ANSWRD – BMW E46 M3 with $20k in Track Mods

ANSWRD – BMW E46 M3 with $20k in Track Mods

My name is Jason
This is my 2001 E46 M3 otherwise known as
Last time I dyno’d it, it made 312 horsepower
at the wheels since then I’ve put a 410 diff
and a whole bunch of other good stuff so I’m
excited to see what it makes next.
What made you want an E46 and a track car?
Well I mean, actually I was a diehard E36
guy all my life
It wasn’t til I started working when I was
about 16 and I had my first E36 that I started
making enough money I said you know what I
want an E46 and um as far as the track car
goes my whole family has track cars.
My dad has an E30 M3 track car, sister has
an E36 M3 track car so I was like you know
what I’m gonna get an E46 M3 track car.
Favorite and least favorite thing about this
car is gonna have to be this big ole’ rice
can on the back.
It’s a BimmerWorld 3.5″ single pipe exhaust
which goes all the way to the headers which
are catless headers
It’s really loud which gets me into a lot
of trouble with you know like police at night
and stuff but it’s also my favorite part about
the car but anyways let’s go take it for a
Ahh the race breaks.
Can you roll the windows up?
That way people can hopefully hear us.
So now we’re in the E46 M3 it is pretty damn
loud as you can hear I can totally get what
you’re talking about with getting pulled over
for this exhaust but we’re gonna ask Jason
some frequently asked questions right now
and first one I always ask is
“What’s the exhaust sound like?”
But we can hear that, it sounds fantastic
and what is the redline on this car?
Stock it’s 7900rpm but um I have a full aftermarket
tune it was a custom tune I got from TTFS
and now it’s at 8250.
So eight thousand two hundred and fifty RPM.
Nice, alright
So now let’s talk about what car you had before
this and actually the cars that you had I
guess you could say
I’ve had a five cars now 4 of which have been
M3s, 1 of which was a Subaru.
And I can tell which one you like, and which
one you’re so done with.
The Stu-the Subaru stands out from the rest
because that was an impulse buy, I got such
a good deal on a 04 STI you know I had to
do it.
It ended up being broken down for a third
of the time I had it so I turned it around
real quick, luckily Subarus keep their value
really well so I mean I sold it for 3 grand
more than I bought it for which ended up being
everything I spent into fixing it and got
all my money back out of it.
Next day, I went and bought a silver E46 M3
from my buddy which that’s when you met me
in high school
yeah yeah
and uh so since then you had the Silver E46
and then what went after that?
I had a white E36 M3 and that car was amazing
I probably never woulda gotten rid of that
car but I got T-boned at an intersection so
that’s too bad
now we’re here
So, when you were picking up this second E46
was it between any other cars or were you
like I’m set on a E46 M3?
Yeah actually back when I bought this car
almost two years ago all my buddies had Corvette
Z06s and I was this close to picking up a
C5 Z06 but at the end of the day my dad was
like do you really want that gas mileage?
Blah blah blah blah and so I said, you know
what yeah I’ll go with my good handling track
car instead.
Yeah good choice.
Alright and what is this color called cause
I’m sure you know I posted this car on Facebook
everyone was going crazy over how good it
looks and the color.
It’s actually a wrap that you did with your
buddy right?
Yeah me and my buddy Josh Tan, J Tan the Man
we wrapped it in my garage at my house.
It took us about a week so underneath, the
car it’s actually Imola Red pretty popular
color but we wrapped it Liquid Orange, it’s
a 3M wrap yeah we I always wanted an Orange
I’m a huge fan of like the LimeRock E92 M3s,
So when this wrap came up on Craigslist it
was brand new in the box I hit him up and
I said you know what, Josh I think we’re gonna
have to wrap my car and he’s like Let’s Do
So we ended up doin it.
That’s awesome
And so that’s what the license plate is right?
Yeah so my license plate’s actually “IMOLA”
so that’s probably my most asked question.
What does your license plate mean?
Now that the car is wrapped, I’m like um well
it was the color of the car but not anymore.
Got it, cool.
So that’s the hardest thing to answer, what
was the hardest part of the build putting
this car together over the last two years
to get it to where it’s at right now?
I’m gonna say the hardest part had to be this
past month
UUC sent me a bad flywheel and so I was trying
to diagnose what the problem was
I pulled the tranny out twice myself in my
garage and it was, I was just getting so fed
up I finally put the stock flywheel back in
and a brand new stock clutch and all the problems
went away.
So now I’m dealing with getting my money back
from UUC and its kinda been a pain in the
So this has been the hardest month, the car
was actually sitting for the past month.
Jeez yeah so I’m glad it’s up and running
now and as you guys saw in that little pull
it’s running pretty well which is awesome.
How comfortable is this car for long road
trips, getting in and out?
Just as a daily cause this is your daily right?
It’s also a magnificent track car when you
want it to be.
It’s a pretty comfortable car I mean at the
end of the day it’s got stock seats still
which is one of the things that I like.
I do wanna get some Porsche buckets in it.
But it’s yeah its a pretty comfortable car
easy to get in and out of
Unfortunately like we talked about earlier
the exhaust is really loud
Which gets kinda difficult for daily driving
but yeah overall it’s a really comfy car easy
to get in and out of I’m only 5’4″ so most
cars are pretty easy for me to get in and
out of.
Yeah and speaking of the loud exhaust it’s
actually not too bad to get rid of it with
the sound system.
It is a Harmon Kardon setup in here so it
sounds pretty good for most music and do you
have Bluetooth in here?
How do you hook up your phone?
I do.
I do have Bluetooth.
And that’s aftermarket right?
That’s aftermarket Yeah Yeah back in 2001
Alright what’s your miles per gallon that
you’re getting on this car and how high is
the smiles per gallon on a scale of 1 to 10.
Miles per gallon 1 to 10 is probably like
a 6, I get like 14 to 16 on the streets depending
on how conservatively I’m driving and about
20-25 on the highway.
Nice that’s pretty damn good
And as far as smiles per gallon go it’s always
a smile.
It’s a 10 outta 10 in this car!
Yeah perfect, alright.
So what are your three favorite things about
your E46?
Alright off the tip of my hand, my shifter
is my number one favorite thing.
I’ve always been like the first mod I did
to this car right when I bought it was I drove
to Dinan and I picked up a Dinan short-shifter
cause I mean your whole driving experience
starts from here.
This is when you’re driving stick you do everything
with this so I mean it has to feel good and
you have to love it.
The Dinan I loved it, I loved it for so long
but my friend Josh who helped me wrap the
car he kept egging me on cause I kept telling
him I wanted a CAE shifter and he kept egging
me on and I was like you know what, I’m gonna
do it so I ordered it, waited 3 months for
it and now.
Worth it?
Now I’m lovin’ it.
So would you recommend that to every E46 M3
This shifter or just anything but stock?
Yeah I would recommend probably a Rogan Engineering
or a Dinan.
I mean most people would think oh a Dinan’s
expensive but it’s actually the Dinan short
shifter if you have a BMW CCA discount it’s
$179 brand new just driving to Dinan in Morgan
Hill, (CA) and picking it up.
So I mean it’s such a cheap mod and it helped
so much with like drivability and just geting
through the gears nicely and easily
And so I’d definitely recommend a short shifter
for E46 owners.
Nice and what are two more things that you
absolutely love about this build?
Other than that I mean just in general the
motor I’m a diehard S54 guy I think the metallic
rasp you get from them is just you know uncomparable
to any other motor.
They provide so much power for how small of
a motor it is.
It is a 3.2 liter motor and it actually stock
provides 330 horsepower.
Can we just do a little like put some power
in it right now?
Yeah of course!
Let’s hear it.
Alright so that’s exactly what you’re saying,
it’s got a ton of power and a great sound
even with the windows closed right now hopefully
you guys were able to hear that it sounds
absolutely amazing in here and it just throws
you back in your seat.
This is a really fun car even to be a passenger
in so if you ever get the chance to ride in
a souped up E46 or probably even stock it’s
pretty fun?
Oh stock they’re a lot of fun too.
This one is just like amazing to be in here
right now.
Other favorite mod is gonna have to be the
The E46s they come with a really low ratio
diff to be economic so with the 6-speed and
a low-ratio diff it’s super dead in the low
end and so I put a 4.10 diff in I know there’s
a lot of research out there people are always
like oh 4.10’s too much and all this Blah
Blah Blah but it’s not.
It’s really, it’s perfect.
It lets you get through all the gears with
ease you still have a first gear it’s great.
It gives you so much more low end power that
you didn’t have before.
Yeah, and where’ the power come in on this
Like where you really start feeling it start
push you back in your seat.
Um probably around 3 to 4 I mean 4,500 I think
I’m not a hundred percent sure on that one
the VANOS kicks in around 4,500 and I mean
that’s obviously when you get into power but
you have I mean that was at 2,800 and we’re
already pulling through so I mean there’s
definitely always power in the car.
Yeah speaking of which I saw you had a mod
in your gauges you have that shift light,
Yeah so with my tuner I had them put the CSL
SMG launch control and the shift lights.
So let me see if I’m gonna record this with
my phone for you guys and it’s probably gonna
shake a little bit but if you can get the
shift lights on yeah no worries.
Alright, I got it.
So hopefully you guys could see the shift
lights right there.
It’s a little hard to hold a phone steady
with that much power coming out.
Alright what are a few annoying things about
this car like if we put the windows down right
now and you hit the brakes let’s hear it.
I mean they’re not.
Actually they’re not too bad right now.
Yeah you can hear it right there . There you
go, we’ll give you some brake noise.
Yeah that’s pretty annoying.
That’s my number one annoying thing about
the car.
What else is annoyingin this car?
I mean you were talking about stock the shifter,
squeak, break dust, random rattles?
Alright I’ll give you the low-down right here
the cover for the sunroof on both my E46s
it’s a really common problem it’s actually
the clips break and it just slides back and
So what I do is I just tuck it back so that
it never comes back up.
Got it.
Other annoying thing which most people will
never notice on the A and B pillars they’re
actually supposed to have a little cloth on
them and that cloth always comes off cause
it’s put on with this really horrible glue
by BMW and the only way to get it back on
is literally to use that glue that BMW has.
Oh that uscks.
So you have to pay them to do it and it’s
just a waste of money so I just left em off
and literally no one ever notices.
Yeah I literally didn’t notice until you said
I think it looks almost better because the
other ones are always wrinkled cause the glue’s
coming off.
Yeah this looks pretty clean.
Okay if money wasn’t an issue, what would
you mod on this car?
Money wasn’t an issue
I would put full race suspension like full
coilovers all around, yeah there’s those brakes.
I’d put coilovers all around and I would probably
rebuild the motor and make it complete naturally
aspirated cammed motor I just I’m not a huge
HUGE power guy yeah one day I’d wanna get
a turbo when I have enough money but I just
wanna make 400 at the wheels naturally aspirated
out of this motor cause there I mean it’s
a you felt it, it’s already enough power as
it is I just want that little bit more and
I wanna make a 9,000rpm revving motor which
you can do with the cams.
Wow yeah that’d be amazing
Alright so to answer the final question for
everyone watching Should They Get An E46 M3?
Definitely yes!
I think E46s are amazing cars they’re a HUGe
bang for your buck I mean to get 333 horsepower
and 279 torque for under 15 thousand dollars
right now is pretty amazing.
Yes there’s gonna be a couple maintenance
costs along the way but nothing you can’t
avoid by getting the car inspected or just
by doing some of the things yourself.
Generally it’s a pretty easy car to work on
and it’s a whole lot of fun
Awesome well Jason thank you so much for your
time and one quick thing, is do you have any
tips for people looking for an E46 like when
to buy, how to buy it, what you should look
out for, things like that.
Honestly now is the time to buy because they’re
really low in price, theyre gonna start going
back up a little bit again for the summer
cause everyone wants to sell their cars in
the summer and get the most money out of them.
Things to like for, K. I’ll be honest with
you the E46 M3s have one really common problem
and it’s a pain in the ass and it’s not something
you can do yourself it’s the rear subframe
they end up cracking so I mean I already got
mine reinforced it cost me $1600 you had to
pay a shop to do it and it’s really kinda
scary cause it can range from $1500 which
is at the lowest amount of cracks to $7000
if the floor needs to be ripped out and a
new floor needs to be put in.
So like I said if you’re gonna buy one I would
definitely get it inspected and that’s literally
the one thing you have to worry about the
rest of the stuff isn’t that expensive or
hard to fix.
So just get the subframe checked out if that’s
good or if it’s already been done you’re ready
to start drivin’!
Cool so if you guys have any more questions
about the E46 M3 let us know in a comment
down below.
I’ll get Jason to reply for you or if you
have any direct questions you can send me
a DM on instagram @ ACarPhotorapher that’s
the quickest way.
If you enjoyed this video make sure to subscribe
and I’ll see you in the next one.
Thanks for watching.

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