Auto Repair & Maintenance : How to Change a Power Steering Pump

Auto Repair & Maintenance : How to Change a Power Steering Pump

Good afternoon, my name’s Tom Brintzenhofe,
a certified master mechanic out of Reading,
Pennsylvania. And today we’re going to talk
about how to change your power steering pump.
Now a few things you…you need to keep in
mind. When you change power steering pump,
you do need to have a pulley remover and installer
kit. These…these usually cost, run around
a hundred dollars for a good one. A hundred
and sixty for top of the line. You can pick
’em up in your parts store. Relatively cheap
side might cost you forty, fifty dollars.
But without this, you definitely cannot do
the job. Here’s a typical pump from a Ford.
Ford pick-up. Most Fords use the same thing.
What…what happens is these pulleys are pressed
on here. And you have to use this tool to
remove the pulley so you can get to these
three bolts that…that hold it in. And most
pumps are the same way. They’re held in by
three pumps and….and three bolts, and they’ve
got the pulley up front. But you remove your….your
belt from your belt tensioner. You put your…your
ratchet in it, take the tension off. Remove
your belt. Use your tool, and, each tool comes
with instructions on how to use it. If you’re
not comfortable going out and buying a tool
like this, then I suggest taking it to your
local garage. Most of them, every one of ’em
will have equipment for that. But you…you
take your pulley off, take your bolts off.
Your two lines in the back, you have your
return line and your main feed line. This
one’s held on with a clamp. This one’s held
on with a nut. You just spin that nut off.
And it’s just the reverse process of puttin’
it back in. You always make sure before you
start the vehicle back up, you fill this up
to about here with power steering fluid before
you’ll start the vehicle up, or you’ll damage
the pump on the inside. Really not that difficult.
Most vehicles take an hour or two to change
’em. But, as long as you have the tools and
equipment and the patience, you can get it

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  1. hi my name is Tom Dumbfuck, i just explain how to change the pump, but i dont really DO it because the camera man is holding up cards for me to read ….

  2. Sigh. Use a ratchet to release tension on the belt(on tensioner), slip it off PS pump pulley. Remove both pump hoses(screwdriver). 3 bolts and it's off. Pull it out. Use special tool(rentable at autozone) to press off pulley, then reinstall on new pump using rented tool from autozone(free). 3 bolts, re-installed. Re connect the two hoses. Slap belt back on. Fill up with fluid. Turn vehicle on, turn left and right a bunch of times to bleed air out. Fill up to "H" for a hot engine. That's it.

  3. This dip stick loves saying hes a master mechanic,, so what!!

    He does't know how to demonstrate anything. Waste of my time.

  4. This video was a waste of time. Nice try. I did find a great video by advance auto on how to do this and it was perfect.

  5. the pulley should have holes in it to spin and put a ratchet and socket through the hole to get the bolts off, dont street yourself teking the pulley off before the pump comes out of the car

  6. Hello….I'm from expert village and today I'm going to teach you absolutely nothing. When I'm not teaching anything you can catch me beating my meat.

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