ATV Sherp – Best All terrain vehicle in the world?

ATV Sherp – Best All terrain vehicle in the world?

I think as a children many of us dreamed about
a vehicle which would be able to go wherever we wanted. We dreamed to get the most hidden and secret
places of our world where nobody had been before us! We’ve got older and may have forgotten about
our childish dreams. But today we remember it! Today we will talk about probably the best
ATV in the world. It is called SHERP and it is able to go almost
wherever you want! Hi guys, as usually its me just an offscreen
voice, and you are watching review machines! Today we will leave the city for countryside,
to make a review of the legendary ATV Sherp! You must have already heard about this ATV,
and it is interesting that this vehicle is being produced just for few years, but there
is every reason already to call him a legendary ATV. It is rather expensive but if you decide to
buy it, you will have to queue up for it more than two month! How did it manage to become so popular just
for few years? Well, many people say that this ATV nowadays
is considered as the best ATV in the world. And they don’t talk big. Today we all together will try to find out,
why Sherp has so great reputation. Is this just a hype? Or it is really the most effective all terrain
vehicle ever know? Stay tuned it will be interesting day! And we are to start it right now! First of all lets have a look at the design
of the machine. The main points are: four wheel drive, skid
steering and of course these huge wheels with the very low pressure. Diameter of the wheel is more than 1,5 meter
and its width is 600 mm. The ground clearance is also 600 mm, and the
bottom is absolutely flat, that as you know does a lot of good for off-road performance! By the way the tire tread is unique it is
used only in this ATV. Moreover the machine has a central system
of tire inflation, it is powered by exhaust, and it is able to pump all the tires full
just for 30 seconds! The engine is Kubota turbo diesel 44 hp – it
is one of the most reliable engines for tough conditions of use. You can maintain the engine and all the main
parts being inside the body – it is a very important feature for any serious ATV. The steering is very simple! It is like a loader. There are two levers, to move forward and
backward and to slow down any side of the machine to make a turn. They are hydraulic so it is very easy to manipulate
them. The dashboard and gps system are under the
roof, it is a very good place for them, cause the water can’t reach there. You can get into ATV through the front door. There are two seats for a driver and a passenger. Also there are eight seats in the rear part
of the body and there may comfortably lie four people, so you may stay inside overnight
without any problem. Besides there is a spacious trunk under the
floor. You may put there some spare parts, food,
tackle and other things that you may need in a long travel! Well it is high time to see what Sherp can
show us on off-road! The maximum speed on a flat ground is about
45 km/h. Actually it may go faster, but in fact you
don’t need to move faster on off-road. Due to the skid steering this ATV is a very
maneuverable, it is able to turn around on a spot! But we were the most impressed to see how
this ATV moves through the swamp! It moves on the swampy terrain like a good
old school American car on a perfect highway! It whirls without any difficulties where neither
a man nor an animal can even walk! Moreover without any hesitation Sherp jumps
right into water and keeps on moving there! It is a real amphibious vehicle it swims rather
efficiently even with full load! It can move so successfully in water due to
the unique tire tread! It can accelerate there up to 6 км/ч. In this way you can rather quickly cross any
water obstacles without additional equipment like mounted engine, water jet or something
like that. There is a very important feature of this
ATV. It is equipped with the central system of
tire inflation. It can pump either all the tires simultaneously
or each or them separately. The system is powered by the exhaust, that
is why it works very fast. It takes less than 30 seconds to pump full
all these huge wheels! In this way at any moment you can adjust the
pressure of the tires according to the condition of the ground. Also it is very interesting that all the wheels
have a common capacity! This feature provides a very smooth moving
on a rough terrain. The tires are made of a very thick rubber
that can resist any punctures. So you can drive the vehicle through sharp
rocks and woods obstruction. But that were not all surprises about the
tires! There are fuel tanks inside each wheel! It provides a huge range up to a thousand
kilometers! You know almost all the amphibious ATV have
a weak point. It is very tough for them to get on the land
from water. They need a flat shore to climb on it. But Sherp even in this situation can surprise
us. Thanks to its huge wheels with very aggressive
tire tread this ATV is able to climb even on a steep bank! Moreover it is no sweat for Sherp to get out
from the ice-hole! In this way with Sherp you may go wherever
you want, even on a thin ice. If it doesn’t sustain the weight of the
machine and break you will be able to keep moving without any difficulties. By the way at the distant travels some of
the Sherp owners prefer to stay overnight in the vehicle on water. In this way they are protected form any wild
animals. Probably there is only one thing that can
stop this ATV. It is a thick forest. But all the swamps, lakes, rivers, snow and
sand – all this stuff it is no problem for Sherp! Now we see the atv get into the trap. There is quagmire on the swamp, and it is
so tough to get any traction in such conditions. It seems that it is no way out, but we have
the following features in our inventory: a flat bottom, and huge aggressive tires, so
the machine is sliding a little and after all it manages to get out this trap. But as you know even the most reliable machine
can sometimes brake down. Well supposing we have got a breakage being
in a travel far from any cities in winter. Have you ever tried to repair a car in winter? It is almost unreal! That is why we have an access to the main
parts of the ATV being inside the body! There is an independent heater so it will
be warm there, and it will be much more easier to repair the breakage. So until you have fuel you will have all the
chances to survive and continue your journey! As I mentioned the steering is very simple. For example you may even lean out of the hatch
while driving the vehicle by your legs only! In this way you may shoot back upon your enemies
and keep driving the vehicle simultaneously, or just have a coffee in the fresh air without
stopping. Well lets speak a little about one of the
most important characteristics of any machine! What do you think it is! Of course, the price! As I’ve already said it is an expensive
ATV. The price is significantly more than 100 thousand
dollars! But even with this price, there is a big queue
for this ATV! And we didn’t believe it before shooting
this video, but after that we understood why so many people look forward to acquire this
fascinating ATV. Do you know what the main advantage of the
ATV is? Four wheel drive, engine, tires, or may be
body? Not at all! The main advantage of this machine is ability
to present you with the enchanting feeling of a trailblazer! And when you get the places where nobody has
been before you understand that this ATV is really worth its money! By the way it is very interested for me what
you think about this machine? Can we say that it is the best ATV in the
world? If not then which is better? Post a comment please, it is really interesting
to read your opinions! Thanks for watching guys, please consider
subscribing if you liked this video, it will be many more interesting materials here, good

38 Replies to “ATV Sherp – Best All terrain vehicle in the world?”

  1. I've watched dozen of videos featuring the Shrep and several other ATVs. The Sherp rarely gets stuck but when the others do get stuck it is the Sherp that pulls them out.

  2. I Want one but, i want 100Gs more. Someone like Argo will come along with a much cheaper knock off of this, whether it will be better or not is another story.

  3. Человека за кадром в нелегалы – не брать , всех запалит со своим акцентом 😎

  4. I would like to check one out. I think i need to go to Sudberry On. That is the closes dealer for me. Thanks great tool.

  5. Everyone loves it,Tourists in Russia ask for it,They they run around in Siberia whit it,
    It's a workhorse,Like a pick-up truck, But u can drive everywhere

  6. A sherp may very well be the best atv in the world, while you can still high center it like most vehicles if you just blindly charge through wherever your going, it is nearly impossible to get stuck, it literally and easily swims through mud that no other vehicle, tracked or not can get through. It's amphibious, simple to operate and has plenty of internal storage space built in with the ability to add even more.
    It's ride is surprisingly comfortable due to the large, balloon tires AND you can to some degree raise and lower the tire pressure to suit the terrain from inside the cab without having to stop and step out of the sherp.Internally it even has enough space when properly equipped for 3 people to sleep comfortably. A good friend of mine has one here in America and it is literally the best off roader I have ever ridden in.

  7. By the way , it's a Russian car ,not fucking Ukraine . Don't forget to mention it ! It's good you speak with awful Russian accent.

  8. I've watched dozen of videos featuring the Shrep and several other ATVs. The Sherp rarely gets stuck but when the others do get stuck it is the Sherp that pulls them out.

  9. Start price $40k, then $70k, and now $100k in a couple of years ? Talk about taking the piddle. Can u explain that ? No ? I was gonna buy one but not now, cuz the owners are greedy for money.

  10. These things look insane, there are lots of videos of these going through completely impossible swamps. I want two of these!

  11. LOVE THAT ATV,BUT i would add a different front angle of attack,instead of that single bar,,two wrechs,and extra LED lighting front and back,and a rigid tow bar,to pull a raft for equipment,secondary battery and top gaz heater,Supercharged water-jet propulsion would be ideal,cheap for what it can achieve,great machine,would be fantastic for ALASKA,(three in one)..Sled,Atv,boat!!!!

  12. What about the Big Bo? I like the Big Bo better. A better steering mechanism, way better interior with all the windows. And the four speed automatic. It would be hard to sell me the Sherp but go ahead and try…?… Mark

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