Are BBS Wheels Worth It? | BBS Wheels Unboxing

Are BBS Wheels Worth It? | BBS Wheels Unboxing

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Hey guys, what’s goin’ on, it’s
Alex from Fitment Industries
and we are on another episode
of the automotive version
of Unbox Therapy, where they
refuse to give me any sort
of sharp object and instead
I have to open BBS boxes
with a flat head and I was
gonna do the slap chop joke,
but the boxes are really nice
and worth more than I can handle.
So today we actually have
something that’s very interesting,
we have BBS wheels that
we will be unboxing.
So, before we get into it,
there’s a couple fun facts
that you guys are wanna
know for if you end up being
on “Who Wants to Be a
Millionaire” and they ask you
what color box does BBS use
for their wheels that
are produced from Japan?
And the answer would be black.
Red, Germany.
Black, Japan.
So we’re gonna start off
with this one over here
and I’m gonna try and open
it up as nicely as I can.
By the way, if you guys are
interested in a BBS box,
not boxes but BBS wheels,
and you’re listening to
Alex talk for a sales plug,,
you know what I’m sayin’?
It’d be very nice if
you guys would wanna go
check those bad boys out.
But we are going to go
into the first wheel here.
And I wanna make sure I open
this as nicely as possible
so I don’t mess it up.
23 years this wheel’s been made?
I’m looking at my cheat
sheet down here, so I won’t
even pretend that I know what
I’m talkin’ about, but I do.
So, 23 years, this is the LM.
We’re gonna take a look into
it, I’m gonna take this off.
Oh, that was very easy actually.
This is my favorite, one of my favorite,
if not my favorite wheel of all time.
I’m not even gonna show
it to you guys first,
I’m gonna look at it by myself.
And then, I’m gonna show it to you.
All right.
I feel like you know this design so much
that I really don’t need
to talk about it that much.
But I’m gonna anyway, because
it’s a 23-year-old design,
it’s iconic, it’s
timeless, it’s everything
that you would want in
a wheel and then some.
So, two-piece forged as you can tell.
Not thick rivets, actual
hardware, don’t even give me that.
And, I’m gonna open up the center cap
’cause this is the most exciting thing.
Now, if you guys didn’t
know, BBS actually has things
to keep them looking, not
looking, it’s the things
that keep them who they
are, and one of the things
that you guys may have
noticed is sometimes
people do have a tendency
to really like BBS so much
that they just take the whole design
and just run with it
and pray nobody notices.
So, BBS does notice and
they do little things
to make sure that when you
are picking up BBS wheels
you’re picking up
authentic, real BBS wheels,
and this one is no exception.
So their center caps, which
are to die for for most people,
I remember we did this with our E30 too,
finding BBS center, actual
center caps was very difficult.
This has a holographic, like,
3D nice little shimmer to it.
It’s so nice.
And it’s a two-pieced
forged wheel with this.
It’s like, what more could you want?
Now, I don’t wanna pain myself
to putting the center cap in,
so if it does take a long time,
the editors will make it look like
I did this in the first try.
So these things come in
pretty much every sizing,
every width you could possibly
imagine, pretty much all
your five-lug applications
you could possibly want.
17′ by 20′, probably
the largest you can go,
and then up to an 11.5′
wide in terms of width,
but since this is a two-piece forged,
you can pretty much
get it in any, anything
that you need it to,
that’s one of the joys.
And the fact that it’s forged,
two-piece, nice and light,
nothin’ too crazy.
One thing I really do enjoy
is when you look on the back
of the wheel as well though,
you’re still gonna see
them cut into the weight
in terms of the back pad there,
which is very nice, very clean set up.
One thing I do really like that I will say
that I think is a little bit different
from most is with hardware,
with multi-piece hardware,
it has become extremely common
for people to, essentially,
there you go, now we
can stare at it nicely.
People have gotten used to
putting a ton of hardware
on their wheels, like a ton,
like 50-some pieces worth of hardware.
And not only is that very
heavy, but I feel like sometimes
it can be a just a little bit much.
And what I really like about this is
that nothing is overbearing on the design.
So nothing takes away from something else
to make the wheel look good.
So, what I’m talking about is
like the lip doesn’t take away
from the face, the face doesn’t
take away from the hardware,
the hardware doesn’t take
away from the design,
the design doesn’t take
away from the center cap.
Like, nothing takes anything
away from each point,
which is, I think, what
makes the wheel so iconic.
I think that’s why the
wheel stands against time
so very, very well and
I absolutely love it.
So I’m gonna put this over
here, I’m done talking about it.
We’re gonna move on to
this over here.
So, we’re gonna open up
this one is the CC-R.
Now, you guys may have heard
the joke of Alex saying
that BBS doesn’t make wheels
and then BBS got kinda mad and
so then they sent us wheels.
So, it actually worked out in
our favor, which is awesome.
Just kidding.
But this wheel’s actually
only two months old,
which is very, very exciting.
I’m probably off-camera,
so don’t get mad at me.
I’m back.
And I’m going to open this
up with the flat head,
because yet again, not
trusted with sharp objects.
Jells, talkin’ to you.
Sharp objects, I’d really like
one every once in a while.
I’m actually gonna set
this down on the ground
so I don’t make a mess.
And so, let’s go into
this here real quick.
So this wheel here, made in Germany,
you can tell because of the box.
Now, as I open up this one,
I’m gonna leave the cover on it
and I’m gonna argue that I
betcha it’s upside down here.
But, we’re gonna open it up anyway.
Oh, there you go!
So this wheel is only two months old.
All right, CC-R, 20′ by 9.5′
I’m looking back at the box, 5 by 120.
So here, let me just learn ya some things.
No, BBS didn’t decide just to
randomly candy cane the rim
of their wheel, this is
actually a shipping protection
kind of cover that you put
on it so that you don’t have
to worry about your wheel getting
all messed up in shipping.
Now, I will say this.
Something that’s very, very common,
besides me struggling
to take this stuff off,
is a lot of times in life
people make mistakes.
Those mistakes can be
thinking that season eight
of “Game of Thrones” was any good,
that could be people thinking
that “The Matrix Reloaded”
was actually that good.
Steve might be getting
made at me for both claims.
Um, another mistake that people
sometimes make is curbing their wheels.
They love going through drive-thrus,
they love driving their
super lowered cars,
or cars in general, really close to things
and then they end up curbing their wheels.
You cry, I cry, we cry together.
So, BBS knows that and because they care,
you can actually also get
this little rim protector,
which is exactly what I peeled
off so that you can see it.
And it’s removable too, so
what happens is it actually
protects the wheel from curbing
and then you can actually get it replaced.
Now this comes in red too.
Now personally I’m a much bigger fan of
when the rim protector
lies hidden in the wheel,
so I would keep it that way,
but they also offer like a red
if you prefer something
a little bit fancier,
it’s completely up to you.
Now, just looking at the wheel,
it’s very, very interesting
’cause looking at it in the light
kind of provides a little bit
of a two different designed
wheels depending on the way
that you look at it.
You have almost like a
submerged wheel design
in what looks like a darker paint
and then you have this
more forward facing.
Now, it looks like the machining
on this more forward
facing design and the fact
that this second design is actually set
in a little bit is what
gives it that depth,
so I think that’s
actually very, very neat.
Considering that this is
only a 9′ wide, 9.5′ wide.
So, we deal with a lot
of low offset stuff,
so we say it like it’s a big thing,
but considering that this
is a flatter designed wheel,
it actually looks really proper
and then you can kinda
see the little things
about this wheel that make it a BBS wheel.
I think the most important is
obviously you have the
BBS embossed right there.
You also have, if I remember correctly,
there is a little piece here
that says, “Made in Germany.”
And I’ll flip it around for ya.
So it says, “Made in
Germany” right down here.
It’s just like a nice little touch.
The thing is that I like about
it though is that it doesn’t,
again, doesn’t stick out a
ton, there’s nothing really
that takes away from the wheel.
You don’t see, like, super
loud words or different colors,
different contrasting things that argue
with the whole design of the wheel.
So in case you guys aren’t
seeing what I’m seeing,
you have the recessed kind of design here,
which is like this single 5 spoke
kind of peeking through here,
and then you have your more
prominent double wide spoke.
Now, something that’s really
cool is that we’ve seen wheels
that have done this in the past,
but they, they mill out sections
and that’s called back-milling
and the back-milling,
from a BBS standpoint, was originally
to shave weight and, well
a lot of people realized
that it also looked really cool.
So when BBS went into
it, they went into it
from a function standpoint to save weight.
And you can see that on
the bigger spokes here,
which we’ll probably put some B-roll on.
But it also serves a function standpoint
and it also serves an
aesthetics standpoint,
which if that’s your thing
that’s absolutely awesome.
For us, the reason that
I like it though is
because with the wide spokes being bigger
and a little bit chunkier,
you need something
to give it kind of like
a thinning out almost
and I think that that design,
especially with this wheel,
helps give it that depth that
it needs to not just be so,
I don’t wanna say fundamental,
but it actually helps give it
more of like a sport-esk style.
Last but not least, we have
another wheel made in Germany.
I’m putting it this way so
that you guys can’t see it yet.
And then, I’m putting the box
this way so I can reference
what we’re talking about here.
So this is the CI-R 19′ by 10′.
Now this wheel’s been out
for a couple years now.
So taking a look at this, this is like,
for me this is the BBS wheel,
like when I think about BBS,
I know you guys are like the LM, the RS,
stuff like that, but when I look at it,
especially in the newer,
I see a lot of this.
And you can see BBS just
through and through with the design.
Now first off, just taking
a look at the wheel,
I can tell you that this has
in some insane big brake clearance.
The massive BBK on this
is absolutely astounding
from anybody that has
upgraded brakes on their car.
Now this specific one, I believe,
is a 5 by 112, so again,
Euro bolt pattern,
but you’re gonna see this in a lot
of 5-lug applications because
that’s just what it is.
Now when I go back over here,
you’re going to see the back pad,
the shaving here for you,
which is pretty neat.
You’re also gonna see the rim
protector talking about again.
Let’s see if I can pull
it off in one fell swoop.
Oh, am I gonna do it?
Oh, oh!
It’s like peeling off a
piece of plastic on top
of like your phone when
you get a brand new phone.
We did it guys, we did it.
This has the rim protector on it as well.
Taking a look at this, I
gotta take a peek at it
before I even keep talking about it,
let me see, one, two, three, four, five.
So a 5 spoke, it’s a double
5 spoke, it’s a Y-split,
concave as all heck, I love it.
It’s got the “Made in Germany”
here on the inside here.
I would call it a lift, but
it is a one-piece wheel,
so some people get mad at that.
Here’s something I enjoy about
this wheel, specifically.
Because when you look at it,
it’s not super aggressive,
it’s not super in your face
besides the fact that you can see
the big brake clearance
just screaming out of it.
One thing I really enjoy is
the actual center of the wheel.
So if you look at it, you’re gonna notice
that there’s a lot of character
in the center of the wheel.
You can see that a lot
of design is put into it,
but not in an aggressive
way, but just seeing how
far the spokes bend in to where your lugs
or maybe your bolts would
actually go is, is really cool
and it’s an insanely
thin part of the wheel.
You don’t really notice it
unless you’re where I am right now.
But a lot of times when you’re
looking at a lot of wheels,
the center of the wheel is chunky.
I mean, it’s a big boy,
and there’s a lot of weight
around that chunkiness, and so
to see how thin they managed
to get the actual mounting
surface of this wheel,
especially with the lug
holes being so close
to the exposed area, it’s
something that’s really nice.
It’s just something that’s different.
And of course, you know,
if you end up going
into Taco Bell and running into a curb,
you got yourself a nice rim protector.
And you’re lookin’ at this
one being flow-formed as well.
Now if you guys don’t
remember what flow-form is,
it’s when you have the actual
face of the wheel is going
to be cast or low pressure cast,
but then the barrel of
the wheel is then used as,
spun at a high rate of
speed, there’s rollers on it,
rolls out the metal, it
aligns the grain structure
within the actual alloy,
and actually increases the strength.
It reduces width because you’re shaving it
through the actual barrel of the wheel.
So, a lot of people are
using that technology now,
but one of these, these guys
have been using it since,
like, the late ’90s, for quite a long time
and it results in actually
a very lightweight wheel.
So, that helps, especially
if you guys are focused on
both function and form,
which I know there’s a
couple of you out there
that are focused on function
and form and this is for you!
So, we have the CI-R, we have the CC-R,
and then of course we have my wife, here.
So we’re not even gonna talk
about this, this is actually
isn’t even gonna make
it back to the showroom,
the LM is gonna just stay
in my possession forever.
Now, honestly, all of these
have very different purposes
in my eyes depending on
what you’re looking at.
So, you have the LM two-piece
forged, made in Japan,
you’ve got these two bad boys
over here, made in Germany,
flow-form, two months old,
two years old for the design.
So BBS is gonna keep telling
me to stuff my mouth so that
I stop telling them that they
don’t make any new wheels
because that’s just the matter of it.
Very interesting, but very still BBS.
So it’s very cool to see kind
of their designs lined up
in different ways, but still
carrying the same thing
that makes BBS who they are.
So, if you guys are
interested, sales play,
if you guys are interested
in actually taking a look
at some of the BBS wheels
that we have to offer,
check ’em on out over
or you can check the
description link below.
Listen, if you guys are into BBS wheels
or if you wish you were, we
have three wheel samples here
and you’re like, “Alex, when
are we gonna get the next?”
Well, we will have you know
that we made friends at BBS
and so we’ll be getting
more wheels in-house
for us to review, take a look at,
and of course answer your questions on.
Our biggest goal here is
to help you guys understand the BBS name
and if you’re interested in
their wheels and some things
that kind of make them
special and different.
So, let us know in the
comment section below
what wheels you wish we
could get our hands on
so that we can go bug BBS and be like,
“Hey guys, the most expensive ones
“that you really don’t wanna,
can we have those ones,
“that’d be really neat.”
In all honesty though, we’re super stoked
to have these wheel samples in-house,
let us know if you guys have
any questions on the brand,
I’m Alex for FitmentIndustries,
we will see you later, peace.
(slow jazz music)

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