BICICLETA ELECTRICA CASERA +60Km/h y 100km ! Montar un Kit de Motor Electrico en tu Bici

BICICLETA ELECTRICA CASERA +60Km/h y 100km ! Montar un Kit de Motor Electrico en tu Bici

In this video I’m going to show you how to make a homemade electric bicycle that reaches 60km/h lasts up to 100km and for an unbeatable price. So you can have an idea, something like this costs thousands of euros in the market for example this one costs 4000€ and ours is going to cost almost a tenth part. And yes, there’s a trick: assuming that you already have a normal bike, so you’ll only have to buy the components to adapt it. In my case I’m going to use a bike to which I had already installed an engine, but a gasoline one. It worked well and was fun, but it wasn’t enough, so I made some modifications to obtain more power That way it ran more, but it still wasn’t enough and besides, it was very noisy so I installed a much better engine which made less noise but … it was huge, like a motorcycle. I also mounted another electric bicycle long ago, but it has nothing to do with this one It was front-wheel drive and had a super simple kit That blue thing you see? That was the battery So, as you can imagine, it didn’t have much autonomy nor speed about 25km/h in a flat surface, but if there was a slope, it couldn’t take it and lowered to 17 km/h. The one I’m showing you today is so powerful, it can even do wheelies and climb slopes at 3 times the speed. Before starting to assemble anything if you don’t have a bike, I advise you to choose a good base not the most expensive and beautiful with double suspensions, etc. No matter how simple it is, the key is the frame we need one which can withstand the jumps and the pressure we’re going to put it under. The best is that it is of steel and of simple tubes, because they are cheap, but resistant. The second thing is to choose the type of engine we want to install There is one with front wheel drive but I don’t recommend it for this type of power, because the fork suffers. It is better to put it back, so the wheel grabs much better. The next recommended thing, which makes everything so much easier, is to buy the engine already assembled in the wheel because if you have to assemble it yourself, you may do it wrong and you won’t save much buying it separately. In fact, buying everything together is the cheapest option It brings all the necessary parts and it is super easy to assemble. There are two types of kit to choose from, those that bring branded pieces, and those that do not. The difference is obviously the price and the quality. I bought both and well, the wheels and tires are better, and the sprockets of the gears and all that but I think the cheap one is more than enough because the tire is resistant and we are not going to use the changes with an electric motor Besides, we will eventually end up changing the tires, so it doesn’t matter. What is important are the batteries, here it is worth spending more on a better brand and on more capacity There are two ways to buy them one is raw, that is, the cells wrapped in plastic and another with its plastic casing, which is more expensive and not worth it. It depends on each one, it is more beautiful, but you are going to buy less battery for the same price. I’m going to explain a basic concept, because people tend to get confused with batteries. One thing is the amps, which is the capacity, and another is the voltage, which is the power. If you put two cells together, the positive pole and the negative pole they have the same amps but double the voltage that is, you have twice the battery, not in duration but in power. That’s why most devices that run on batteries need several, cause with so little voltage they wouldn’t work. By this I mean that you shouldn’t choose a 36v battery thinking that it is the same as a 48v because even if it lasts the same, it will run half the power. Another thing, choose li-ion batteries because the li-po ones, even though they are cheaper and more powerful, are less reliable in fact they are thought for small batteries like a radio control, because they usually last a short time. Now that you know what you need to know about which components to choose, it’s time to assemble everything It’s very easy and I’m going to explain it in detail. The first thing is to remove the rear wheel, which is the one we bought with an engine. For it to come out, you have to release the brake, move the gear lever and remove the nuts that hold the wheel. Mine has with a quick release, which is ‘click’ and that’s it. Then we take the new wheel, by the way I’m using the cheap one the only thing we need to be sure is that the chain is well placed and that the axles fit well in the supports for that you have to remove the nuts. I say that they fit well, cause they have a concrete shape Instead of being completely circular, it has flat sides so when the wheel exceeds in power it doesn’t turn on itself. Then all you have to do, is put the washers right, and tighten the nuts with a wrench As you can see, I’m not using super complex and expensive tools. The only thing is that each nut tightens to a different side. When everything is tightened to the maximum you have to make sure that the wheel turns well, straight, and that you can pedal With this the engine would be ready, as you can see, it’s very simple, anyone can do it In addition, the wheel’s cable is connected to the controller which is what we need for the battery to send the voltage and control this. The screen and the accelerator. In addition, this kit included some electric brakes what those do is make the wheel act as a dynamo when braking, and thus they recover battery. By the way, if as in my case the battery comes with a connector and the controller with another, nothing happens you can cut one of them and put the connector that comes with the battery as it comes with one included in case this happens If you don’t want to be welding, with a couple of connection terminals is enough Now, to avoid damaging the engine’s cable by stepping on it since it’s loose put some clamps from the beginning And surely you will have to adjust the brake because the rim is wider to be more resistant, but is simply loosening the cable so there is more space. Don’t worry thinking that these brakes are bad, because electric brakes brake a lot. Now you have to put the battery and the controller in the frame You can do this as you like, these kits usually include a bag, but I didn’t like it because it’s super ugly and small I had a bigger one, but it still wasn’t enough anyway I’ll put it in the description because the battery fitted, what didn’t fit was the controller and you need to put everything, the cables too. Actually, there was space to put the controller, I didn’t want to fill the bike with bags so I went to the hardware store and I bought a PVC tube, which was white as my bike In addition, it was a coincidence that the cheapest pipe, the 10€ one, was the same size as the battery so it was perfect However, I tell you that my first idea was to put it in a briefcase. But obviously they’re not triangular, and cutting it was going to be a lot of work. While the plastic resists well, doesn’t dent and you can cut like butter. Then I started to measure everything, but I said “bah, it’s a long pipe, I can make 20 test cuts and if I mess it up 20 times, for 10€ I buy another one”. So I put it in front of the frame, made two pencil marks and cut it with the saw. I thought that putting 1 tube would be enough but the controller said no, because it was too wide and didn’t fit in any way. The solution? I cut another piece for the remaining space. So I would have two tubes, and each thing in one Besides, it formed a triangle that looked great, super aerodynamic I think that I had to cut one of the pieces a couple of times, I don’t remember if the small or large one but it was as if it was missing material on one side. With what was left of pipe, I cut it in half and put a lid, above and on the side. In addition, I left everything rounded, sanding to make it more professional. Once the lids were placed, I didn’t even need screws or clamps, everything was super fastened On top, unlike gasoline engines, this stood out just a centimeter at most on each side. But the lids were still a little weird, so I took them out again, smoothed and rounded them on the edges and in the end it was much better The final touch of this casing, to hold everything, is to use staples, like those used by cars This is usually the best to hold plastics, so I put them, a pair on each side. Then I took out the box, and not only was everything united, but by not putting a staple in this corner I could open the top lid to put things inside The only thing is that I had to pass wires from one hole to the other, so I screw the 2 tubes together so that there was no separation. The next problem was that with the controller inside, it didn’t close, so I had to modify it. It was easy, I could make it 2cm shorter simply by cutting the tabs, which serve to screw it and I was not going to use them, and by filing one of the edges a little Doing this it fitted perfectly and I could pass the cables without complications. Just where I had made the holes for the screws, I took a soldering iron and that’s where I made the hole. It’s better than drilling because the plastic melts and joins the two parts better and the edge is rounded without rubbing the wires The next thing is to make some holes the size of the clamps you are going to use, to hold the box. One pair in each corner is enough It’s advisable to put the clamps before the battery and all that, because otherwise it’s complicated and also put some foam to the battery so it isn’t loose I put too much and it got stuck, so the next thing I did was to put a handle to the battery with insulating tape so I could take it out in case it happened again The second time I didn’t used foam, but something thinner: bubbles and what you put under the furniture. So it fitted good, was attached and didn’t move. What was left was to connect all the cables but before I had to put a connector on the outside, to charge the battery. It’s just making a hole, leaving this there and then putting glue or silicone so it doesn’t move. Regarding the cables, there are 3 different ones that are fatter, those are the ones that connect to the engine, in this case from behind So you have to take this cable from the wheel and put it in the casing When you’ve put it in, take the three colored wires and connect each with its color, very simple Then the big square piece, with its big female piece. There isn’t much more, because the rest of the cables like the accelerator or the screen, have the same colors and connectors. There is only the battery left, which is the two red and black cables Before, it would be good to check the voltage to know the level of the battery and that it’s the voltage that you have ordered. By the way, if you buy a 48v battery the maximum it can give is 54.6 when it goes down, it gives less voltage and less power The last thing is to remove these gearshift levers, the fists and all that to be able to put the screen in the handlebar This works like the frame of the car or motorcycle, then I’ll explain a bit more but all that’s left is to put the accelerator and connect it. There is a spark when you connect these things, but don’t worry, it’s normal Before putting all the cables inside the box and closing the lid, just check that it works. You briefly press the power button and…it works. The wheel moves when you press the accelerator, and if we increase the assistance it’s awesome. As final touches: put the clamps to hold everything by the way, if they are bad you’ll notice it, so spend a little money, 2€ at least and if your frame allows it, you can put some pipe clamps, something like this metal but it was very ugly, the clamps are barely noticeable and they fasten more than enough. The last thing you can do, because all this will make the bike to weight more than usual is to put a goat’s leg, but a double one This way it holds up; a single one would bent and this way it occupies less at home, because the bike is straighter. It takes a while to charge, because I bought a bad cheap charger, well, the one the one that came with the battery. You can see the level of charge with the voltage of the frame, because the bars aren’t very accurate. You can trust the charger’s light, when it is green it means it is charged 100% The screen tells you the speed, the km you have done … well, it depends on how much you spend, it will tell you more or less. But I mainly care about how fast you can go and the km you can do. In that, for the 200€ of the battery and the almost 300€ of the engine and all the kit is practically the best thing that I’ve done or I’ve bought. Well, I have a scooter that is awesome, with the same figures of power and all that but the wheels, being a little smaller, allow you to do less km and lower top speed, but it is also awesome. The thing is, at least where I live, that people tend to look weirder to a scooter than to a bike on the road. I mean, it’s quite normal to see a guy pedaling next to your car while on a scooter, I don’t know, people aren’t used to it Besides, with a bike like that, you can be one more in traffic no one is going to complain about “f* this guy is slow, let’s see if I can overtake him” nor is anyone going to pass you without respecting the margin of safety, you’re going to be faster than them. Literally, at the city it’s faster than a car First, because you don’t swallow the traffic jams and second, because you can cross by field or anywhere On the figures, you can reach 60 km/h but when the battery lowers the maximum is, I think, about 50 something, which is not bad at all and on slopes it isn’t almost noticeable, so you keep going up to 40-50 km/h. You can do up to 100km if you help a little with the pedals when starting, if you are not braking all the time and if you don’t exceed a normal speed If you go all the time at full speed, it will probably last you half as long It’s logical, you use twice as much power, and the battery lasts half as long. On the reliability, it depends in part on how well you have assembled it. But in general, the batteries in themselves, last about 1000 cycles How much is this in kilometers? 1000×100, 10.000km? If you take care of it, yes, surely What is normally done, so they last longer, is to charge them up to 80% instead of 100%, so they degrade less. But frankly, I don’t take care of them, I charge them to top, I use them to top and when they break I’ll buy others. I’m not full of myself, let’s put it this way, imagine it lasts half as long as it could last you, I don’t know, 50,000km? Even if they were 20,000, I don’t even think I’m going to do so many km on a bike besides, when all those years go by, the batteries will be better and cheaper so it will be worth the change, even if they aren’t worn. So let’s enjoy it Now, on the materials I have used, battery, engine and all that, I’m going to leave the links in the description except the pipe, that buying it on the Internet is bullshit, surely in a hardware store near your home you can buy it Then, if you don’t do it because you don’t feel capable, or you don’t feel like it and you have money to buy it I have a pair of electric bikes that I could recommend They are small, because sending a large 26 inch bike from China is not viable. At the time, I recommended the Qicycle and I still recommend it, I think it’s the best what happens is that it’s sold out everywhere and even the price has gone up in almost all stores. As I don’t like that, I’ll recommend a couple of alternatives. Both, even if they look like bicycles, are legally scooters because they have no pedals You can buy them with pedals, but for the same price you choose between having more battery or pedals. For me the decision was clear. It has about 50km of autonomy, and reaches about 25km/h, that is, for the same price of an electric scooter you have the double of kilometers. This one has two drawbacks First, it is very small, for someone very big it would look ridiculous and second, the quality of construction is mediocre, well normal, but it has a common flaw: the light gets damaged, the front and rear one then you have to open it and remove a chip, because otherwise it does not start. It’s, well, bearable for that price, I suppose For that price range, about 300/400€ I see better the Xiaomi scooter, the basic model. For 500/600€ you have the other bike I say which already has two disc brakes and 48v battery, the engine too, obviously This means that it reaches 35-40km/h and the autonomy is very good too. This is an alternative to the QiCycle, because it runs more, 36v against 48v is noticeable enough, brakes better … well the typical Xiaomi’s QiCycle is among the best, but if you see that they want you to pay 800€ for a second hand for 500/600€ you have something that runs more When a product has no competition, they can raise the price whatever they want, is what happens with electric bikes So here is where you can make it homemade, for less money and much better. Well, it resists the blows Well… 3000€ of bike and can’t follow mine of 500€. My God. See you

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