A Step by Step Process Of Making Guns At The Armscor Manufacturing Plant

A Step by Step Process Of Making Guns At The Armscor Manufacturing Plant

With the power that comes out from the barrel of the gun comes great responsibility. Responsibility on the part of the manufacturer, responsibility of the one who wields the gun. Because when it comes to this sleek metal, there’s never a room for error. To better understand how these neatly tailored, compact weapons are crafted to perfection, This is Armscor manufacturing plant. The oldest and fastest growing firearms and ammunition manufacturing company in Southeast Asia. Armscor is producing 4 firearms product line mainly you have the .22 rifle line, you have pump-action shotgun… 12-guage, you have the revolver, caliber .38 and you have the pistols, 1911 pistol design in various caliber. If the firearm product to be produced is an existing model in the market, we generate plan drawing of that product and we make prototypes and then we do some testing and evaluation then we prepare all the production tools needed… the toolings, the fixturing the material procurement material preparation before it goes into the production line. ISO certified company with a demonstrated compliance to US and European commercial and military standards, Armscor can be considered a marksman in gun manufacturing. With a fleet of highly skilled workers and the most modern producing machinery and equipment, Armscor has taken gun manufacturing to a higher level. Frames undergo a meticulous process called investment casting. Investment casting technology evolved from other countries and then adapted in the Philippines. The investment casting… you can make the product almost to the near required size of the product, but… you greatly save… on the processing time when using the investment cast. It requires very precise matching of its three major components and small parts, Careful calibration, nothing is left to chance. A malfunction of the finished product can have tragic results. The assembly line… there are several stages. They receive the parts from production and machining, as the three major components match with each other, the frame, the slide and the barrel. And then it goes through a calibration process. The mating of the barrel and the slide into the frame are individually calibrated to match…. to meet the required function. Armscor takes pride in its high quality firearms. Parts such as the raw metal for the main body comes from the best metal producing countries in the world. Arsmcor’s gunsmiths undergo long, rigorous trainings in the four processes of the assembly line. Should a gun fail to meet standards, it is sent back to the assembly line. Dismantled to cure defects and sent back for final quality check for 100 percent accuracy, If that’s the case, for every gun… then the inspector… signs the green card or the inspection certificate approving that the gun is good in the final stage. The accepted guns that have passed the QA inspection, from functional… to test firing and other visual inspections, the guns goes to the cleaning and packing in the packing area of the pistol. It is individually cleaned, oiled properly, packed in plastic requirement… plastic packaging requirement… both packaging or individual gun case Guys… This was first said of an ancient deadly weapon, the sword. It can very well apply to a gun. “Draw me not without reason, sheath me not without honor.” Heavy… But truly macho.

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  1. Thank you to everyone at Armscor for my M5 shotgun honey and my TCM TAC Ultra FS HC (.22 TCM / 9mm combo) sweetheart! I'm coming back for more firearms when I can!

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