Amazon Robots!

Amazon Robots!

Which with more than 10 million inhabitants with all those people clamoring for goods and services Can technology help us keep pace with our craving for Instant commerce? In Boston a robot Workforce is being built to meet our consumer demands Chris Eliasmith is about to test the theory that anything humans do robots do better Grocery shopping is a drag But could a robot do it any faster? So here’s a simple test? I’m going to find say a dozen items and check out. We’ll see how long it takes The average shopper spends about two and a half hours each week buying groceries Over the course of the year that adds up to over 15 full-time days of shopping and in the Modern world That’s a waste of precious time Here we go, ice cream, ice cream, ice cream, ice cream, here we go Let’s see how we did 18 minutes That’s a long time. That’s over a minute and a half per item But what if we could get rid of all of this with just a push of a button? That would be something Kiva systems may have the answer. They are designing building and training an army of workers to shop for you robots, hundreds of them Nick Mountz is their inventor and the company’s CEO 10-12 years ago now I was working in E-Commerce as a grocery home delivery project in the Bay area and we could not find a way to economically pick, pack, and ship Each’s, that is to get like one can of soup one thing of toothpaste in a tote for a home delivery order So we invented this Traditionally goods are moved around a distribution center using conveyors or forklift? With Kiva’s approach items are kept on portable storage unit When an order arrived [a] robot is dispatched to fetch it So I could say why don’t we move all of those robots out here? Onto the highway and so now they’ve each been given a mission to come from wherever they are and line themselves up on the highway I’ve always wanted to command my own robot army. Here we go release the hounds They’re going the wrong place. It’s my fault. I’m not very good at commanding a robot army So there’s like four of them moving at the same time and how do they not run into each other so the way it happens is each robot is on a wireless network having a Conversation with the host and the way they travel is by using the sticker system that we put down And the host is handing out missions, and he’s asking them to travel on certain stickers at certain times You can think of it as maybe an air traffic control system Each sticker is a unique 2d barcode that identifies its location in the highway like a grid reference The Central computer feeds Data to each of the robots in the hive updating them as new orders come in That means the route of every one of up to 500 robots placed in the shop floor is constantly changing to avoid collision When they’re in full flow, it’s like watching a robotic ant colony So these guys are kind of cute. What makes this thing tick is the question. Pull this guy out So we have two motors that are driving the vehicle forward and a third motor that will actually be used to rotate The lifting plate that’s on top and so we did that with the corkscrew. That’s an ingenious design This particular version of the robot is designed to pick up a 3,000 Pound Payload Then you have a lot of computer power onboard that’s doing all the coordination There’s a wi-Fi radio talking to the host talking to the camera so it can see the floor and see the loads that it’s picking up you’ll see we’re wired up with lots of different sensors and lights and indicators Well look at that. it’s got more eyes than a spider Robots like these will definitely speed up the online retail process But to really revolutionize shopping they need to be fast enough to allow same-day delivery on every order It’s time to put the robots to the test Just how fast can they put an order together and get it to my door. What do you Absolutely have to have in your grocery cart today. Well the first thing is obviously Chunky-fied iced cream. So some ice cream. We get one of those okay? And so what we’re going to do now is set up the order on the table here and by attaching it to this pick spot And you’ll notice the robot guys are coming around action nice Fetching those pods that have those items of inventory that you order on their way, this is a brand new concept in order fulfillment. It’s the notion of real time we don’t need to ant… So this is like all five things coming at once [yeah] so it’s probably five pods unless two of the items happen to be on the same pods you might get four pause to get some of the work done and Again that is part of our software algorithms Which is if we can find the Pod that has two or [three] of the things that you ordered will use that pot and that? shortens the Robot work load. First one’s here already right? literally 30 seconds from the time you submit order on the web That inventory can [be] in a station in a human can picking it excellent The future go to work in the morning surf the internet make an order waiting for you when you get home Amazon the world’s largest online retailer has bought Kiva for a whopping eight hundred million dollars By 2023 it’s forecast that online shopping will rise to over one-quarter of all retail driven largely by the appeal of super fast delivery Opportunities for interacting with the world without having to be physically present are increasing rapidly

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  1. Is it not easier to change a mall to a big vending machine? You've just select food and big rows of dispensers pulling out products to the moving pattern and then to your car's hood or whatever

  2. This idea is useless and irrational, this is why people are struggling to live, youll be taking away hundreds on hundreds of general labour jobs which probably would employ large parts of communities. this idea on the other hand would be a perfect way to build on homelessness in any city it's in

  3. Getting Groceries really isnt a waste of precious time, you are getting out of the house and exercising your body, your body is not made to sit in one place doing nothing its extremely unhealthy.

  4. Question: Would you be happy to wait an extra day-or two for your delivery, if it was done by a worker instead of a robot?

  5. How do we even know that it is Stephen Hawking speaking? We listen to a robotic voice that tell us that robots are the future, smells fishy to me.

  6. I make a list, get my shit, and get out, I don't shop for more than 15 to 30 minutes, near the 30min mark if I'm getting a full cart

  7. GREAT! Now you can struggle with a horrible web-interface to find the products you want for 18mins instead 🙂

  8. I like it when they fight each other from an internal error on the network. Nothing like seeing 2 bots duking it out

  9. Automation & Capitalism aka The Monetary System. Can Not Coexist. Automation That Replaces Human Labor Will Only Lead To Hardship If We Attempt To Maintain Monetary Exchange As Well.

  10. What Should Logically Happen Is Automation Should Replace Human Labor To As Close To 100% As Possible. Monetary Exchange Should Be Fazed Out And All Good And Services Are Provided Without Cost. We Shouldn't Luddites Who Hold Back Progress That Would Benefit All Humanity.

  11. Human de-evolution=train somebody/thing how to do youre job only for them to TAKE youre job permanently. not genious

  12. @ 1:11 "That's over a minute and a half per item"
    No jackass, 12 items in 18 minutes is EXACTLY a minute and a half per item.

  13. The invention of drones and applying them to the delivery work force that's when we'll see 1 hr delivery of almost all items. Faster, larger capacity, affordable, more energy efficient drones could in the future be flying all across the sky delivering items to customers. Will Amazon or any other company take this step in the drone delivery direction?

  14. I go to the supermarket myself. I refuse to help raising the unemployment rate. Robots for precision handlngs is ok. For the rest let people have their job.

  15. So in short, humans will stop moving, just sitting at one spot, and consuming, and consuming, and consuming. Whatever these robots will feed us eventually.

  16. 2 and a half hours each week… WTF? I find it tedious if I'm over 45 minutes with 8 minute drive each way from home. who the heck spends 2.5 hours grocery shopping?

  17. What's wrong with going to the supermarket and having a chat to an elderly person who might not have spoken to anyone for days why? Do we have to rush around all day just to do things quicker we WON'T live any longer in fact all this rushing around COULD shorten are lives just enjoy your day at your own pace and have a very Happy Christmas 🌲Teresa Simmons

  18. If a few hours of shopping, actually interacting with human beings, getting some exercise, looking for bargains, discovering things you weren't planning to buy, supporting local business, etc., is simply too much for you, then your life needs some re-valuation. Only a hopelessly phone-addicted narcissist would consider his time too precious for that.

  19. All i see is the down grade of humans with this. Okay all the rich will get richer and all the poor will stay poor. Robots means less humans with jobs. I get it though it’s capitalism at its best. Those robots are the cheapest employees over time. No health care and 401kplans. They don’t even have to eat and take bathroom breaks. Activities with the outside world without going outside is increasing. That’s not good for human kind. The top countries with this kinda technology will create new mental health problems later. This is actually crazy. All this to make money.

  20. This is how the driverless cars will one day eliminate traffic jams, accidents, traffic tickets, reduce pollution (or eliminate it completely), eliminate the need for driving license, car insurance, pointless jobs (cab, bus, truck drivers…. I know many people won't like that but it's true) and many more…

  21. I think Youtube had an old video series lying around that they couldn't sell and then just mashed it in an existing successful format. I mean, where's Collin, where's Tom, who the hell is the presenter? This feels very sketchy.

  22. Amazon has these robots cutting human worker force in half are more, the weird thing is the mega security force and amount of cameras to watch over every aspect of human workers . From break area to bathrooms , stair wells , I'm talking everywhere. Security force is biggest I've ever seen in a building for a work area. It was creepy times 10. Brought up trust issues as no human could be trusted from amount of cameras and security. They make it all sound so great , as an electrician after getting in the power conduits boxes and piping for machines, just a massive amount of electrical wiring , can't imagine the electric bill and I'm a damn electrician, my guess your electric bill is raising to support these massive amount of electric usage. These buildings have a/c out the ass to keep computers cool. These are electric burning masses of technology, something going on.


  24. Reminder: The countries with the highest automation grades are the countries with the lowest unemployment rates.

  25. ROBOTS! No more human jobs unless your a highly skilled electrician or computer programmer, isn't it wonderful. This is why the Georgia Guidestone says human population to no more then 500 million. The rest of us are useless feeders.

  26. Can you imagine how much weight people will put on when they realize they can eat their ice cream at home while shopping on line to have more ice cream delivered later that day?

  27. 2.5 hours shopping bloody hell what you feeding a foot ball team. I max out at one shop a week just for me at 20 mins or less.

  28. The time to place the robotic order should be part of the comparison. Benefit would be if you chose the same things over and over, that time would be zero …

  29. It doesn't seem energy efficient to move all the robots to you with entire stacks for each order. Wouldn't it be better to have one robot go collecting orders. Like a driveby abd shelves that drop items into basket like vending machines. This saves energy as the amount of weight teach robot needs to move is reduced. I bet everyone must have noticed this.

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