Auto Repair Source – Tutorial

Auto Repair Source – Tutorial

Designed for touch-enabled devices such as
laptops and tablets, Auto Repair Source offers
a user-friendly search experience and access to a wealth of information to help users
diagnose, repair and maintain today’s complex
vehicles. In this tutorial, we look at how to search for vehicles in Auto Repair Source to
locate topics such as maintenance and repair
information, parts and labor information, wiring diagrams, and more.

Let’s begin by searching for a vehicle. From the
Auto Repair Source home page, select the year
of the vehicle you wish to research. Next, select the vehicle’s make, model and
engine type.
The Topics Menu on the left displays a list of
available Repair Topics relevant to your search
including Maintenance Info, Technical Service Bulletins, Specifications, and Diagrams.

You can search within all of the available topics
by entering keywords in the search box and
clicking the magnifying glass. The results are listed by topic on the right.

Or, you can browse for information available
within the topics by clicking a heading. Select a
sub-heading to keep refining your search or click on a document to view it.

To print content from Auto Repair Source, click
the Print Options drop-down and select to print
the text only version, or when available, select to print the text and images. After making your
selection, click the Printer icon. Complete the
print process using your browser’s print dialog box.

You can also use Auto Repair Source to look up
Parts and Labor times. Select Parts & Labor
from the menu on the left and then select either Parts or Labor. Use the drop-down menus to
make your selections.
After making your selections, the parts or labor
times and associated costs are displayed
below. Click the Select New Vehicle button to begin a
new vehicle search in Auto Repair Source.
You can view your vehicle search history for the
current session by clicking Menu, and then
clicking the Search History link. Also from the Menu options, you can click the
Feedback link to send feedback to MOTOR
about the vehicle you are viewing. For more information, visit EBSCO Connect at

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