Bisi Ezerioha: The Fast and the Curious

Bisi Ezerioha: The Fast and the Curious

Bisi Ezerioha: Believe it or not, I am a very tame driver on the street.
Bisi Ezerioha: I tend to get my frustration out on the track, but on the street, I’m a grandma when it comes to driving.
Secret Life Intro
Bisi Ezerioha: I was born here in the United States, but at a very, very young age, my parents went back to Nigeria.
Bisi Ezerioha: So, I spent a majority of my youth there.
Bisi Ezerioha: I was actually quite mischievous as a young child, taking things apart and trying to put them back together.
Bisi Ezerioha: I really loved to understand why things worked, how they worked.
Bisi Ezerioha: I was extremely fortunate that my parents actually encouraged me with such shenanigans.
Bisi Ezerioha: That really created an opportunity for me to continue with this quest of curiosity, and believe it or not,
Bisi Ezerioha: I was in a University at age of 16.
Bisi Ezerioha: The only challenge was, we did not have technology for patent chemical engineering in the late 80’s in Nigeria.
Bisi Ezerioha: So I told my father that I wanted to come to the United States and really be at the fore-front of technology.
Bisi Ezerioha: In engineering classes in schools, there are a lot of engineers to be,
Bisi Ezerioha: that had vehicles that they liked to take to local drag strips.
Bisi Ezerioha: I took my chance first time drag racing with some of my peers from school.
Bisi Ezerioha: I failed very badly my first time out.
Bisi Ezerioha: My little-lowly Honda CRX wasn’t up to par, but I took a scientific approach to problem solving,
Bisi Ezerioha: the problem being how can I go faster, how can I make this car more efficient.
Bisi Ezerioha: Very quickly, it started to become faster and faster.
Bisi Ezerioha: With designs of yours truly, that allowed me to secure some very strong drag racing records, which still exist till today.
Bisi Ezerioha: None of this will come to fruition if I didn’t have the background in science, if I wasn’t an engineer.
Bisi Ezerioha: Fast-forward today, I create beautiful automotor masterpieces, for high performance community.
Bisi Ezerioha: In 2013, we were approached with an opportunity to build a very unique vehicle for the American Honda Booth at SEMA in Las Vegas.
Bisi Ezerioha: I was recently married, just had a new daughter, and it was perfect for me to build a very outlandish mini-van,
Bisi Ezerioha: a four-digit horsepower monster.
Bisi Ezerioha: That usually takes a year to create.
Bisi Ezerioha: My team and I had seven weeks; but you know what, we exceeded our initial 1000-horsepower goal, by 29 horses.
INTERVIEWER: Why did you say yes when they asked you to do it in seven weeks?
Bisi Ezerioha: Because I love the challenge.
Bisi Ezerioha: And as someone who is curious, and someone who loves setting goals, especially those that are almost unattainable, it was perfect.
Bisi Ezerioha: As a scientist, it is very exciting to be able to have a concept, something that has never, ever existed, and then bringing that to life.
Bisi Ezerioha: You can see it, you can hear it, you can drive it, there is nothing more exciting than that.

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  1. I just watched a video on Drive that covered Bisimoto and it was very intriguing. The fact that his 1000 HP Porsche scared those guys is actually impressive.

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