Auto Repair Shop Marketing – ONLY 17¢ !

Auto Repair Shop Marketing – ONLY 17¢ !

hey do you want to know how to start an
incredible marketing campaign that’s
gonna cost you seventeen cents plus a
postage stamp I know hey I’m talking to
you I know you don’t believe me
seventeen cents in a postage stamp so
buckle up because we’re starting right
hey I’m Matthew welcome to car count
hackers we’re all about growing your car
count income and profits so that you can
change the lifestyle of everyone you
care about so I asked you about 17 cent
marketing plan you’re ready to get
started well you’re probably sitting
there looking at me saying maybe I lost
it well I’m gonna tell you something I
haven’t lost it
before I tell you that let me ask you a
couple of questions what if I showed you
a way that you become your customers “guy”
you know when there’s any sort of
problem just call my “guy” want to be that
secondly if this program gets you more
return customers like more car count it
costs you like 17 cents he’s still
interested thirdly this programs gonna
make you stand out in the crowd you’re
going to stand out from the new car
dealer the big box repair store national
chains mobile repair guys and even your
competitor down the street I promise
number four this is targeted like no
waste I’m telling you to invest
seventeen cents and a postage stamp and
there’s no waste involved isn’t that
incredible and on top of that you’re
gonna build and confirm your list let’s
jump right into it what am I talking
about I’m talking about a simple
thank-you card a simple thank-you card I
know what you’re thinking you’re
probably saying something like I got one
of those it looks like a little
billboard it’s got a little thank-you in
the corner it’s got your shop name of
that and every other thing that you sell
whether it’s a timing belt or alignment
or any other service that’s not what I’m
talking about I’m talking about a plain
simple thank-you card and the best part
about this is you can start this today
like you don’t need anything you don’t
have to be techy you don’t have to be
good at anything you can start this
today what as long as you got seventeen
cents in a postage stamp there’s only a
few rules and I go to give them to you
right now rule number one is no
advertising this is a simple thank-you
card every one of your customers has
some more special in their home where
they put you know anniversary cards
birthday cards any of those events and
thank-you cards you want your card to
hit that shelf
rule number two it must be hand-addressed and it must be
handwritten but you’re only doing a few
of these a day so it’s not like I’m
telling you to write out a list of a
thousand names you’re only doing a few a
day but it must be handwritten if you
can’t handwrite it if you don’t like
your handwriting or you’re a little
messy like I am get someone in your
office to do these for you and you sign
them rule number three there’s got to be
a live stamp
what’s a live staff it means none of
these post office insignias or anything
like that it’s got to be a real live
stamp because you’re trying to make a
personal connection if you want this
thank-you card to be a real success it’s
all in what you say in the thank-you
card I’ll tell you what to say so grab a
pen and then I’ll tell you why it’s
important right after that start it with
the person’s first name and write
something simple like this thank you for
the trust you placed in us to repair
your car I really appreciate it why that
wording was pretty simple we know that
according to the latest triple-a report
tota through customers don’t trust you
I know it sucks but they don’t trust you
so you want to inject that in that card
thank you for trusting us and don’t just
say thanks let’s tell them I really
appreciate it be a little emphatic on
that it’s only a couple of lines doesn’t
take long to do and even if someone else
writes it out for you
you be sure that you sign it yourself
and the best part is at the end of the
week you haven’t spent much money at all
in fact look every morning I spend more
than that on coffee before you get out
of bed so don’t squawk about the amount
of money this costs and if you want to
really win in this understand this
simple little trick nobody else is gonna
tell you this that simple thank you card
that small envelope thank you card is
going to dominate your customers mailbox
why first of all understand that they
receive between zero and three of those
small invitation thank-you card sized
pieces of mail a year so how do you
stand out and when the customer stack
their mail that little piece of mail
goes right on top
guarantee you you’re gonna have a 100
percent open rate on that mail and
better than that every repair shop that
I’ve got to get started with this by the
way below in the description there’s
some links to some great cards that I’ve
used with clients but customers come
back to them and say thank you for that
thank you card I got it I really
appreciate it and above that they say
hey you know what
I got you thank you card and I forgot
about this other car that I’ve got it’s
got this squeak it’s got this rattle we
need to book that in that’s what forges
the relationship and makes you the guy
the real frustrating part of this is
this is so simple to do all you need is
a pen a postage stamp
and a pulse that’s it you can get this
started immediately you’re verifying
your customers mailing address you’re
starting to forge that relationship
you’re giving them a reason why they
want to pick up the phone and call you
back and you become their guy in the
marketplace that’s how you develop
relationships in order to secure your
part in the marketplace and virtually
eliminate all the big-box stores new car
dealers competitors down the street and
even the mobile repair guys aren’t i
right doesn’t it make sense go ahead and
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I’m gonna show you how to capture the
market and become the “guy” in your market
I’m gonna show you how to actually get
customers to refer you to their
co-workers and friends and show you
exactly how to get perfect customer
reviews every time all the time great
customer reviews online do nothing but
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talk soon

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  1. Do you send thank you cards? Comment below and tell me what you like most about this strategy! Don't forget to subscribe to Car Count Hackers!

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  2. Simple & great! What car guys are doing this in the market right now? NOT MANY! Great tip on how to stand out from the competition!

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