service Center Tricks

BMW Service & Repair | How To Protect Yourself From BMW Dealer Service Center Tricks

Are you paying too much for auto repairs?
Chances are, if you own a Mercedes, BMW, Range
Rover, Land Rover, Audi or Volkswagen, you
are. This is especially true if you go to
a dealer for repairs.
In the next couple of minutes you’ll discover
what to watch out for and how to make sure
you’re getting your car serviced and repaired
by a highly qualified auto technician at a
reasonable rate.
Time Magazine recently posted an article on
their website entitled “Crafty Ways Car Dealerships
Get You to Spend—When You’re Not Buying
a Car” the article stated
car dealerships are placing a renewed focus
on making more money from their service departments,
sometimes via questionable tactics, including
classic upselling and proactively reaching
out to customers about problems they might
have but don’t even know about. “The front
end of the store is sexy,” says one dealership
CEO, “but we make our money in the back.”
Among some of the practices the article mentions
• Using cheaper, second-tier parts in service
• using scare tactics and preying on the
consumer’s ignorance to increase sales
• Using commissioned workers who are motivated
to upsell services
• inflated fees and part charges tacked
on at the bottom of service bill
Not all dealers are bad, but they have large
overhead so there’s a lot of pressure to find
ways to bring in more money.
To protect yourself, simply compare their
offer with another one from a well established
and trusted independent service center.
Dr Auto Tech is accredited with the BBB and
has an A+ rating and has been located in Hermosa
Beach for over 30 years. They have a ton of
testimonials from happy clients. Here’s a
5 star Yelp review. Posted by Tony in Los
“The BEST auto repair shop I have EVER been
to!! Vasken is the most honest mechanic you
will ever meet and did more work then I paid
for and did it all cheaper then the Audi dealer
would have for HALF of the work!
I am so sick of being ripped off by crooks
in this industry and this shop is truly the
best out there.
I STRONGLY recommend them!”
Dr Auto Tech is a Bosch certified service
center. They specialize in Mercedes, BMW,
Range Rover, Land Rover, Audi and Volkswagen.
Using AutoLogic diagnostics they can do anything
the dealer can, but for less. They offer a
free expert manual inspection and will provide
a nice loaner car or ride while work is being
done on your car. Best of all they offer to
beat competitor pricing. To see how much you
will save call Dr Auto tech at (310) 379-4474

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  1. They want to take cash out of my pocket so they can cover their blotted overhead??? They must be joking. Just because I drive a BMW doesn't mean I'm rolling in cash. If I can get the same service and same quality for less, I'm in.

  2. oopsy heads up beware. do the right things right or you'll go to jail poor kids and sposa, no more money.

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