Black Epoxy Primer Is The New Simple Interior

Black Epoxy Primer Is The New Simple Interior

My compressor works
I have prepped this area. I have gone through
multiple rounds of sanding number one is
the xylene removal of all the residue
from the adhesive used to attach the
carpet and the sound deadening xylene
works great and then I use a wire brush
on that both the hand wire brush and a
powered wire brush then all the painted
services are sanded with the da sander
or by hand with 180 grit and then I come
back on the bare metal and I do 80 grit
on anything that’s bare metal it’s a
little harder to put scratches in the
bare metal right now I’m just starting
to mask off the areas I don’t want
painted I’m not gonna be painting up
high on the – that’s gonna be the body
color but all this is gonna get the
epoxy black I did not go to bare metal
on the inside it’s really not necessary
this paint is in good shape you can see
the original color there it’s Prussian
blue I removed as much as I could of the
factory seam sealer it was a very broad
brush application of the seam sealer is
a little bit messy so I am going to
remove as much as I can clean it up and
then reapply it after I put the epoxy
okay I stopped at the halfway point
because it was just getting a little too
cloudy for me too much overspray and
this confined space and I started
getting worried about my eyes
so I got some goggles this will be
better for confined spaces and it’s also
good to just take it slow it’s really
difficult to spray inside here
especially with my full-sized spray gun
so I am just going to do it in two steps
hope for the best
this epoxy primer is pretty glossy and
it’ll stay about this glossiness because
it’s been about 24 hours at least for
this section but you can see how
difficult it is to prepare all these
little nooks and crannies if you look up
close here you can you can see how
there’s a little bit of unsanded area
there but it’s so it’s not perfect but
it’s certainly good enough also you can
see back here the glossy black is pretty
unforgiving when it comes to this hammer
marks in the floor pan you can see kind
of every little hit I did my best to
make it look as good as possible the
intent with this is that you know
minimal interior so this in a lot of
ways is the interior so it’ll be visible
some areas will get some sound deadening
on top of it of course the whole bottom
of the car is under coated so that
provides a little bit of sound deadening
but I’ll probably be adding some things
like Dynamat on top and the plan is to
drive the car with nothing and then
slowly add in more sound deadening in
kind of strategic places where it
provides the most benefit that’s the
goal so it’ll be like I said before a
very Spartan interior I might use a
couple garnish rails on the top but you
know for the most part it’s gonna be
sort of bare metal black I only did one
coat without the roll bar I’m gonna be
adding the roll bar hopefully next week
so that means welding in the roll bar
permanently and then going back and
touching up the areas that were welded
and then probably one more final coat
and I’m not sure if I’m gonna leave it
in this epoxy black or shoot it with a
top coat let me know what you guys think
I like the gloss on this it’s it’s kind
of a semi-gloss I could do satin top
coat it’d be a little bit more forgiving
and I can try to do a better job with
coverage and so forth with maybe a
smaller detail gun but let me know what
you guys think also I didn’t have the
heart to block out these doors I got one
Viper green and then one red door over
there and for some reason I can’t bring
myself to do it okay so one of the
unique things about this car is it was
out and left for dead so part of its
story is all the parts that I collected
to put it back together that’s why the
door is green the other door is red the
deck lid is brown I mean it’s really a
hodgepodge of parts and I’m considering
leaving the color of all the parts on
the interior at least you know let me
know what you think am I crazy or did I
just do too much work this week and
didn’t have time to to paint the inside
of the doors I’ll definitely be taking
them off the car but you know let me
have your opinion on that this week you
know this was a short video but tons and
tons of work just to spray you know half
a quart of paint it’s unbelievable how
time flies when you’re having to sand
and prep and work in confined spaces
definitely a ton of work but thank you
again for watching please don’t forget
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the video and we’ll see you next week

24 Replies to “Black Epoxy Primer Is The New Simple Interior”

  1. I would definitely put a satin top coat on it, epoxy primer is not usually UV stable and will break down over time if not covered with a top coat.

  2. I guess if it is going to be a stripped out track car leaving the odd paint on the inner doors would be ok
    if it means something to you to see it all the time. could always cover it up later with door cards.
    Not sure I'd want to be looking at lime green all the time right next to me.

  3. Just my opinion but you did ask;
    I think you need to paint the doors or better still, make simple flat door cards to make the interior look tidy
    Great vids Tom, keep β€˜em coming

  4. I bet a satin finish would line up well with the minimal, functional approach you're taking. And 100% co-sign on leaving the doors their original colors, but just satin topcoating over them so the finish matches. No other car in the world has your car's story, and it deserves to be celebrated!

  5. You should also paint the doors and the other parts. You did such a great job on panel fabrication and welding. Not painting these part would spoil your great work.
    A hint on painting: I use PPS from 3M. It has a lot of advantages. The best feature in my opinion is that you can spry in any position, even with the gun upside down – that was very useful when I painted the frame of my truck. There are PPS adapters for almost every spray gun. Yes, it is a little bit pricey but worth the money.
    Epoxy primer should be top coated since it is not UV stable. I would use a single stage paint for trucks and trailers. I is cheaper and more robust and less prone to paint runs. Ok, it is not that shiny and tends to show some orange peal effect but for the interior this is not a problem. I payed 30 Euro per liter of good quality truck paint. The automotive paint from that brand would have costed 120 Euro per liter.

    BTW – you can put Bondo on top of Epoxy primer. If there are some really rough areas you can fix them now, reprime these areas and than top coat everything.

  6. If this is going to be used on track, paint the interior so you don't get glare and reflections from the interior surfaces. Paint the doors, and nickname it 'Frankenstein '.
    Great job by the way, and I thought I was the only one crazy enough to do sh*t like this!

  7. Good job, Tom. Like other's have said, I'd topcoat if for nothing else than the UV protection. I think it'll fade on you which would suck.

  8. You are putting way to much work into this car to not at least make the interior look some what "finished". Put a dot sticker somewhere on the interior panel and paint them black. Then remove the sticker so you have some of the history preserved. Just my .02.

  9. Looks great in the SPI black. I agree with what others are saying about topcoating it. Probably a satin color. I have used the SPI black epoxy on some wiper blade arms and they did fade within a year, but I know that is a brutal area on any car and any gloss paint probably would have faded. My OCD would drive me crazy with the different door colors. Lol. I would have to paint those too. Your car is no longer a hodge podge of parts but one quality restomod!

  10. Nicely done, great prep! Be careful with that Xylene..that is seriously poisonous stuff….Dynamat is brilliant. Rear bulkhead, rear floor and interior wheel arches makes a big difference to comfort. I would paint the insides of the doors. If you want the interior to show why not make it body color?

  11. Looking so much better now Tom πŸ‘ Definitely colour match to exterior and same goes for the doors. You can always add some fabric RS door pull straps to match the original deviating door colours which could be a nice throwback touch.

    Black (or any dark) stripped painted interiors do nothing but highlight dirt/dust in my opinion. I’d flock the dash top black and make a custom carpet mat for the rear top deck running down to the bottom of the firewall which you can use on street and remove for track will minimise reflection. Maybe cut some thick foam to level out the rear seat bases around the suspension mods and make a custom mat to again lay flat across. That will also significantly reduce a load of transmission and suspension noise.

    Are you still edging towards Bahama Yellow πŸ’› or still undecided πŸ‘

  12. 100% paint the doors, and also satin top coat. I'd go back and sand that area you pointed out. It's in a visible spot and it'll bug you later.

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