Automotive Troubleshooting : How to Put Air in a Tire

Automotive Troubleshooting : How to Put Air in a Tire

Dave Erb here from Dave’s Ultimate Automotive,
and we are going to be talking about how to
fill a tire with air. First thing you want
to do is get the tire valve stem in a good
convenient position for you. Take the valve
stem cap off, get your air source, your air
chuck and just put it on the valve stem firmly
and squarely, you don’t want to have it cockeyed.
You can definitely screw up the valve inside
or not get air in it properly and you want
to push in with some force in, you’ll hear
the air going into the tire. Sounds like a
balloon blowing up. Get the proper amount
in, go ahead and check it with your gage,
make sure you didn’t over inflate it. And
you just keep adding it to where you want
it. Make sure you replace the valve stem cap
and avoid some slow leaks that way. And your

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  1. lol that would be pointless. theres tons of different kind of tires with different readings. besides you can see how much you need just by looking at your tire -_-

  2. Most cars should be filled in the 32-36 psi range, but check your tire's recommended pressure (if it's not written on the tire somewhere go online and search the exact model of tire) for what you should fill it to.

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