Bahia Honda State Park, Florida Keys

Bahia Honda State Park, Florida Keys

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  1. Great Video Robert! Saw several Key Deer around the Blue Hole area in June 2017. Wonder if any are around now? Has anyone seen them after Irma?

  2. hi robert i was in the keys march 12,13,and14. i missed you by a week,sure would like to meet you ,i stoped at bahia honda state park but could not get in because it was full.i was told to make a reservation several months in advance.march was bad time because all the other camp grounds were still closed from the hurricane. it looked like you sat in the same chair i did at the no name pub. keep the videos coming.i plan on going back to key west in oct for fantasy fest

  3. 7:55 Your "wild" crab, sand & sea grass reminded me of the time a city guy from New Jersey took a job with my company back in the late '80s. My wife & I invited them to come float down the Itchetucknee River with us and you could tell they were not comfortable. I asked Is something wrong? He replied it would be much nicer if they would concrete-in the bottom of the river the way they do in Disney… just completely dead-serious. I tell ya Robert, I didn't even know what to say.

  4. Wow! I was at Bahia Honda a week ago (my first time in the Keys)and we wish the weather had been like this. All the locals were apologizing about the wind and rain saying "It's never like this…" however it was still beautiful. We were able to take a tram tour of the closed areas of the park, well worth the suggested donation of $5/person. They've got a long way to go but they say they have the funds coming to them and they seemed optimistic. Can't wait to get back here again someday and see it all fixed up. Thanks for your relaxing and inspiring videos!

  5. I guess this about the only upside of Irma– getting a reservation where it's normally impossible–great video, thanks for bring us along!

  6. Hi Robert! Glad you guys made it back to Bahia Honda SP. We stayed in the exact same site last year and i'll tell you it was surrounded by trees, a lot of shade. It's so sad to see what it looks like now. Thanks for the video and I hope you guys had a great time!

  7. Muy buen video. Mil felicitaciones nos gusto mucho. Las tomas que haces con el Drone son muyyy profesionales. Y tu drone tiene un gran alcance. Las imágenes del puente viejo son espectaculares. Saludos.

  8. Hi Robert, first great video. is there a dump station in the park and can you walk to Calusa beach for the park?

  9. The Florida Keys are simply breathtaking! I would like to bring my wife who is from the Philippines there to the Keys as it kind of resembles many beaches and weather back in her home country. Thanks for the tour Robert.

  10. Hi Robert and family, How are you all? Do hope you are doing great. We watched your show in Florida on the keys at Bahai Park. Its ok to leave the oil behind but the toilet paper….we laughed so hard. We loved the sunset Robert and think Florida's sunsets are the most beautiful in all the world. They do not get any better and bring us to tears when we view them. Thank you Robert and family. You all are a blessing for our world. Its people like you that will make the Americas great again. Carolyn and Colin Hogarth

  11. Fantastic Robert, I loved it very much…tnx…i hope you make tons of videos like this…greetings to you and your family 🙂

  12. Yay! You have 'arrived' and become initiated into a rare group of people that actually made it into the Park 🙂 How does it feel to be at the top of the list :-)ha! Always such a beautiful place and pretty water. Did you remember to stop and meet Jody? He's the divemaster on the boat and he is the guy from "LivinTheKeysLife" Youtube channel. Thank you -Thank you for the great video footage around the Bahia Honda Bridge, yes(23:00) I agree the same – I have always been fascinated by that bridge too. Sunset is such a tranquil and peaceful moment. Great job Robert! Keep em' coming.

  13. GREAT drone views you've produced – liked this vid more than all others – go on so – and have a nice time. I will visit USA in 2019.

  14. This was a first time for me seeing your videos , I watched this one about Bahia Honda key and also the California coast . I am going to California soon so it was nice. I love the keys and the drone makes for some very nice videos . Great job

  15. Another great video as usual, love the Florida trips, they tide me over til I can go and check them out myself, keep them coming.

  16. Incredible drone footage.Enjoyed your editing and narrations. So sad the damage to the beautiful keys. She will be back again. Thanks for the video.

  17. Thanks Robert, great video. We love the Keys and especially Bahia Honda State Park – it was hard to see all the damage. We will return sometime next winter! Love the drone shots too!

  18. Awesome video !!! You rock ! So The beach is open! I recently moved to Miami I live about 45 minutes from Key Largo and I want to explore the Keys! Gracias por excellent video, saludos 😉

  19. I love your music, the riding in my RV song. Can you do a video on how you got to do this? I am 30. I want to be free like this someday

  20. Robert glad to see Big Pine Fishing Lodge campground at 14:22. We stayed there a week after we met you, about three weeks after you were in the area. The staff did not take money from us until after we had a chance to check things out, they told us to be prepared it was nothing like we would remember from previous stays. But they are working on bringing it back, the pool was open and warm. The road going by it that you took to the end was off limits to anyone but home owners/approved visitors when we were there, just weeks after you, so I would say that the boon docking spot is no longer open/allowed. We did see a deer the morning after our first stay, came real close to our site. Sure glad that Big Pine has a large grocery store, even though it is hidden from US1 since we needed supplies. We did fail to visit No Name Pub, a place we usually stop at. Love their food, but not convince that they have the best pizza. THANK YOU for your blunt honesty about places, we almost stopped at the place you did that was overpriced. Since we got rained out of work and caught up with paperwork now playing catchup watching your videos and tonight someone on a Fulltime FB page just asked about Bahia/Keys camping, so we shared a link to this video and recommended they watch all your videos.

  21. A wonderful job on one of my favorite places! The Lower Keys have been our 2nd home for the past 7 years. So much devastation, but it will always be Paradise to us! Hope to see you on the road someday!

  22. Nice video. I liked the drone footage. Iv'e been camping at Bahia Honda since the 70's. I camp there every year for the Sport Lobster Season. I'll be there this year from July 20th through the 29th.

  23. That water is absolutely beautiful isn't it? I heard you might be in town soon. My friend Barry brought it up last night while we were watching the fireworks. Thomas and I are staying at John Pennekamp in Key Largo. You should say hi if you have time 🙂 We'd love to meet you!

  24. Peggy and I made reservations for this park back in 2014. We arrived on the date agreed upon. Only to find out we were one year to early ! A typo I'm sure. Never the less, we traveled on down further to the KOA. With just one opening. A bit crowded for our likes. We were lucky to have it.

  25. I know it’s nature’s cycle, but it is quite sad to see how destroyed this place is after hurricane Irma. Looking at the ocean it is still gorgeous and relaxing, but the lush vegetation is gone. I wonder how long it will take to recover. Great memories of Bahia Honda. Thanks for the video.

  26. Haa Haaa…Hi Robert…Nice Video..I haven't gone South of Miami for a while…i Saw a T-Shirt today at the Walmart on flagler and 91st. And thout about You…it said "RV There Yet?!" LOL. Just had to let you know. And YES I agree with You The Weather is HELL Down Here!!…TFS

  27. Hola Robert were from Miami and we just subscribed to your great video were thinking on buying an travel trailer my wife and I are retired so keep up the great video's one last question which program do you use to edit your video we lke to document our venture when we purchase our trailer

  28. I was really shocked to see how badly the old railroad bridge has deteriorated.  We used to climb out on the understructure and jump the 30 feet or so.  The really brave ones in our bunch (maybe dumber instead of brave) used to walk out on the upper deck and jump from the upper deck.  I've hit bottom dropping from the lower structure so I don't know how they could do it from the upper deck.  All of this of course was in the late '70's early '80's.  At that time the bridge was intact from shore to shore with only an old chain link fence and a sign to keep people off of it.  The park rangers never hassled anybody over it because back in those days "if they're stupid enough to go thru the hole in the fence, past the warning signs, climb out on an old rusty bridge and jump" They deserved what they got!  Ah those were the days!  LOL.

  29. Watching this clip again. It has to be one of your best! It would be interesting to see the oceanside of Bahia Honda today now that another 6 months have passed since Irma.

  30. i was in the keys in august 2 times and i agree less and less junk from the hurricane i hope the rebuild to much stricter building standards and get those RV s out of the keys

  31. OMG My favorite videos. Keep it up! Anytime I want a little bit of Key West or the Keys, I have to watch your videos. And the accent and voice are fantastic…soothing 😉 THANK YOU!

  32. As part of our honeymoon my wife and I camped by tent for three nights at the park back in 2002. The park hadn't been ravaged by hurricanes at that time and so was in better shape. I haven't been able to reserve a campsite there since, glad we made a video of it at the time.

  33. Great Tips For Travelers! 😎 Shared in for others. 😍

  34. 1935 Hurricane took out the railroad 🛤 lasted till 70’s and 80’s . Only historical now , little left. But all the full islands and work remain.

  35. Haahaaaa You are just Amazing my friend! The Ocean side is… well… was… my All time fav. Beach EVER. Nature will heal. Thanks for the update!

  36. When I was about 6 my parents took us to Key West in our Chevy Woodie. Back then the bridges were mostly WOOD! and NOT so safe.
    There was a fisherman on one of the bridges… he had just landed a fish … and BAM… my timid mom ran over it. I can still hear the poor guy yelling! Timing…. it's everything! LOL

  37. The odd bird is the Pelican
    His beak can hold more then his belly can
    It can store enough for a week
    And I don't know how the hell he can

  38. AWESOME video especially the drone shot over the bridge. My better 1/2 and I are planing a trip to the keys in January of 2020 and hoping to stay at Bahia Honda a few nights.

  39. buddy love to know where your staying. and who to call to reserve. called bahia honda a month ago and they told me could not camp there yet ???

  40. We are too new subscribers, we are coming back to the Key's in early June. Staying in Marathon for 2 weeks 👍 it would be nice to catch up with you if ya'll are there in June 👍

  41. Great video! My kids grew up going to Bahia Honda and the keys, We love all of your videos.

  42. Bahia Honda Beach … over on the Atlantic side is about my most favorite place in the world! I hope it is recuperating from the hurricanes
    Listening to Robert sing is the icing on the cake! 🍰🍰 … or is that Keylime Pie??🍈

  43. The Florida Keys has been so over-commercialized over the years, I'm afraid the businesses will charge you someday for just breathing the air.

  44. AYYEEE. @ 1:50… Got the T-shirt! 😁 Now hanging as a piece of Robert Art in my "Key West" motif Florida porch. 🌴🍋⛱

  45. Your intro reminded me of the 70's then your voice and backround music reminded me of the 80's for some reason. But in a good way. Nice video, thank you for a great view of that area!

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