B18 SWAP FIRST TEST DRIVE! – Honda Civic Rebuild and Restoration Project

B18 SWAP FIRST TEST DRIVE! – Honda Civic Rebuild and Restoration Project

good morning guys the moment of truth everybody’s awake I don’t have any kids asleep so now I can start this thing open header I don’t have anyone cooled in it i don’t have any training fluid this is more of an initial start make sure everything at least starts electricals good before you put the finishing touches to itself here goes nothing no four guards it lives guys it started did you hear that I gotta work and so guys this morning i started the car and it started but now I gotta work on the header the header on a GSR and that goes with pre 97 was longer or a shorter and do not have an o2 sensor bone above that they were extended and they had a 02 bung in their pre cat my buddy when he was at the junkyard he had me 20 swap he actually gave me the secondary pipe from the b20 which is longer and if you line enough next to the DX header which you’ll notice is the length is the same and there’s an o2 sensor bunk so my thought is since it’s the same length as the DX better the NOC exhaustion bolt up to that and I get the extended piece of the o2 sensor bump meaning i don’t have to get anything well to that and everything will fit so now it’s just a matter of cracking off the secondary piece on the GSR manifold without breaking a bolt which is gonna be tricky can get it at home so I’m going to work on that hopefully get the exhaust on and then i have to do is for coolant transmission fluid and we’re ready to Rome so there’s all three side-by-side 1960s rb20 which is the newer GSR model the DX header so bold that guy up and hopefully fix all my problems two when haha alright guys it is time now to go to the exhaust shop down the street I have to get the exhaust extended by about three inches the annakut shorter than the manifold on the DX header the pre-2008 GSR headers do not have an o2 sensor bong in them so they’re shorter if I swapped it over to an LS letter or a 0 2000-2001 header from a GSR would fit perfectly but i’m just gonna have them cut it they’re gonna extend the anaka and they’re going to put an o2 sensor bung sow should be fairly easy should be fairly quick not too expensive since i’m a few guys can see that enough but they added in a little section of stainless and i already had flared it better right on we’re gonna get let’s start off with the knocker exhaust hooked up for the first time for me to that

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  1. I'm going to assume you are not running a catalytic converter? I have a 2000 GSR swap in my DX, and here in NJ we need a cat to pass emissions. I'm gonna guess I'm gonna have to get the Yonaka trimmed?

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