28 Replies to “Andrew Yang on Robots, Campaign Slogans & Giving Everyone $1,000”

  1. Most of Hollywood progressives are closet racists, specially of Asians. And Jimmy thought himself so clever inviting Yang to expose him, ended up exposing himself.

  2. Jimmy, you really threw me for a loop. First 2 minutes I could tell how this video was about to go down. C'mon man, they are "guests" Jimmy.

  3. Jimmy is bought (His show is, aka him) unfortunately so he literally HAS to say "I don't think your gonna be president". Notice how much he was praising him literally after he said that. He's Yang Gang guys don't worry. Just be patient and be the best gang in the universe.😂

  4. Imagine being such a spineless elitist piss-eating bootlicker that you tell a presidential candidate they’ll never be president.

  5. Yang for 2020 the most intelligent person running…. the rest just argue with each other like children and I for one am quite sick and tired Of hearing it..

  6. That really pissed me off when he said " I don't think you are going to be president." So unnecessary and extremely rude for no reason. He came off childish and I usually find Jimmy Kimmel funny but the way Yang reacted to it made me love him even more!

  7. This was so disrespectful, the entire interview Jimmy isn't interested in probing Yang for information… He wanted a platform to embarrass, and slam Yang.

    Changed my presepective on Jimmy, unsubscribing and avoiding this slime bag. YANG GANG

  8. At this point I don't even know what Jimmy supports. He seems like he only cares about himself, and that he has something against almost everyone.

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