Audi e-tron Defined: The End of the Beginning

Audi e-tron Defined: The End of the Beginning

I’ve been dreaming of working at Audi my whole life.
When I was a kid, why was I dreaming working for Audi? That was in 1984 when
Audi founded itself through success in the World Rally Championship.
We are Walter Rohrl and Michele Mouton,
winning with the e-quattro, with the first quattro.
And this was the first moment of truth for Audi, the game changing truth.
And then from the 90’s onward where Audi had again game changers.
The Audi A3, which was the first premium compact car.
It was the Audi A8 with Aluminum Space Frame technology

It was the A7 where we found to be the sport back segment.
And now it’s time for the next game changer.
It’s the start of a new era, and it’s an e-tron full stop.
The first moment of truth for the Audi e-tron was
on the 11th of December 2013
The very one thing that we decided on was we
knew we wanted to go into a large premium SUV.
So this was from the very first beginning, a clear target
And what I’m most proud of is that the Audi e-tron is 100.0% an Audi.
You will see, smell, feel Audi in it’s design,
in it’s quality, in it’s workmanship, in it’s technology.
In 10 years from now we will talk about e-tron the same way we
talked about Quattro. It will be in the heart, the essence, the DNA of Audi.
I think at Audi we are obsessed with making things perfect.
We go actually beyond what would be expected.
If someone says, it doesn’t work it’s not possible, we still try.
For Audi the e-tron is definitely a mile stone.
It’s the beginning of something new at Audi
The biggest thing in Audi’s history in the last 40 years, definitely.
We are convinced that electric driving is the future.
We had to incorporate every single bit of knowledge
and expertise over many many decades.
This car is full of surprises.
Like the all new break system, the suspension with the first all electric
Quattro drivetrain. It’s a really big step forward that leads the way to the future here.
It’s this moments where you think
something completely fresh, completely new.
And it was absolutely exciting to be part of that.
So the market is coming, it’s just the right time to bring the e-tron.
It is a no compromise, battery electric vehicle.
We have towing capacity, roof rails, a large storage
capacity just like you would expect from an SUV.
Even imagined in an SUV can drive like this, that’s an enormous feeling.
After many many years of the work where you can
see the result, it’s a really special moment.
In the end we managed to make something
that was impossible somehow possible.
Full stop at the end of the day it’s 100% an Audi.
And if you love Audi you will really love that car.

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  1. Just keep this car in Germany. We don't need this overpriced dieselgate birth in the United States. History does not matter specially if you cheated your way through it.

  2. Ich glaube, ihr habt erstmal, was gut zu machen 😉. Hardware Umstellung bei den Diesel ohne Kosten für den Besitzer, euren Kunden.

  3. Great that Audi explicitly is stating that electric cars are the future, that is a very important paradigm shift. It will help to change the perception of BEVs, as most people are misinformed. So how the Audi Etron will be compared to its competitors, we will see when the first real world comparisons are made. I hope lots of Audis clients will shift from an ICE car to a BEV.

  4. You won't fit issues here, where as you expect that in your $100k Tesla. Not to mention the suspension and handling of a Quattro…thank you Audi for getting it right and being to produce thousands without an issue!

  5. Range. Range. Range. What's the range between charging? It's Beautiful, don't get me wrong here… but in practicality we have to get these things to 400+ miles… Can't wait to see them out on the road… Next we need something to rival the 2020 Tesla Roadster…👍

  6. Make it the same price as a Q7 and I’ll buy it but $100,000 is absurd! An EV is far more simple than a gas car and the industry thinks they can double the price on them. No thanks.

  7. Please do a full 30 min documentation on the development of the e-tron. Video material like the shaking test and crash test are always amazing to watch. Slow paced with interviews of the engineers.

  8. Wwhhhoooooaaaaa! What an advt ! What a car .!! Way to Go Audi…Tesla be ready to feel the heat.. period! Simply superb …no words! Love Audi..Electric has gone Audi.. brilliant 👌👌👍

  9. Way, way better than the Model X or the up and coming Mercedes EQC. And I’m looking to buy my first electric vehicle and it may well be an Audi e-tron. Crispy Audi…crispy!

  10. Tesla is King……Audi should stick with combustion engines……thats where you started and belong……leave the electric future to tesla

  11. Should we believe you, now, VW, Audi? I mean, thank you for coming clean and proving that Tesla was right all along. Should've done this a long time ago instead of lying and cheating, but I guess you can't have everything.

  12. where are those 4 in wheels motors? look back at the first concept!! it's too much easy to see the difference between 4 in wheels motors and 2 axles motors and and you say has quattro, in wheels motors are the best for traction no need to remember you!

  13. Whatever the commentator said was wasted because the music was way too loud. background speech with foreground music is senseless in this case.

  14. Please bring this to the USA with beautiful cloth (or better yet alcantara) seats like we saw in the e-tron GT concept car. I'd prefer not to have the skin of a dead animal in my awesome electric Audi.

  15. $100k car the dream. But back to the realistic. Have $2k car and no one in the planet gonna make as big, as comfortable, as long lasting car like my 77 Mercury Marquis. Sorry but I would prefer spent the $98k difference in gas and hear the 460 moaring than plug in the full of plastic car to the charger.

  16. While I appreciate the benefits and performance of an electric car (as I currently promote one), what do we do when the power goes out? Rely on your windmill? Start up your gas generator? just where are we going to get electricity for all the 21st century electronic gadgets? Nuclear power? Has EVERYONE FORGOTTEN about Fukushima? Eight years later and the place is still leaking with NO end in sight, as the technology to remedy the problem DOES NOT EXIST! PG&E (Pacific Gas and Electric) in California has just filed for BANKRUPTCY!

  17. When will the Audi h-Tron will be coming to the US market? The hydrogen fuel cell car u created. Also will u make a hydrogen combustion engine like BMW did with the bmw hydrogen 7?

  18. Muito lindo meu pai tem um carro desse mas é vermelho é muito lindo é muito top quando vou passear com ele Ele anda muito bom e esse carro ele é muito bom mesmo ótimo de andar ótimo de parar aí o meu pai falou aí eu falei pai mãe podia comprou Aí calor da concessionária de carros onde tece uma marca dele cílio até hoje ele tem esse carro⛎♏♈♎💙

  19. The only good thing Audi can do is advertising. The E tron is a joke and very disappointing. A real range of only 300 km, a capped top speed of 200 km/h (how embarassing for a German car) and 5.7 seconds till 100 km/h for that price as of 80'000!!

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