BiMobil vs UNICAT ► | Overland Couple Travel Pan American Highway with Expedition Vehicle

BiMobil vs UNICAT ► | Overland Couple Travel Pan American Highway with Expedition Vehicle

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  1. Great people all of you. I start to think about such kind of travelling, but do not understand how it works with the obligatory technical check, when you are several years abroad. In Germany we have the "HU or TÜV" and after two years (or 3 years in case of new car) you should ship the vehicle back to Germany for going to TÜV?

  2. That Swiss guy and his wife will be multimillionaires…..those trucks cost at least €350,000.
    The Germans will either have rich parents or won a lottery…their truck is worth about €260,000 .They are probably getting some sort of deal from Bimobil in return for the publicity.
    They seem like nice enough people….but a trifle boring.

  3. So, when it's time to go at high altitute don't forget to take an ether spray with you. It might help!!!
    Happy travels!!!

  4. Can’t drive over Darien gap, should be able, wish could. Shipping vehicle would cost? Books no way from Central America to South America. Cool home.

  5. nice truck sir i know it so expensive here in the philippines i like traveling and driving..wish i could had that house truck so nice keep it up have a safe always on a road for journey….

  6. Hello there!!!! I stumbled across this video : Couple lives TINY and TRAVELS the world…… And now here I am subscribed to your channel!!! You guys are simply amazing!! Have you been to India?? I will be watching your videos and at the same time wish you all the best for all your future adventure tours!

  7. Olá pessoal, descobri o canal de vcs esta semana e estou gostando muito. Parabéns pela simpatia de vcs. Um forte abraço. Alexandre Paiva – RJ, Brasil

  8. Nettes Gespräch, aber das Thema verfehlt. Weder zu Unicat noch zu Bimobil gibts irgendwelche Asnagen im Video.
    In jedem Fall weiter ute Zeit.

  9. Cool Video. That problem with the Euro 5/6 engines starting at high elevations got me thinking. They explained they solved the issue by just keeping the engine warm, so it sounds to me like the combination of elevation and cold temperatures correct? Possibly something like a diesel powered webasto engine pre-heater (for use in winter) could potentially pre-heat the engine enough to start it? eliminating the need to start the engine manually every 6 hours or so. It's possibly a simple solution that would cause less wear and tear on the engine in cold environments and should be easy enough to get installed. Also I believe it might be relatively affordable.

    Is this elevation/cold issue a problem with most Euro 5 diesels? (including regular car engines?)

  10. It should be possible to fit an engine preheater they can be linked to the diesel cab heating made. By companies like Webasto this should correct the high Altitude cold starting problem I’m surprised such expedition type camper have not already got one fitted, most higher specification Landrover Discovery and Range Rovers use a similar auxiliary heater/engine preheat system

  11. I saw your in his and her vlogs …….I like the journey you doing… of luck for your next journey……im from India …..if you came to India pls tell me …. I will guide you ….😊😊😊😊

  12. Oi meu nome é Juarez Oliveira sou primeiro gostaria de dizer que gosto muito de seus videos sou do Brasil de Prados Minas Gerais e gostaria de saber se vocês tem planos de passar pelo Brasil se puder também mande um salve para min em portugues.

  13. I'm gathering my resources right, and when time is due… This will be me, love 😍 😍 😍 you guys.

  14. When I first saw you two was when you were in Alaska . You stayed with HIS AND HER VLOG at there home. They have since purchased a Expedition vehicle 4×4 . FUSCO I believe. They are now doing there breakin in the lower 48.
    I forgot where you said you were from, I spend about 3 weeks in Spangdalam, Germany near Bitburg. I didn't get off base much because we were flying everyday. 1982. I was in the Air Force. I would love to go visit and take my time. My late sister in law was from Nuremberg. Her mother was a very young girl there during the war. Ooh can she tell some stories. I hope the two of enjoy your stay here in the United States.

  15. When we ordered our  2016 Mercedes Sprinter van from the factory,  we added an optional 17,000BTU aux diesel powered block heater. It is plumbed into the fuel tank and even came with a remote starter FOB. We live in Alaska and last winter I was able to start the heated from inside the house and pre warm the van. It was about 5 degrees above 0 and when I went out to the van, not only was the motor preheated to almost operating temp,  but we had warm air blowing from the heater. It also came with a very heavy duty winterized plug in heater but I have not even tried that feature yet.

  16. Do you have Kurt's email address? They stayed with us while they were in Homer, Alaska. It would be nice to say hello.

  17. Isabela os vídeos estão ótimos. ficamos felizes com suas postagens mas queria que voltasse a fazer a tradução para o nosso português, temos dificuldade com a interpretação. Um grande abraço e continuem nessa alegria e descontração.

  18. good on you, enjoy life while you can GOD have a new subscriber I'm going to enjoy your adventures I live in the UK

  19. Live and Give 4×4 showcases episodes typically from a recent location during the work week. During the weekend, Live and Give 4×4 invites you watch a special edition episode. These special editions are exploring Alaska and Canada’s West even further.

  20. wow interesting that the unicat new vehicle wont start above 3000 meters elevation interesting learnt something there!

  21. The lady said it right with experience, ‘these South American countries very safe not like what hey say in europe’ . Basically the media gives that impression. Asia and South America are probably the most friendly and exotic in the world.

  22. Bring us a smile to me every time I see you guys with such a beautiful people. Their passion is converted into a true joy .

  23. Very beautiful live .when I will finish my study I will make one big track van to star traveling and working on the same time .
    You are very good couples and you make very good vidio
    Thanks you

  24. Fabian, did Mercedes fabricate the triple glazed windows with mosquito/blackout shades themselves, or were these a different supplier?

  25. Question: 3,000 meters is 1.9 miles which is impossible for that engine to not start at. What am I missing here??

  26. I have been doing some research and the problem with these engines is the computer settings required to comply with emission regulations. Unfortunately the manufacturers refuse the adjust the settings (or honor the warranty) because there are EU penalties for adjusting it beyond regulations. I am still learning about it, but it seems that if someone had the computer and the software and the knowledge you could adjust it to allow it to start at altitude.
    It was interesting to see they got around it by heating the engine and never allowing it to freeze. I guess that changes the parameters enough for the computer to allow it to start.
    It was also interesting that they didn't mention any problems with high sulphur diesel.

  27. Da gehört eine Standheizung an den Motor, die gibts auch für Höhenbetrieb. 80 Grad Kühlwasser / Dauerbetrieb in der Höhe > keine Probleme beim Start des Motors.

  28. After looking at what feels like about every overland vehicle there is, I had come across your channel, an have since watched all I could! Good stuff, an the most impressive thing was your EV is absolutely PERFECT in what I was looking for! Can you tell me the year an model number?

  29. Loved this episode, the friends that you interviewed do they have a chanel, social media or any contact details. would love to get in touch and ask questions/advice about their travels as a middle age couple.

  30. What a great channel you have. Very informative and thoughtful. Thanks for sharing am new to your channel. I wonder what would happen to a 300 tdi diesel 2.5 landrover engine at that altitude

  31. Theyare very expensive, but if you can live in the., and if they are dependable, it might be worth it. But I would have to SELL my hose and everything I own to get one, then what do you live on? Apparenfly, you must be very rich to pull this off… but it is a beautiful existance.

  32. In den von Kurt genannten Höhen, werdet Ihr mit Eurem Atego die gleichen Probleme haben. Es liegt aber ausschließlich an der Elektronik für den DPF und nicht an dem Motor an sich. Man kann das zwar ausprogrammieren lassen, so dass der Wagen auch auf 4,5 TM startet, damit verliert er aber die BE.
    Den Motor “warm halten” ist eine recht aufwändige Alternative 😂

  33. Para fazer essa tradução para português incorrecto mais valia deixar tudo com o inglês que se compreende muito melhor. Certo!

  34. Love that vid. Kurt is such a nice guy. Bad attitude from Mercedes people but we are used to it. I can suggest a baby bottle heater to keep your engine warm. Adapt the 220volts heater and thermostat of the baby bottle heater to the cooling system of your engine and you keep it warm just plugging it with a timer.

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