American Graduate | Career Pathway: Findlay Automotive Tech

American Graduate | Career Pathway: Findlay Automotive Tech

(Tommy Rayl)
Technology is really
on the forefront
of the automotive
repair industry.
There are a lot of
career technicians
that have been in the
field for 20 and 30 years
that are now retiring,
and there isn’t enough
technicians to
fill those voids.
An entry-level
technician has earning
potentials of $35,000
to $40,000 a year,
and after four to five
years of continued
education, training
and certification,
there are technicians
that can make
$80,000 to $90,000
a year in this career.
The advancements
in technology
have come a long way,
and we need people
that have
the availability
to understand where
the automotive industry
is going and be able
to keep up with all
of the information
that’s necessary
to maintain and repair
those vehicles.
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