A spongy robot hand with a sense of touch

A spongy robot hand with a sense of touch

Our hands are incredible. We use them to manipulate objects and to sense
the world around us. That means the ideal prosthetic hand should
be able to move and feel at the same time. This robotic hand was constructed by researchers
from Cornell University to provide a sophisticated sense of touch. Its soft construction makes it more sensitive
to the texture and hardness of objects. A sensor embedded in the fingers uses optics
to convey information about pressure, texture, and position Researchers tested the robotic hand by asking it to pick out the ripest tomato. It gently presses on each one, just as you
would in the supermarket. Then it finds the softest one and picks it
out. It can also run its “fingers” along an
object to determine its shape and texture. This is just the prototype, but its simple
materials and 3D printed design should make it easy to manufacture. This handsome robot could make life easier
for a lot of people.

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  1. This is great and will allow robots to feel texture, pressure, and shape more accurately, but i have a question, since the model used was a prosthetic hand, how close is the translation of that signal generated by these censors to a signal generated by our neurons? is this system also applicable to human prosthesis so amputees could feel again or is that a whole different step?

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