Automotive Direct Mail – IS IT DEAD?

Automotive Direct Mail – IS IT DEAD?

oh you’re thinking that Direct Mail is
dead for your auto repair shop on this
video I’m going to prove to you that it
isn’t I’m gonna show you a legit way
that you can use this right away and I’m
gonna give you a dirty little secret
that no one else will tell you so buckle
up we’re gonna start right now oh and by
the way put your wallet away cuz there’s
nothing to buy here! I’m Matthew Lee the car
count fixer thank you so much and
welcome to car count hackers we’re all
about growing your car count incoming
profits so that you can change the
lifestyle of everyone you care about so
are you ready to get started why am I
talking to you today about Direct Mail
instead of Instagram ads or Facebook or
you know Adsense programs I’m talking to
you about direct mail for three
important reasons number one it works
when it’s done right number two it’s
targeted number three it’s so cheap to
get started there’s absolutely no reason
why you don’t jump into this today
understand that virtually every day I
talk to repair shop owners who are
asking me questions about how to get
more car count and how to get more
profits in their repair shop and when we
get into talking about the number of
customers they have they tell me numbers
that are virtually outrageous they tell
me they have two thousand five thousand
ten thousand customers on file spoiler
alert if you have five thousand
customers you wouldn’t be watching this
video but let’s get back into direct
mail look I know that you’ve got two
hundred five hundred even five thousand
customers on your database that’s great
but understand this ten percent of
America moves every month so you’re
looking at your customer list and you’re
saying why don’t I have enough car count
so why don’t we understand how to do
direct mail properly well let’s start by
developing your postcard first that’s
the cheapest way to get started number
one any piece of advertising has to have
a powerful headline and I’ve got an
entire video I’ll link up here about
headlines and how to use them to attract
more customers secondly don’t forget
some of the basics you want to have your
address your postcard should always have
a picture of you the shop owner include
your title underneath it and there
should always be room for two or three
short testimonials about who you are on
the back of that postcard you want to
have a kick-butt offer something that
makes them stop in their tracks
pick up the phone and call you to book
an appointment on top of that you can do
a whole bunch of other things if you
take appointments on your website be
sure you include a link to your website
where they can book an appointment so
can you see yourself putting this
together so now let’s jump into actually
creating a dirt-cheap postcard before I
do all that I gotta inject a little
technical stuff here understand that
according to USPS your postcard has to
be at least three and a half by five
inches and no more than four and a
quarter by six inches long I know it’s a
little small but when you keep it down
to that size USPS first-class postage
rate is thirty five cents at the time of
publishing so what can you get for
thirty five cents I know virtually
nothing so now that you’ve got the
elements for your postcard let’s work on
the design so start with the design size
that starts at eight and a half eleven
then divide that in half one way and
then in half the other way now you’ve
got space for one two three four
postcards so now you’re gonna work on a
design that’s four and a quarter by five
and a half inches and that’s gonna hit
the USPS first-class postage rate of
only thirty five cents when you send
those postcards out with all the design
elements that we talked about earlier in
this video you’re gonna have a return
address on that that means any one of
your customers that’s moved you’re gonna
get that mail back what do you do when
you get the mail back simple you’ve got
choice of one or two things number one
you can delete them off your list but
before you do that pick up the phone and
call them contact that customer it could
be that you just got the address
incomplete maybe they give you a street
address and didn’t include an apartment
number or a unit number so you want to
pick up the phone and talk to that
customer before you just delete them off
your list so what’s the dirty little
secret we talked about earlier it’s this
if you follow my directions
use a headline on your postcard include
a kick-butt offer and by the way if you
haven’t already downloaded by one-page
worksheet fill in the blanks on how to
develop your own kick butt offers you
could do that and I’ll leave a link in
the description notes below but do that
and here’s the second part that no one
else will tell you at 35 cents worth of
postage you’re going to check all the
addresses of every customer
you can’t fire up your car for 35 cents
and drive halfway across town see if
mrs. Jones still lives there so doing it
by a simple postcard you’re killing two
birds with one stone you have an
opportunity for an advertising
opportunity to generate work and get
your customer back into your shop
secondly you’re double-checking that
mrs. Jones still lives there and you’re
technically cleaning your list then when
you have a clean list you’re going to be
in a far better position to send out
targeted direct mail and no waste
involved so I hope I’ve answered all
your questions with respect to design
and doing this so once you’ve got all
those basics of the design done all you
have to do is send this over to your
local print shop or even the office
supply printing department and they’ll
run these just be sure you tell them you
want this run on what’s called cover
stock it’s a heavier material and it’s
adequate for postcard mailing but having
done that if you follow everything I’ve
shown you here with respect to the offer
the headline and everything else you’re
doing two things number one you’re
contacting your customers and giving
them a kick-butt offer to generate car
count number two you’re technically
cleaning your list and while you’re here
if you have any questions about this you
can go ahead in the comments below and
leave me your questions whether it’s
respect to design or actual you know
doing this or if you want to talk to me
personally there’s a link below where
you can ask me any question and I’ll
give you a personal response after that
you want to go ahead and follow the link
below to how to double your car count in
89 days it’s a brand new free training
course that you can register for now I’m
going to show you how to market your
repair shop in any
I don’t care who your competitor is I
don’t care whether it’s a new car dealer
big box chain store or even a national
chain of auto repair shops even the
mobile guys I’ll show you how to
actually get customers to refer you and
show you how to get customer reviews all
the time build your business because
times are starting to change you need to
get involved so go ahead and do that
in the mean time my name is Matthew Lee
the car count fixer I can’t wait to see
you on the next video
better yet can’t wait to see you on the
training course go ahead and smash that
subscriber button and let’s get started
talk to you soon take care

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