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Archive - December 2006

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Vishal | Dec 28 2006
This is the one of the kind Hover bike that exists. Jim Chalmers have made this incredible invention. This bike has a top speed of 50mph and uses a large fan that lifts the bike and propels it forward. The pricing and availability is not...
Vishal | Dec 19 2006
After looking at the image, you must be wondering that for what is this monster made for. It is a NSU Kettenkrad, the smallest tracked vehicle that was produced in World War II. It was known as Rabbit, but has nothing to do with that innocent...
Vishal | Dec 18 2006
Cycling is good for your health, safe and it is the cheapest and eco-friendly conveyance available. Most of us avoid using them either due to their awkward shapes and some of us do not want to exert. Here are some of the best folding bikes that...
Vishal | Dec 18 2006
gilera gp800
Scooters have a good market place in past few years. They have an advantage of good mileage and provide you with a comfortable ride. Honda is working on Gilera GP 800, an 850cc V-twin-engined scooter that will most likely become the the...

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Hammad Siddiqui
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Clement Sixpence
on Top 10 revolutionary concept... cn thy fly coz thy are juss tyt
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on Piaggio Vespa S unifying old... Hi, I heard a new scooter brand will be launched, a joint venture of Burberry a...
Mohammed Vaziri
on Top 10 revolutionary concept... woow!!!! the BIKES ARE AWSOME!!!!!!!!!! ................. and ....planing to have...
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