American Pickers: Car Crazy (Season 20) | Exclusive | History

American Pickers: Car Crazy (Season 20) | Exclusive | History

FRANK: We’re on our way
to meet Linda and Wayne. They’ve been married
for 40 years and have been collecting
together ever since they met. FRANK: Looks like its own
little forest back here. FRANK: Dani says he’s
a retired paint and body guy, and he has a building
with a few old cars in it. FRANK: Ooh, man. MIKE: Oh my gosh, look at
the size of this building. FRANK: I mean,
this thing is huge. MIKE: What!
Alrighty. FRANK: Alright.
MIKE: Woo, man! FRANK: She told us they
don’t have any kids, so they’re starting
to think about thinning out
their collection. FRANK: Oh, yeah.
MIKE: Hello? LINDA: Hello.
FRANK: Wow. MIKE: Whoa, look at Cord.
Hey-hey. LINDA: Come on in! FRANK: Wow, look how long
this building is. Wow!
MIKE: Hey, I’m Mike. Nice to meet you.
LINDA: Linda. FRANK: Linda, Frank.
Nice to meet ya. MIKE: Linda, I’m Mike.
Very nice to meet you. FRANK: Wayne, pleasure.
Frank Fritz. MIKE: Here,
I’ll give it to the boss. That’s for the boss there.
LINDA: That’s right. MIKE: I like your collection
already, because I can see you’ve got European cars
and American cars. And a lot of guys are either
one or the other, you know? WAYNE: If it’s got rubber
tires on it, I like it. LINDA: [laughs]
MIKE: Yeah. LINDA: Dad loved
the English cars. MIKE: Oh, your dad
was a collector too? LINDA: Yes.
WAYNE: Yeah, yeah. Matter of fact,
this car he bought in ’66. MIKE: This Rolls?
What is this from the ’20s? WAYNE: It’s a ’28
that was re-bodied in ’38. I learned how to drive
a straight shift in this car. MIKE: Really?
FRANK: In a Rolls?! WAYNE: Yeah.
MIKE: [laughs] WAYNE: That’s one I haven’t
got finished up yet, but it’s on my bucket list.
LINDA: [laughs] MIKE: This car,
this is beautiful. FRANK: Beautiful Jaguar.
MIKE: Jag, yeah. WAYNE: 1957. I drove this car home
when I was 17; my mom might have killed me. She said, “Wayne,
you paid $2,000 for that car, “and you could have bought
a brand-new Pinto for $2,000.” MIKE: Wow! WAYNE: It didn’t look nothing
like this here. LINDA: Everybody that
sees his restorations says that they’re
works of art. MIKE: So that was a good
investment, 2,000 bucks, because this is a six-figure
car now, isn’t it? WAYNE: Yeah, and these will
bring about 185,000 now. MIKE: No kidding.
WAYNE: Mom did forgive me. [group laughing] MIKE: So you got the Rolls,
you got the Jag, you got the Morris Minor,
you got the Cord. FRANK: You got
a little bit of everything. MIKE: I mean, life is good.
WAYNE: Right. WAYNE: Every car in here was
basket cases I’ve restored. I like to show that I’m able
to bring the stuff back. I want to say, “I put
this together, I built that, “I gotta be proud of that.” MIKE: Danielle said
that you’re interested in selling some stuff.
FRANK: Thinning out. LINDA: We’re at the point,
we don’t have any children. LINDA: We’re not getting
any younger, so, you know, I would like for him
to get the collection down to where he can keep
a certain amount of cars, running and in good condition,
and kind of let go of some of the rest of them,
you know? Whether I’ve convinced
him of that or not yet, I don’t know.
[laughs] MIKE: When Frank and I
have the opportunity to get into a place
with this calibre of stuff, we gotta search
through everything. MIKE: Aghh…
look at that! FRANK: Ooh, what about this? It’s a Champion
spark plug display. Countertop piece,
and this would have sat in an old automotive store. Oh boy, look at that, it’s even got some
advertising on the back. FRANK: I mean, I’ve never
ever seen one of these. FRANK: Remember
where you got it? WAYNE: Linda found it
for me at an auction. I hope she didn’t hear this. WAYNE: She wouldn’t tell me
what she paid for it. LINDA: I gave it to him
as a birthday present. FRANK: $550.
LINDA: You know… WAYNE: I saw her when
Frank gave his offer, and she winked at me.
So that was okay. LINDA: [laughs]
WAYNE: I was thinking 6. FRANK: So we weren’t that far.
WAYNE: Let’s split it. FRANK: 575. WAYNE: I’ve enjoyed
it for years. LINDA: I think I actually
paid $125 for it. I did okay!
[laughing] FRANK: These things
are bruisers here, but… LINDA: Oh, yeah. MIKE: Kudos to guys like Wayne,
who are saving this history instead of just letting
it go to the scrap yard. FRANK: Yeah. MIKE: Thanks for putting
up with us, brother. FRANK: Thank you so much.
You have a great collection. LINDA: Great, great.
We loved it. WAYNE: It’s important that
men that do have children, spend some time with
like my dad did, and infuse their love
for a passion for something. Teach it, enjoy it, let it grow,
share it with your loved ones. LINDA: Yeah. [Mike honks horn]
FRANK: See you guys later! LINDA: Bye guys!
Be safe! FRANK: Chocolate’s on its way! WAYNE: Alrighty, thank you!

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  1. What kind of guy offers and pays 20 dollars to a really old man for a candle stick phone the guy didn't really want to sell at first, then when he does agree to sell it , you then turn around and say you will ask 225 dollars for it in the store..? seriously ? who does that ?.. smh… wtf…

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