About Slobbering Oil Problems In A Harley Davidson


There are now alternatives to the use of an oil degreaser to remove oil, grease or other fluid from your garage floor. Due to technology advances, absorbent mats can be placed under vehicles, grills, workbenches or other areas where spills may occur. Should a spill occur, the mat’s design will absorb the liquid quickly and prevent it from seeping. These inexpensive mats can hold gallons of liquid, can be used numerous times and will result in no mess or stains to clean up.

An oil degreaser mat is the best solution for keeping your floor dry from any type of liquid, whether its a leak, spill, or overspray. An oil absorbent pad is a much safer alternative for protecting all types of flooring, concrete, or asphalt than chemical-laden liquid cleaning products.

  • There are many products available as cleaners to use after a spill has occurred. Absorbent mats will eliminate the need to introduce those cleaners in the first place. Avoid those nasty permanent stains by putting the mat in place before you start working.
  • Oils or other fluid may leak from your car and you do not want an unsightly oil stain on your garage floor or driveway. Keeping an absorbent mat underneath your vehicle will protect from any leaks.
  • An oil degreaser mat is ideal when doing quick maintenance on a bike or motorcycle. Simply place the mat under the bike while oiling the chains or when changing or adding oil or fluids to a motorcycle.
  • An oil degreaser or other chemical cleaning product can be costly, in both dollars and your time. Besides buying the product and some form of applicator, you have to do all the hard scrubbing to remove the oil and properly dispose of the chemical solution. An alternative is to use a protective pad beforehand to prevent the oil drippings from reaching the floor.
  • Some chemical solutions can do more harm to your floor by leaving a stain or damaging cement, paint or asphalt. An oil degreaser is therefore not the ideal solution for all types of flooring. Try and avoid a tough stain through preventative measures.
  • Some stains like oil, water, rust or transmission fluid can leave permanent damage to flooring. While an oil degreaser may remove the stain it can itself leave a stain. Absorbent mats are the best alternatives to avoid damage from these harsh chemicals. They are not penetrable, strong and absorbent and can be placed anywhere.


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