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  1. I have built a perpetual motion machine!!! Take two figet spinners and then spin a magnet between them boom perpetual motion machine 😂😂😂 I should become a scientist

  2. To be entirely honest, if the machine is converting and essentially infinite form of ambient energy from one form into kinetic energy, which arguably, is the most usable form of energy, then it deserves to be considered semi-perpetual motion in my book 🙂

  3. Please check a recent experiment for an at-least tentative exception: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=17&v=aMihSRllvZY

  4. Just connect two cats together by their back, drop them and they should spin forever because cars always land on there feet 🤷🏼‍♂️

  5. There's a fine, fine line between questioning the possible and breaking new grounds, and not being deceived by Clickbait.

  6. Nothing is actually perpetual except for maybe the sun and our earth but solar powered or nuclear powered machines are theoretically possible though.

  7. Couldn't you make a perpetual machine in the vacuum of space so that the energy doesn't escape out of the machine? Or get rid of any friction? Or use gravitational forces and momentum like the infinite orbiting of planets in a system?

  8. Energy is lost over time. Creating energy requires energy. Energy can be converted from one form to another. But can't be made out of nothing. Pertual motion is not possible. While there might be slight momentum that helps it after a slight push. That too comes to a stop. Energy is lost in overcoming resistance. Once energy is lost the object will stay in a stationary position. Till an external force is applied. Hence it takes energy to create energy. Pertual motion is a concept where initial energy is used to create energy which creates energy and the cycle is infinite. That is the definition on paper. It is impossible because initial energy will be lost to the environment and it won't have energy to create energy.

  9. Why not fire up a forever spinning wheel attatched to a magnetic axle in high orbit and siphon the energy off of that, no friction to stop, no gravity to force to a center of gravity, i must be missing something

  10. well thats only our physics
    who knows what lies beyond our solar system . maybe some super substance which can generate free heat

  11. Shape memory and superelastic alloys and a temperature difference can set up motion it can do work but the Alloys expensive.
    As close as I've ever seen to perpetual.

  12. What if removed gravity? An object in motion will stay in motion unless acted by an outside force. If you spin an object in space, theoretically it should stay in motion because no air resistance, and no gravity.

  13. Perpetual motion machines are a really great exercise in engineering efficiencies. The modern attempts at building these machines are amazingly efficient, just not perpetual.

  14. its amazing how over the years many things that were said to be impossible (flight, speed of sound, etc) have been proven possible, you people need to stop this bs that its impossible. many "impossible" things have been made possible over the years with technology. also if perpertual motion is impossible as you say, then the people who say the earth spins are lying because it would have stopped spinning by now.

  15. What about a machine in space. Gravity isnt there, and (unless its inside of a gas like oxygen) there is no friction. Will that work or am i missing something.

  16. Aren't we forgetting to add a dynamo, or a restistance in order to collect that energy? You will find out that there's a great amount of power loss in space, and that the input energy is always bigger than the output energy.

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